Verizon Looking to Switch Everyone From Copper to Fiber

Internet speeds are going up and up, but the US still lags behind the rest of the world leaving many upset. Some companies charge for the bigger internet, but internet provider Verizon looks to be one of the first to encourage users to switch to fiber optic cables.

Fiber is the only fix” was revealed by a document that seems to suggest that those who request fixes to any copper line will be told that the only way to fix the problem is by taking up the fiber optic lines. This will fall in line with the companies new official stance is to refuse repairs on any copper lines with the document stating that their official response when asked to fix a copper line “do not fix trouble with copper lines”.

If you don’t have a problem with copper lines, but someone near you has, then Verizon is making steps to improve and upgrade other people’s lines, perhaps in a move to help defer and delay future problems.

Some have felt like Verizon has been rather hostile in their actions to upgrade users from copper to fiber cables, with this being but the latest in a slew of moves to force users to upgrade to the latest technology. While people are happy for faster internet and connections, being forced to do anything is often seen with reluctance and anger.

Windows 10 Now a Recommended Update

Microsoft is everything but subtle about their want for people to move to windows 10. With the security support for Windows 8 ending, users were left with two supported operating systems. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 were left facing against one another, and now it seems Windows 10 may have thrown the first punch, becoming a recommended update as of February 1st.

Windows 10 was already seen as a plague by some users, with it automatically downloading onto their systems (sometimes without their knowledge), on the off-chance that a user may choose to upgrade. While some users have rejected the operating system on the basis of its information tracking and some just for its greenness (by this I mean the lack of support it seems to provide for its various flaws).

As of February 1st, 2016 though Windows 10 was made a recommended update, instead of the previous status of optional. This means that the update may be installed automatically, even without user consent on some systems.

While a bold move from Microsoft it was anything but unannounced, leaving many to wonder what the fuss is all about? Many users choose to let windows install the recommended updates because they believe that they would be best chosen to support and secure their system. An update as large as a new operating system, even if you a prompted, is less of a recommended update and more of a full refresh, with users of Windows 7 having to get used to a whole new selection of features and design choices that they would have missed upgrading from Windows 8 or 8.1.

Are you a Windows 10 user? If not, do you plan to upgrade? Give us your opinions on Windows 10 in the comments.

Halo 5 Guardians Disk Requirements Revealed

Halo 5 Guardians recently passed gold certification ahead of the October 27th release date. However, it seems some copies have already leaked prior to the official launch date, which could result in spoilers being splattered all over social media and various forums. Additionally, a picture has emerged from NeoGAF showing the final retail copy which features a Teen rating. Without knowing for sure, it looks like the picture has been taken from a retailer’s warehouse given the large cardboard box. However, this is still pure speculation.

Whatever the case, we now know that the game will require up to 60GB of storage to install. This is an absolute huge amount of data given the Xbox One’s default 500GB configuration. Although it’s not a surprising revelation considering the file sizes of other exclusive titles. I am surprised to see that Halo 5’s install is almost larger than the Master Chief Collection’s 65GB figure. Clearly, the key terminology is “up to” but it’s looking like a very large install size. Please remember that Xbox One games have a mandatory install which can take a while to complete. Obviously, Microsoft needs to make a 1TB model the new standard and start to the phase out the 500GB version.

Are you looking forward to Halo 5?

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Fallout 4 Xbox One File Size Discovered

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 500GB launch configuration has struggled to keep up with the large data demands from modern titles. For example, Halo: The Master Chief Collection consumes a whopping 65GB of storage and installs are mandatory. As a result, it’s important to investigate the file size of upcoming games to see the impact on free hard disk space.

According to the Xbox Marketplace, Fallout 4 will be a respectable 28.12GB and shouldn’t cause any major issues even on virtually full drives. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas implemented clever file compression to keep the size down which could be the case in Fallout 4. On the other hand, the file size could indicate fairly low-quality textures as the game doesn’t look like a massive step up in graphics fidelity. Despite this, the gameplay and open-world environment is what matters most.

Fallout 4’s expansive and mysterious world could result in the best open world game ever devised. Additionally, more than 110,000 lines of dialogue have been recorded and it’s impressive to see so many audio files in such a reasonable game size. Of course, this only refers to the Xbox One version and we don’t know what native resolution is being used.

