Insteon Smart Home Technologies @ CES 2016

CES 2016: One of the biggest tech trends right now is a connected home, from Bluetooth-connected lightbulbs that you can control from your phone to smart TV’s, there are a lot of devices out there doing some amazing things. The latest range of products from Insteon work in harmony with a lot of the latest tech on the market, from Logitech products, Amazon Echo, Cortana, Milocks, Sonos, Apple HomeKit and many more. They add physical connections to your home, that are a far cry from the humble light switches you likely already have.

Control your remote multimedia, lighting, mobile devices, connected TVs and more as you enter the room. Set a button that plays your favourite song, sets your favourite lighting mood, puts the kettle on! The choice is really yours and it’s that kind of freedom of connectivity that is so attractive.

The main hub is sleek and stylish, simply add power and network connections and you’re good to go.

They’ll be shipping a starter kit, allowing mobile control of a few connected devices, but there’s no limit on how far you can expand your setup, the only limit will be your imagination… and maybe your budget.