IN WIN H-Tower Now Available From Overclockers UK

IN WIN manufacturers some of the most unusual and wacky PC chassis designs the industry has ever seen. Many of their products seem like prototypes which you wouldn’t expect to see grace the enthusiast market. However, the company always tries to innovate and offer something truly unique instead of mass producing lower priced cases. Granted, they do make some budget options, but the majority of their clientèle comes from spectacular chassis designs. For instance, the D-Frame and S-Frame caused a great deal of media attention and discussion from hardware enthusiasts. The S-Frame in particular is a major talking point due to the open air design and premium construction. This incredible piece of technology isn’t cheap and costs upwards of £600. This makes it a very niche product and caters to the 0.001% of PC builders with a very high budget.

The company’s latest chassis takes this one step further with the release of the IN WIN H-Tower. This behemoth is capable of transforming the case’s structure wirelessly. When the H-Tower is in motion, the side panels unfold outwards to reveal a spacious interior with the motherboard main plate rotating 90 degrees to showcase your hardware.

Here we can see a detailed look at the model’s specification:

– Material: Aluminium, SECC
– Colour: Black/Red
– Internal Drive Bay: 3.5” x 1, 2.5” x 4
– M/B Form Factor: E-ATX (12” x 13”), ATX, Micro-ATX
– Power Supply: ATX12V, PSII and EPS
– Power Supply Mounting Area: Length up to 230mm
– I/O Port: USB3.1 Type C (19-pin) Connector x 1, USB3.0 Type A Connector x 3, HD Audio
– I/O Expansion Slot: PCI-E Slot x 8
– Supports High-end Graphic Card (Length up to 340mm, Height up to 200mm)
– Thermal Solution: Supports 120mm Top Fan x 3, 360mm Radiator (Height up to 35mm), Supports at Least 200mm Height CPU Heatsink Based on Different Mounting Position
– Dimension (HxWxD): Closed: 617 x 322 x 502mm (24.3″ x 12.7″ x 19.8″), Open: 620 x 680 x 785mm (24.4″ x 26.8″ x 30.9″)
– Net Weight: 23.03kg
– Gross Weight: 32.1kg

Overclockers UK is now stocking the H-Tower, but it’s limited to around 50 units worldwide. This means, it’s very expensive and Overclockers UK has a limited number for sale. When it comes to pricing, the H-Tower costs an astronomical £1889.95, and around $2400 in the USA.

Let us know in the comments section what you think of this case.

In Win Display Amazing New Products @ CES 2016

In Win never disappoint when it comes to exceptional designs, and their latest chassis, the H-Frame 2.0 is no exception. It’s slimmer, sleeker, curvier and just all round better than the old model, by far one of the best looking cases In-Win have created to date!

Two of the panels are LED lit, giving the chassis a contrasting glow that really catches the eye, as well as the cut-out and illuminated In-Win logo.

It’s certainly well equipped. Even better, it comes with a custom made PSU, with a matching PSU that certainly looks fantastic.

It’s fully modular, and I couldn’t imagine a better unit to match this chassis.

The PSU comes with an aluminium chassis, matching the chassis and features a tempered glass side panel.

When powered up, the PSU lights up, showing the internals through the glass side panel of the PSU.

Next up, we have the lovely 509 chassis, another tempered glass side panel and a great chassis for showing off your build.

The 909, another favourite of us here at eTeknix, a premium full tower, well equipped and obviously fantastic in terms of aesthetics.

This is the real star of the show, however as while it may be a fairly straight forward mid-tower, or at least as straight-forward as In-Win get these days, it has one seriously cool design feature. Aside from the tempered glass panels on the sides and front, there’s an infinity mirror in the front, giving a superb lighting effect to the chassis front panel.

As you can see, the chassis looks infinitely deep, giving the effect of multiple lights while there is actually only a single LED strip around the edge.

Then, of course, we have the spectactular H-Tower, which is still pending release, but In-Win are adamant that it will see a release this year and while it won’t be cheap, this isn’t a normal chassis!

Their latest PSUs were also on show, not only are the great in terms of quality, they’re jaw dropping in terms of aesthetics. Brushed aluminum exteriors, fully modular and more; we’re really looking forward to testing these out this year.

Finally, we have a range of power banks, and we love the new ones that match the 904 chassis design!


In Win 805 Aluminium and Glass Mid-Tower Chassis Review


In Win, the modern masters of chassis design, are back once again. Today we’ll be taking a look at the In Win 805, a slightly more accessible product for the masses that takes many of the style points of the premium ranges that In Win offer. We’ve been blown away by their more creative products such as the S-Frame, H-Frame, H-Tower, D-Frame, Tao and many more, but it is nice to see these wonder-chassis filtering down into a more consumer friendly package, both in terms of price and ergonomics.