Are you looking forward to Fallout 4?

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Windows 10 USB Installers And U Drives Pose for the camera

There is little doubt that people want Windows 10 and are looking forward to the final version. Not only have Microsoft listened to what users want this time instead of telling them what they want, they’ve also come up with a lot of new things that most likely will make Windows 10 the most popular Microsoft OS to date.

The full launch is almost here and the first images of the actual USB drives with the installers are starting to surface. We’ve previously seen the retail packaging, but this time it’s the actual drives that pose for the camera. The first one is courtesy of Paul Thurrott that shared this aesthetic pleasing USB drive on Twitter. It contains both a 32-bit and 64-bit version, ready for both older and newer systems.

The second photo that surfaced comes via IThome and show the U (update) drives. These aren’t looking as good as the above and they are most likely intended to be bundled with systems as an upgrade option. The Chinese text on the box that you most likely aren’t able to read is “Windows 10 upgrade Package. July 29 is enabled”, which speaks for the above statement.

Will be you be upgrading to Windows 10 when it’s released? Or will you wait and see what the general opinion is before making the switch?

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Here Are the First Signs That Microsoft Is Getting Ready for the Windows 10 Launch

As the release date for Microsoft’s latest Windows build draws near, we see the company taking the first steps in prepping for their most anticipated date, July 29th. If you are a Windows Insider, you might already be familiar with the company’s recent move.

As of Monday, Microsoft suspended all new preview builds for Windows 10, stating that the next build will be rolled out on the production channels. However, Microsoft still needs a lot of testing before the launch date, so they are most likely focusing on wrapping up the clean install and upgrade process so that Windows Insiders can test and flag any major problems that could arise during the installation or upgrade process. There were a lot of problems with the Windows 8.1 update, especially with the Update 1, where users were even forced to clean install the OS after encountering serious problems during the upgrade process.

To be noted is that even pre-release activation keys will not work on earlier versions of Windows 10 preview builds. There is no word if Microsoft will release a fresh batch of keys for users who still didn’t get a chance to test Windows 10, but they will most likely be forced to upgrade from earlier Windows versions, since Microsoft is expecting a lot of people to migrate to the latest build after it launches.

The move to suspend preview builds also hints at the release of the first RTM build, which was expected last week. This means that the build will be shipped soon enough to OEMs such as Dell, Acer, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo to install and start shipping Windows 10-powered PCs on July 29th.

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Microsoft Confirm Ability to Clean Install Windows 10

If you are an enthusiast, you know to gain the best performance out of your new operating system is to complete a fresh install. This removes any possible problems that have occurred during the time in use and gives you a clean slate to work on.

The problem is, whenever Microsoft has released a new version of Windows with a free upgrade option, that is all it is; an upgrade. This is enough to put most users off from upgrading to the newest operating system even though it proves massive performance gains.

Now Gabe Aul has confirmed that the upgrade will also work as an ISO to be able to perform a clean install. This will come as welcome news to a great proportion of the community who will want to wipe clean their storage drives to get the best possible performance.

This upgrade will be free for Windows 7/8/8.1 users for one year after release on June 29th. Just remember to check the compatibility of your hardware with Windows 10.

I’m personally looking forward to Windows 10, the start menu will be warmly welcomed back, although Candy Crush will be uninstalled almost instantly. Will you be upgrading? Let us know in the comments.

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QNAP Released QTS 4.1.2 with HDMI Installation Support

QNAP has released the new Turbo NAS QTS 4.1.2 operating system that is introducing NAS Installation over HDMI. A direct setup from the NAS itself via keyboard, mouse and monitor might be easier for a lot of people than a network based one, or at least it will seem that way to them. In return, it will open up the world of Network Attached Storage to a complete new group of people.

It also adds several new features including VPN Server support, VPN Client support, block-based LUN backup, subtitle (*.SRT) support for Video Station and File Station, embedding subtitles into transcoded videos, Chromecast streaming, and more. The QAirplay & Chromecast app available from the App Center can also stream media content directly to a TV via AirPlay-enabled or Chromecast devices now.

“We have made many enhancements to the business and home features in QTS 4.1.2 to provide a better user experience and to make the Turbo NAS a great companion in the workplace and for home entertainment,” said Willy Kuo, product manager of QNAP.

