Individual Uses Lighter While Refuelling Car And Sets Fire To It.

Indeed, thought this was self-explanatory but there you go, The Russian Independent Television is reporting as of late today (January 5th, 2016) that an Individual has accidentally set fire to their car while using a lighter near the fuel pump nozzle while routinely filling the vehicle up.

Below are the images of the incident, there not particularly graphic, but they do show a fire breaking out near a person and they are shocking, therefore, I thought I would pre-warn just in case.

As you can see, the fire is breaking out near the car, the individual had apparently held their lighter with the aim of seeing clearly what they were doing while filling up the car. The person then pulled the refuelling gun out of the car once they had spotted the fire.

Unfortunately this made it worse as fuel splashed out onto the pavement and also onto the car, it is unclear as to the outcome of this incident as of writing.

I did not think in today’s modern world I would need to say this, but please, no one try this at home, gasoline is highly flammable and diesel is a highly combustible liquid that can be extremely dangerous. Always take precautions and never treat it with anything other than respect and caution. 

Dimension Drive Kickstarter Ruined by Funding Troll

Being an independent developer and creating your own game worthy of release is hard enough and getting it all out is even harder. Thanks to Kickstarter and similar crowdfunding pages the whole thing got a lot easier as you can sell your idea for funding – that is unless you get trolled at the last minute.

That is what happened to the indie developers 2Awesome Studios that are behind the game Dimension Drive, a comic book styled space adventure with a really interesting-sounding teleport mechanic, which has players battling in two worlds at once.

When the funding was about to close, 2Awesome Studios were short €7000 and that is when what appeared to be a hero stepped in and pledged the remaining funds by himself. Needless to say, the developers were excited and went onto Twitter to thank the person.

The joy didn’t last long as Kickstarter soon informed them that the pledge was fraudulent and had been removed again.

With too little time left for other backers to enter and pick up the pieces and make this game come true, the funding failed.

The developers were just as crushed as their dreams.

“Honestly speaking it has been an exhausting month for us. We have been working really hard to make our campaign a success, and right now we are speechless, demoralized, you name it.”

I hope they’ll find another way to get their game off the ground as it looks really interesting and fun. I also hope that Karma will catch up with the fraudster.

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks UK Newspapers


The websites of UK newspapers the Independent, the Telegraph, and the Evening Standard, as well as a handful of other high-profile sites, have been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. Other victims include OK magazine and the official National Hockey League website. Some visitors to these sites were presented with a pop-up, saying, “you have been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army”. It is thought that they exploited a flaw in the sites’ ad delivery network.

A security consultant at Kroll Cyber, Ernest Hilbert, is familiar with the exploit used, saying, “it was Gigya.” Gigya is a tech company that offers customer identity management for websites. The Syrian Electronic Army exploited a vulnerability with the Gigya CDN that allowed it to change the DNS entry. Hilbert continues, “It is a DNS takeover, and this is what the Syrian Electronic Army does. Normally, you type in a URL, it goes to a domain name server, and it says ‘those words equal this website”.

The attack fits the pattern of past Syrian Electronic Army hacks; news and entertainment outlets compromised, but with no particular political agenda at play. Past targets include BBC News, Al Jazeera, The Washington Post, and The Onion.

Source: The Guardian

PC-Exclusive Firewatch Announced at PAX 2014

The independent game development studio Campo Santo Productions announced their début title Firewatch at PAX 2014. The single-player first-person explorer follows Henry, who has taken up a summer job as a fire lookout in Wyoming’s wilderness with the only lifeline being radio chatter with another watch tower.

The developers who work at Campo Santo have previously contributed to games such as Bioshock II, The Walking Dead: Season 1, The Cave, Mark of the Ninja and Brutal Legend, so they aren’t new to game development. Firewatch uses the Unity 3D game engine, and the début screenshots and video reveal some pretty stunning graphics.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”500″][/youtube]

The video above is about the information we get about the game for now, and it isn’t clear yet what the excact objectives and goals of the game are. I doesn’t look like it will be a smooth sailing and the player should encounter many problems, beyond their fire-watch duties. The game is set for a 2015 release.

Thank you dsogaming for providing us with this information

Images and video courtesy of Campo Santo Productions.

FEZ II Canceled “I am done. I take the money and I run” Says Developer

FEZ an independent puzzle game, originally was announced in 2007 by Phil Fish. Polytron Corporation headed up by Fish has announced the cancelation of FEZ II. FEZ was long waited before its release for Xbox 360, which wasn’t released until 2012, while PC users needed to wait until 2013 for release.

On the 27th of July, Phil Fish announced on Polytron Corporation official website the following

“FEZ II is cancelled.
I am done.
I take the money and i run.
this is as much as I can stomach.
this is isn’t the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody campaign.

you win.”

Fish has not commented as to why he is leaving the gaming industry, but it could be likely that the reasoning is because of comments made about him from Angry Gamer Marcus Beer on a podcast from GameTrailers.

Video contains strong language [NSFW]


I don’t know why Fish has gotten into the gaming industry, but I seriously doubt it was to be praised, or even for the money. Fish has been able to produce a game, a game that is loved by many. But with all the love you get from something, you are sure to get some haters.

In 1 year Fez sold 200,000 copies for Xbox 360, selling for 800 Microsoft Points, roughly $10 each. Fez sold over 100,000 on Steam in just the first 48 hours of release.

Fish really needs a wake up call, someone put him back into the water, and show him what he got into the gaming industry for. If he started producing video games for the money, and since he is not making money he is going to leave. Good riddance. But, if he got into it to make quality video games, and for the fun, he really should stay. Buck up, and get back into the game.