The 805 is designed to impress, with an aluminum frame which features LED highlighting, as well as glass panels on the left, front and right sides, giving you a great look at the chassis interior, perfect for showing off your build. There are three colours available, which colour coordinate the front I/O panel with the LED In Win logo on the side of the chassis.

No stranger to innovation, the chassis also features the new USB3.1 Type-C connector.

“805 is equipped with one all-new reversible USB3.1 TYPE-C port for ultimate data speed transfers up to 10Gb/s which is twice as fast USB 3.0*. This feature saves valuable transfer time and also the USB3.1 TYPE-C is easily accessible at both ends. The actual data transfer speeds will be determined by your motherboard specification.

Water cooling or air cooling, the 805 has got you covered here too. There’s a single 120mm exhaust fan included, but you’ll find room for two 120mm fans in the base, as well as two 120/140mm fans in the front. This also means you can fit a radiator in the front and back of the chassis, allowing you to unlock more performance and cooling for your hardware of choice.

First impression of this chassis are extremely positive, with a full-size side-panel cut from tempered glass that looks significantly better than any plastic panel ever would. The panel is held on by four aluminium thumb screws and mounted on rubber coated pegs to protect it.

The right side panel is the same, giving a great view of the interior and behind the motherboard. Keep in mind, this does mean that you’ll want to take extra care with your cable routing, as it’ll all be on show, and even more so if you’ve got lighting in your build.

the front panel is tempered glass too, showing off the metal work detail behind it, although because of this metal behind it, it’s also a lot more mirror like and harder to capture with my camera, but we’ll see it better from the interior.

The brushed aluminium panel at the top houses the USB 2.0 ports, HD audio jacks, a single USB 3.0 and a USB 3.1 Type-C connector. There’s also a pair of indicator LEDs and the power button here.

The In Win logo is behind the glass, not printed on it, a nice yet rather subtle touch.

Things look pretty standard around the back, with a large fan grille at the top for the rear 120mm fan, eight expansion slots with reusable covers and the PSU cut-out.

The top panel is a single piece of black brushed aluminium.

On the base, we’ve got two full-width plastic feet with rubber grips, these provide a nice stand but also improved ground clearance for the bottom dust filter.

This dust filter provides clean passive airflow, but also covers the mounts for two optional 120mm fans.

In Win Unveils Full-Tower 909 Chassis

In Win specializes in some of the most extravagant and unique chassis designs whilst offering premium-grade materials. Given the popularity of the 901 ITX and 904 ATX cases, In Win has decided to launch an enthusiast-friendly, full chassis called the 909. This features a 4mm aluminium alloy and 5mm tinted tempered glass panel to create an absolutely breathtaking aesthetic style. Furthermore, the chassis is equipped with a reversible USB 3.1 type-C connector and 3 traditional front USB 3.0 ports.   

There are other notable inclusions such as a magnetic aluminium dust filter, integrated lighting effects and support for 8 case fans. You can configure three 120mm or two 140mm fans in the rear chamber which provides exceptional airflow. Additionally, the bottom has ample room for two 120mm or 140mm fans while the front houses two 120/140mm fans. The rear chassis fan only allows for a single 120mm fan and not 140mm. This vast array of fan mounting options means it’s a wonderful case for water-cooling setups.    

For example, any radiator up to 360mm with a height under 60mm can be fixed in the rear chamber while the front supports 280mm with a maximum height of 35mm. On another note, a 240mm radiator with height up to 35mm can fit in the bottom while a single 120mm is available in the rear.

The chassis also incorporates separate hard drive and power supply chambers to maximize airflow and dissipate heat directly to the back through ventilation holes. This should lower the GPU and CPU temperatures as hot air is kept away from the PC’s vital components. Sadly, there isn’t a price as of yet, but the In Win 909 looks like a superb, premium-grade chassis.

Incredible In Win H-Tower Chassis @ Computex 2015

Computex 2015: I’ve seen some incredible chassis in my time, but none compare to what we witnessed at the In Win booth this year. Their new H Tower is a behemoth of aluminium and electronics. At one moment it looks like something out of the Transformers, but via the accompanying mobile app, you can make this chassis open automatically. Four lasers draw a square around the chassis, a “keep clear” zone if you will, the side panels arch outwards, the motherboard tray raises up and rotates to lay flat above the chassis; like some kind of PC chassis/Aircraft carrier.

We’ve got a video uploading, so stand by for that. There’s no official price just yet, but estimates may be around the £1500 area. That sounds like a lot of money, because it is, but when you see this thing in action, you couldn’t imagine it being any cheaper.

