Inside Be Quiet Offers a Behind the Scenes View Into the Company

If you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a power supply and cooling manufacturer or if you just are curious about, then you should check out Be Quiet’s Inside section.

Inside Be Quiet is a list of blog posts with images and videos, giving you a great view into the production and a lot of information on the products that might be in your very own system.

The latest blog post gives a view into how Be Quiet’s power supplies produced using straight Power 10 as an example. It is interesting to see how much work is done by hand, way more than you might imagine.

“We would like to give all interested parties an insight into the production line of the Straight Power 10. In this installment of INSIDE be quiet! we show you step by step how a be quiet! power supply is created and which tests it has to undergo during production before it makes its way to the warehouse and ultimately to you.”

Skimping on quality isn’t beneficial for anyone, not for you as a user nor for the company that will end up with a lot more rejects and fails. Be Quiet uses german attitude and attention to detail and they have implemented many additional QC checks in various steps of the process.

If that peaked your interest, you can head over to the Inside Be Quiet blog and read the first five installments.

IFixit Tears Down the Brand New Apple Watch

The eight months waiting time since Apple introduced the Apple Watch to the world has been a long wait for some people, but that wait was over yesterday when the Watch officially started to sell. iFixit is well-known for their teardown of Apple products and they’ve of course also taken the Watch in for a close inspection and to find out just exactly what is inside this device.

The teardown is still ongoing while I am writing this piece and it’s being updated in real-time until they’ve taken everything apart that can be taken apart. The watch looks like a solid piece of engineering and the assembly looks great, but then again it has to be perfect if you want to fit this amount of technology and a battery into such a tiny device.

The previously rumoured diagnostics port hidden between the armband and the watch itself was also discovered. iFixit is also taking a closer look at Apples first foray into inductive charging, a thing that many believe will be the future for a lot of mobile devices.

Apple Watch Specifications:

  • Pressure-sensitive, flexible, touchscreen AMOLED Retina display
  • One model measuring 38 mm (vertically) with 272 x 340 pixels (290 ppi), the other model measuring 42 mm (vertically) with 312 x 390 pixels (302 ppi)
  • Custom-designed Apple S1 SiP (System in Package)
  • 8 GB onboard storage
  • NFC + Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.0
  • Accelerometer + gyroscope + heart rate monitor + microphone + speaker

As previously mentioned, the teardown is still ongoing and you can head over to the official page and stay up to date with the latest findings.

Thank you iFixit for providing us with this information

Inside GCHQ: Cameras Given Access For the First Time

For the first time ever, GCHQ, the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters, Britain’s equivalent of the NSA, has allowed members of the media access to its offices for the first time.

Sky News and ITV were among those allowed inside, getting unprecedented images from the heart of Britain’s cyber intelligence gathering activities. Sky says that the access was granted following David Cameron’s pledge to allow surveillance personnel deeper access into the public’s communications – potentially banning end-to-end encryption used by communications services like iMessage and WhatsApp.

So I guess we can think of this as something along the lines of, “look, here’s the nice normal people who you can trust having access to your naked pictures and Viagra orders, you have nothing to worry about”.

Source: Sky News, ITV News