Largest Ever Email Study Reveals That We All Are Very Predictable

Researchers from Yahoo labs are said to have examined more than two million users exchanging about 16 billion messages in search of patterns. In order to conduct the study, they are said to have tracked the identities of senders and recipients, the time of day emails were sent, email length, the number of attachments, the type of device used, as well as demographic factors, including age and gender.

The study concluded that younger people tend to send shorter and faster replies compared to older people and that men send shorter and faster replies than women. This might not seem as something unfamiliar to us all, but the study has been performed on an extremely wide range of users and with actual proof, meaning it gives a lot more credibility to it.

Researchers also have proved that we respond more promptly during weekdays and working hours and that we respond to only a small fraction of messages, with short replies, when our inboxes get filled with new items.

The information gathered here is not only valuable to us as, but it is also valuable to computer algorithms. Developers can then use this data to create better email management applications to help and stop us from experiencing “overload”, a scientific term used when we would rather do anything else than open our inbox.

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Voice Messaging Feature Arrives This April for the Xbox One

Microsoft is planning to get a voice messaging feature up and running on its Xbox One, which is due to arrive with the new firmware this April. Xbox One dashboard preview testers are said to be able to test the new feature this week, having them be the first to leave audio clips in their friends’ inboxes.

An interesting aspect of this feature is that it will allow Xbox One as well as Xbox 360 owners to exchange voice messages. Aside from the latter, Microsoft is said to be adding a new ‘What’s On’ section for the dashboard that would feature games and series tailored to a user’s preferences, as well as providing dedicated servers for users struggling with party chat connections.

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Google Inbox to Support Custom e-Mail Addresses

The main complaint about Google Inbox – Google’s new Gmail app that displays related incoming message as ‘bundles’ – is that it doesn’t support custom e-mail addresses. On Wednesday, however, the Gmail Inbox Team, during a Reddit AMA, announced that custom address functionality, as part of its Google Apps support, is on its way, but no release date for the feature was given. The AMA response read:

Supporting these accounts comes with other demands and we’re working hard on addressing them so we can get Inbox to Google Apps users.

We were pleasantly surprised to see how open-minded Inbox users are to making big changes to their work email workflow, and the high demand for Inbox on Google Apps accounts has already caused us to speed up our efforts to bring Inbox to all of you. Hang tight!

The team also assured Reddit users that support for browsers other than Chrome was on its way.

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Get An Invite into Google’s Inbox App – Be Quick

So you’ve probably heard about Google’s new Inbox application, it’s a new cross-platform app that works for Gmail. Inbox automatically highlights important emails, allows you to sift through them with a clean and intuitive interface and tries to remove all of the clutter that surrounds most inbox’s. The application thus far has been invite only, however for today between the hours of 3PM and 4PM PT if you email Google at – Google promises that you’ll receive an invite by 5PM PT.

We’re hoping Google’s servers are able to hold onto the influx of emails that will be coming their way, as obviously with any major order back-end servers take an incredible hit. We have confidence that Google will be able to hold down the fort so to speak. Inbox allows for easy and streamlined managing of your Gmail, and automatically looks for important messages and sends them to the top of your inbox – things like flight details, bills, or shipping and tracking information for packages. Whilst the news today is fantastic for those looking on-board, some people are as always unfortunately going to miss out – and there’s still no specific word on when we can expect to see the invite only limitations lifted off of Google’s Inbox application.

New Snapchat Vulnerability Issue Allows Hackers To Crash Your iPhone

Snapchat is one of the most popular and fast-growing social media applications, fairly new too. Though, consequences are bound to surface, and this is the case yet again, with more security issues popping up.

Jamie Sanchez, security researcher at Securidad Ofensiva, has revealed another security issue, a vulnerability that opens up the application to a DoS attack. It can be done by overloading an inbox with messages, giving hackers the opportunity to freeze and crash the iPhone and forcing the user to restart the handset to regain functionality.

It is said that Android users will not face the handset crash issue mentioned above, but will notice that their handset will run slower than normal. Snapchat are reportedly aware of the issue and are discussing with Sanchez further details on the issue described.

“We are working to resolve the issue and will be reaching out to the security researcher who publicized the attack to learn more,” said Snapchat in a statement.

Sanchez apparently notified the Los Angeles Times before notifying Snapchat officials because he claims that Snapchat “has no respect for the cyber security research community”. This does not come as a surprise, since earlier reports show that Snapchat was approached by different security specialists claiming that a security hole opened up in the app to hackers who want to expose data, leading to 4.6 million users having their personal data published last year.

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Tumblr Adds SSL, Makes You Choose Between XKit and SSL

Tumblr has reportedly implemented support for SSL security on its blogging platform, but apparently missed one big thing. To activate it by defaul. Yes, the security feature exist, but you have to manually turn it on yourself.

Even so, the security feature is extremely welcomed by users, especially nowadays when malware and hackers are roaming around in just about every corner of the internet. On top of that, Tumblr is also a Yahoo-owned application, and we all know what happened to Yahoo services recently… Therefore, manually enabling it is better than nothing, eh?

Taking a look at other applications such as Tumblr, we see that Twitter also applied the same strategy when it first launched its SSL features, having users manually enabling it at firs. So we can assume that Tumblr will make the feature active by default in the near future. And this is quite helpful when on public Wi-Fi or Internet connection, such as coffee shops and airports. Nobody wants someone snooping around on their connection.

To enable the setting, Tumblr expains that users need to go in the application’s Account Settings from the Dashboard, then find the SSL feature ‘switch’ and set it to be enabled. A reason impeding Tumblr from activating the SSL from the very start is due to XKit, which offers an enhanced user experience, giving uses extra features such as enhanced notifications, a better inbox, along with several tweaks, themes, navigation tools, and so on.

Tumblr also states that if your XKit disappears after enabling the SSL feature, it is because the XKit is not compatible with SSL connections at the moment, making you choose between it and SSL connection. A fix is stated to be on its way, but until then, it’s XKit vs. SSL. Decisions, decisions…

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