New In Win Chassis Revealed @ Computex 2015

Computex 2015: In Win have been dominating the boutique chassis market for a few years now, but more and more, their fantastic designs are starting to filter down to their consumer ranges. The new 909 chassis comes with all the features one would expect from a full-tower, but with a stunning tempered glass and aluminium finish, as well as support for high-end water cooling, something the previous chassis in this series lacked.

The 805 is gorgeous, another glass and aluminium design, but with a more defined front panel and a honeycomb effect piece of metal behind the front panel glass.

The new 503 looks well suited to the mid-budget gaming market, or even for office use.

The 808 is stunning, featuring more tempered glass, this time on a steel construction chassis. It features high-end water cooling support, room for high-end hardware and it just oozes good looks; we’re really looking forward to testing this one out.

Planning a mini-ITX build? This gorgeous little box comes with a built-in PSU (I belive it to be a 150W), making it great for an APU based system.

The new 904 features more room than its predecessor, perfect for those who found the original a little too limited.

In Win 707 Full-Tower Chassis Review


Following hot on the heels of our review of the gorgeous In Win 703 Mid-Tower, which was one of the best value for money mid-towers we’ve ever reviewed! We’ll now be taking a look at the 703’s big brother, the 707 Full-Tower chassis.

The 707 is designed for high-end gaming system builds and comes with an impressive array of specifications that make it perfect for the job. There’s room for huge E-ATX motherboards, some of the larger PSUs on the market, eight expansion slots and eight hard drive bays. You’ll also find an impressive array of fan and radiator mounting options, with a huge 206mm of clearance for a CPU tower cooler; more than enough for any high-end rendering, workstation or gaming system.

The left side panel has a huge tinted window, which will be perfect for showing off your system. Those of you who are fans of In Win products will notice that this is the same side panel as the In Win GR-One, which is due to the fact that the 707 is based around the GR-One, but it has of course been tweaked and improved significantly, as you’ll see throughout this review.

Both the left and the right side panel are cut from thick steel, so there’s no chance of them flexing or rattling anytime soon. Both panels are held in place by a pair of thumbscrews at the back for easy access and you’ll also find an extra fan vent on the right side panel, which is great for shifting any unwanted heat from your motherboards VRM.

The front panel of the 707 is absolutely stunning and while the colours look miss-matched due to my camera flash, the aluminium finish on the front panel and the plastic cover of the 5.25″ drive bays matches up very nicely under normal lighting conditions. It’s also one of the coolest looking front panels I’ve seen and the red trim certainly adds to the overall aesthetics.

Around the back of the 707, you’ll find four rubber routing grommets at the top, a 140/120mm fan mount with a 140mm fan pre-installed, eight expansion slots and a lot of extra ventilation down one side.

The top panel has room for up to three 120mm fans, or a water cooling radiator of up to 360mm.

The front I/O panel is nicely designed and features all the usual connections.

There are four large feet on the base, which provide great stability while also giving ample ground clearance for any bottom mounted cooling. There are two clip-in mesh filters on the base, one for the PSU air intake, the other on the bottom fan/radiator mounts.

In Win 703 Mid-Tower Chassis Review


In Win has won a lot of love from the PC community in recent years, mostly due to the way In Win has continued to innovate the boutique chassis market. Sure their designs have been incredible, just look at their current line up with our reviews of the Tou, S-Frame, H-Frame, H-Frame Mini, D-Frame Mini, 901 and 904! Unfortunately, many of the fancy products that In Win produce come bundled with a lofty price tag; their latest products, the 703 and the 707, aim to address that.

The 703 is essentially a re-imagining of their popular GT1 chassis. While many of the features remain the same, the chassis has been given a stunning makeover, bringing it more in line, at least in terms of design, with their flagship models, while maintaining a consumer-friendly price point.

As you can see from the specifications, the 703 is reasonably well equipped, with room for a super long graphics card, tall tower coolers and plenty of storage.

The left side panel is the same panel you would find on the GT1. This is no bad thing, as it has that huge and rather funky side panel window, giving you a great view of the chassis interior.

The right side panel has a raised section, which adds a little style, but more importantly, it frees up a lot of extra space behind the motherboard for cable routing.

One of the biggest features of the 703 is its gorgeous front panel. It has a brushed aluminium finish, with red trim around the edges for the ventilation. This looks absolutely stunning and for a chassis in this price range; it is by far one of the best looking front panels in its class.

Around the back, you’ll find a pair of routing grommets at the top, a 120mm fan mount and seven expansion slots; more than enough room for a couple of graphics cards.

The top panel is pretty standard, so no chance of any top mounted cooling here. However, the closed design will help keep unwanted noises from leaving the system.

Tucked into the top of the front panel, you’ll find three USB ports and HD audio jacks. The power button is tucked into the right side and you’ll find a small reset button on the left.

