ASUSTOR’s New AiMaster App Allows Easy 4-Step NAS Initialisation

ASUSTOR’s has released a new mobile app to control their NAS devices and it is the most comprehensive mobile NAS app made so far. The new AiMaster app allows for an easy 4-step NAS initialisation via your Android phone with all basic configurations including RAID setup. Setting up a new NAS has never been easier.

“In the past, the steps involved in configuring and installing a NAS were complicated enough to be prohibitive to many users,” said ASUSTOR Product Manager James Su. “ASUSTOR breaks through this barrier, allowing users to instantly configure and begin using their NAS from the convenience of their mobile device. We believe that AiMaster will prove to be an app that users will love to use, providing the ultimate mobile NAS experience via integrated personal cloud creation and management.”

Users can also use AiMaster to log in to ASUSTOR’s App Central and install Apps for their NAS as well as connect to other ASUSTOR apps on the smart device to quickly handle tasks such as finding files, viewing photos, listen to music or monitoring surveillance feeds.

You can always find and connect to your NAS with the three different connection methods it has: Cloud ID, Host IP and Auto Discovery. So there is no need to create connection setups for both local and remote connection or complicated reverse DNS settings on your network. HTTPS encrypted connections and a passcode lock function provide added privacy protection for mobile devices.

The new app can do pretty much anything that the normal interface does. With AiMaster users will be able to grasp the system status of multiple NAS devices while performing core system management tasks such as checking system information and resource usage, reading event logs, managing online users, executing USB One Touch Backup jobs, executing data backup and restoration, enabling and disabling system services, browsing App Central, managing NAS user access rights, customizing the AiMaster desktop wallpaper, Wake-on-LAN, Find Me, and push notification functions.

At the moment it’s only available for Android users, but an iOS version will be made available in Q2 2015.

Thanks to ASUSTOR for providing us with this information