Along with the new features, QNAP also fixed a long row of issues ranging from file size issues over VPN trouble to synchronize issues. You can check out the changelog for a full list of updates and fixes.

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Botched Windows 7 Update Blocked Software Installations

Microsoft has withdrawn an update to Windows 7 that caused some major issues for those who installed it. Update KB3004394 completely broke the mechanism which allows the installation of software with digital signatures – even Windows updates.

Essentially, those who installed this update ended up with a computer completely unable to install a great number of software applications. Ars Technica says that the update intended to change the way the OS updates its collection of root certificates, for which Windows uses to authenticate TLS and SSL connections.  The update intended to increase the frequency in which the OS checks for those updates.

Well that didn’t go quite according to plan. A great number of users reported problems following the update, which led to Microsoft pulling it. The company has since issued a further update to solve the problems this one delivered.

Only those using Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 were affected and the update is still available for Windows 8, 8.1, Windows Server 2012, and 2012 R2 users who were unaffected.

Source: Ars Technica

Windows 10 Build 9897 ISO Images Creep Online

A few weeks ago, Microsoft released a newly compiled version of their upcoming Operating System – Windows 10. However, some tech savvy enthusiasts have cleaned it up a little and re-released it for illegal download.

Obviously we’re not going to link the download instructions here, as we said it’s illegal. But it’s interesting to point out that in this day and age, pirated copies for all kinds of software are generally expected to appear just mere hours or days after the original release. Recently we reported on Ubisoft’s gloat, claiming that all those who had pirated their latest Assassins Creed: Unity game, were met with the inability to change their FOV settings. Just a few hours later, well-known game cracking group Skidrow released an update to their version, allowing consumers to change their FOV as they like. Making their mark and claiming that they weren’t to be messed with.

Back to Windows – this download provides the user with the ability to skip all automatic updates, giving you the complete latest package in one download file.

What are your thoughts on Windows 10 so far? Since the release of Windows 7, we’ve seen many users claim that there is simply no need to upgrade their Operating System, saying that Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 offer no real advancements in software technology to entice them to take the plunge.

Image courtesy of Chiphell

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Install Size and Price Revealed

The new and improved Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition is almost here and just in time for its release, the game has appeared on the UK PlayStation Store ready for pre-order, but not without two surprises for eager gamers.

First of all it has been revealed that the game will need a staggering 58.4GB of storage, you didn’t read that wrong. Obviously this isn’t too much of an issue given that I’ve yet to meet anyone who has filled their PlayStation 4, but with games of this size, it wouldn’t take more than 6 or 7 installs to fulfil that task. Of course I just uninstall games after I complete them, but perhaps Diablo III could push some gamers to upgrading their internal hard drive a little sooner.

The second surprise comes in the form of the price, once again Sony have priced the game stupidly high for digital download, the game will set you back £59.99 for a digital download, and you would have to be thick as anything to pay so much for it. Not only can you not trade in the digital copy, but you can pick up a copy from Amazon for just £44.00 and retain your right to sell the game once you’re done with it.

The game is set to release on August 19th and brings with it all the DLC for the game, all patches and updates, 1080p graphics and a solid 60FPS frame rate.

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Image courtesy of Gamepur.

Destiny PlayStation 4 Install Size Revealed,

Game installs just keep getting bigger and bigger, which is a natural progression of course and large installs are hardly something us PC gamers are unfamiliar with. Now with the impending release of Bungies Destiny, gamers have been eager to find out just how much install space they’ll need to keep available for the upcoming online MMO shooter.

According to a listing on the Sony Entertainment Network, the game will hog 40GB in terms of download size, but there is always a chance that it could unpack to a larger install once the download has finished. This is of course not counting any space required for post release patches, updates, DLC and other content, which will no doubt follow thick and fast after the game has launched.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out on PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of install size, although I imagine heavily compressed textures and sound files will aid in reducing the file size on the older hardware.

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Image courtesy of Gameranx.

How To Install An SSD Into The PlayStation 4

Peter over at Gamespot has decided to dismantle a bit of his brand new PlayStation 4 to do something that many people have been wanting to investigate, can you install a high performance SSD in place of the stock PlayStation 4 hard drive? Yes you can!

