Amazon Reboots Sci-Fi Classic Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest, a comedic science-fiction film with a cult following is about to be revived by Amazon Studios according to Entertainment Weekly. Paramount Studios pitched the concept to a number of prospective buyers to determine if a series adaptation could be made. Galaxy Quest’s plot is based upon a cheesy yet endearing parody of iconic science-fiction shows such as Star Trek.

It’s uncertain if the original cast will reprise their roles, but the original director Dean Parisot, co-writer Robert Gordon and executive producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein have confirmed their involvement in the project. Hopefully, this is the start of a revival in cult TV programmes which provide a huge amount of nostalgia memories. Amazon has already flexed its muscles when it comes to spending huge amounts of money to produce exclusive content. The Top Gear scoop supposedly cost an extraordinary £250 million while the BBC reported the show’s worth at £50 million per year.

Amazon Instant Video, in the UK, currently costs £79 as part of a Prime membership. It will be fascinating to see other programmes Amazon invests in to try to establish a line-up worthy of competing with Netflix. Currently, the selection of shows is fairly disappointing.

Are there any cult TV shows you would love to see return?

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Amazon Fire TV Displays Information about TV shows and Movies

The Amazon Fire TV, a remarkably simple bit of tech that is packing a whopping amount of features.

Amazon have now released a feature called X-Ray that they promised at launch. This is already available on their Fire Tablet device and can provide some useful features.

X-ray provides on screen pop ups that contain information about the film or TV show, actors and actresses and more details onto the screen. The feature works inside the Amazon Instant Video app. X-ray cannot support other vendors applications such as Netflix, Hulu and NowTV.

X-ray interfaces with IMDB’s database of films and shows; this means that it has the ability to show information such as other films that the actor has starred in too. It can also provide a general background on new TV shows that you haven’t seen and a history of the shows lead characters.

To use the X-ray feature make sure that you have the latest updates for your device, then press the up button on the Amazon remote, this will then show the information you want without getting the way of the show.

The Fire Tablet already has the X-ray feature

Amazon are selling the Fire TV device for £64 and free delivery, you would also need an Amazon Prime account to make use of the Instant Video features.If you’re not wanting to pay the £79 per year for Prime you can still use the device, however you would be limited to using the other vendors apps such as Plex and Netflix.

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Amazon Prime Instant Video Finally Supports Android Tablets

In a move that has seemingly taken forever we now have the ability to watch Amazon Prime instant video on non-Fire and iOS tablets. Now Prime members can easily watch favorite shows on a mobile screen that you don’t have to squint to see.

To get started watching Prime instant video on your tablet you will need to install the Amazon app to be able to install from the Amazon Appstore. Then you can download the Prime Instant Video app and get started watching your favorites this weekend.

What’s new in version

Now watch Amazon Instant Video on your Android phones and tablets. Android tablet customers can search and browse for videos on in their web browser and tap Watch Now to have the Prime Instant Video app begin playing the video.

Source: Android Police