Replacing the hard drive in the PlayStation 4 is not a difficult task, a simple pop off cover is removed, a single screw with some cool Sony branding on it is undone and bam! You have access to the hard drive. Slot the drive out, pop in the new SSD and turn on the console, it really is that simple.

Sony allowed us to upgrade the hard drive on the PlayStation 3 and that trend is easily set to continue, many may be put off by swapping out the hard drive on a technical level, but it really is a 1 minute job at best.

In the video we see how easy it really is, not only that be we see a definite increase in performance when he boots up a game on the SSD equipped PlayStation 4 vs the standard hard drive. Of course the only issue here is that price per GB of an SSD is a lot higher than a mechanical hard drive, so if you do want faster performance it may be worth just getting a better mechanical drive so you can balance an improvement in speed with an increase in capacity without hurting your wallet too much.


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Image courtesy of Gamerspot.

Sony’s Mark Cerny Explains How PS4 Game Installations Work

There has been much debate recently over the “mandatory installs” on next-gen consoles and how that is going to effect us as gamers, not to mention our storage requirements over the next few years. Many people don’t understand why, or how these installers will need to be done, fortunately Sony’s Mark Cerny cleared things up recently when speaking with Kotaku.

Sony like to refer to it as Caching, which is a nice buzz word spin on install, the only difference being that the install on PlayStation 4 happens automatically. There is no way around it, it needs to be done and for good reason too.

When you first insert the disc into your PlayStation 4 the game streams data to the hard drive (Caching) and once enough data has copied over, the game will then load. How long the game takes to load will obviously vary on how much data that games needs to load to operate, by Mark did that that Knack will take around 10 seconds to cache the data required to boot the first time.

What many people don’t realise is that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One cannot load games from disc like their current gen little brothers. Developers were unhappy about slow loading times, wait times and more when it came to spinning up a level and so they decided to switch over to the much faster access hard drive, something that will no doubt prove beneficial to gaming in the long run, but should also mean less disc noise while gaming.

That means to play Knack the game will eventually take up 37GB of space. Mark didn’t clarify if the game will pre-allocate 37GB on first “install”, or if it will gradually lead up to that amount, but I can only imaging it is the former of the two.

Sony did have the idea of auto-deleting the data when the gaming is removed, only to cache it again next time. Or to remove the data once a game hasn’t been played in a while. However, they felt the user deserved that control and data will remain on the hard drive until you delete it manually, in which case it will just cache the relevant data again next time you play the game. Perhaps Sony may introduce some level of automation options for storage in a future update, but that part is only speculation on my part.

So there you have it, the PS4 and XBox one discs really are just installers and there is no way around it. This shouldn’t come as much of a shock either, disc based loading is lagging behind in terms of performance when compared to a hard drive, not to mention the hard drive is also more power efficient anyway.

At least on PS4 you can install your own hard drive upgrades, although I suspect most people won’t be needing to do so for at least 6-12 months, plus you can clear the install data from games you no longer play.

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Target Ship An Xbox One Early, Owner Reveals Game Install Sizes

@Moonlightswami on Twitter got a surprise this week when Target dispatched his next-gen Xbox One to him earlier than everyone else. These kind of factory gaffs happen quite often and we suspect a few more will leak prior to release date over the next few days.

Having now changed his Twitter name to “#1 Source 4 XBOX ONE” the user has detailed the various install size of launch titles.

“I got the Xbox One early through Target. That link I tweeted on Monday night, yeah that one. pretty sure its sold out now,” he tweeted.

Lets take a look at the chart, how much hard drive space will you be using on release day?

  • Day One Update: 500Mb – Mandatory
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts: 39Gb
  • NBA 2K14: 43Gb
  • NBA Live: 9Gb
  • Forza Motorsport 5: 31 Gb
  • Ryse: Son of Rome: 34 Gb
  • Lococycle: 13 Gb
  • Dead Rising 3: 19Gb
  • FIFA 14: 8Gb
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag: 20Gb
  • Just Dance 2014: 22Gb
  • Skylanders: 15Gb
  • Zumba Fitness: 24Gb
  • Madden 25: 12Gb

278GB of 500GB gone, of course we doubt you’ll have access to the full 500GB as you all should know there will be reserved space for OS and other system crud, so I’m betting it’s more like 460GB at best.

Microsoft are obviously going to make a killing when they release 1TB+ hard drives, which are obviously unannounced at this time.

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