The base of the 703 has four tough rubber feet and two clip-in mesh dust filters, one for the PSU and other for an optional 120mm fan mount.

In Win Unveil Stunning New Chassis Designs @ CES 2015

In Win have transformed their brand in the last few years. They’ve gone from making fairly standard day-to-day chassis, to the most incredible chassis’ on the market today. Their latest models are proof of their design genius and while I’m sure they’re not to everyone’s taste, they’re certainly unique. Their new 503 takes the current K1 design and gives it a sleek front panel overhaul. The S-BOX takes many of the design points of their incredible, and expensive S-Frame and turns it into something more suitable for consumers who aren’t as rich as Scrooge Mc Duck.

The two chassis that really caught my personal attention had to be the 904 PLUS, which is bigger and better than ever, expanding on the design already laid out by their popular 901 and 904 chassis last year. Then of course we have the B.O.S.S. Cube, which is reminiscent of the dual chassis designs from Lian-Li, but still everything bit as awesome as you would expect.

We really can’t wait to put these new products through their paces later in the year, so stay tuned for featured reviews as soon as samples are available.

In Win D-Frame Mini-ITX Chassis Review


In Win are back once again with yet another flag-ship chassis to add to their collection. Their new In Win D-Frame Mini isn’t exactly a new model altogether, given that a couple of years ago they launched the full-size D-Frame. It is however a much smaller and user-friendly model, perfect for lugging with you to LAN events thanks to it’s smaller size, lower weight and built-in carry handle.

In Win are no stranger to crazy, ultra high-end and truly unique chassis. Over the last few years they’ve gone from manufacturing humble desktop chassis to creating some of the most desirable and original products on the market. Just take a look at the 904, 901, S-Frame, H-Frame, H-Frame Mini and Tou chassis’ which we’ve reviewed. Quality and originality come at a price and while the D-Frame mini is far from the most expensive chassis In Win produce, it’s still going to need a wallet stuffed with £250 for those looking to invest. So just how much chassis do you get for your hard-earned money? Let’s dive in a take a closer look at what the D-Frame Mini has to offer.

The chassis comes constructed from a series of aluminium tubing and aluminium metal plate. With the added benefit that its design gives it great strength and helps keep the chassis as light as possible. Don’t be too fooled though, this small chassis still packs a fair bit of weight courtesy of the two thick sheets of tempered glass that adorn the sides.

The glass side panels are lightly tinted, but still give you a great view of the chassis interior; which has been carefully designed to best show off the components of your system build.

From the front you can see there is a slightly recessed I/O panel, where you’ll find all the usual ports as well as the power and reset buttons. Behind that are the hard drive mounts, which are suspended from the motherboard backplate like a set of shelves.

Around the back we’ve got the PSU mount, which effectively hangs at the back of the chassis. Once very nice feature is that you can mount the PSU with the power cable at the bottom or the top, as there are two mounting plates on this chassis.

At the top of the chassis is a textured centre bar, this provides a great gripping point for picking up the chassis.

The base of the chassis is just as open as the rest of it. This is a good thing of course as there are two 120mm fan mounts in the base that are prefect for a 240mm radiator. The rubber clips that surround the chassis add some nice flair, but the ones on the base of the chassis also double as the feet.

In Win 901 Mini-ITX Chassis Review



In Win are no stranger to unique and premium quality chassis. Over the last couple of years the company has come back time and time again with a stunning new product that is unlike anything else on the market. The 901 is no exception to that rule, albeit only slightly. This is in fact the smaller version of their stunning In Win 904 chassis. It’s been cut down to size to support mini-ITX motherboards, ideal for those who want a more compact system, but still want all of the style of the full-size 904.

I absolutely loved the 904, it’s one of the slickest looking chassis on the market today. While it can be a little expensive at around £160, you got a vast amount of high quality brushed aluminium and tempered glass for your money. The 901 isn’t exactly budget friendly either, clocking in around £120 despite it’s greatly reduced form factor. If previous specialist In Win cases are to go by, the 901 will be worth every penny. Of course there is only one way to find that out, so let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

As you can see from the specifications, things are pretty straight forward. There is a slim optical bay, room for an ATX PSU, mini-ITX motherboard, a long graphics and a range of cooling fans/radiators; more than enough for a decent gaming rig.

In the box you will find all the usual components required to put your system together. There’s even some 3M backed cable management clips and a microfiber cleaning cloth to help keep everything looking neat and tidy.

New XOTIC Reaper PC Revealed – Costs $4299.00

XOTIC PC have gone all out on their latest pre-built gaming rig, the Limited Edition Reaper. The new system features many of the latest and greatest components from Asus, Crucial, Corsair, In Win and Samsung to create a gaming rig with truly devastating performance. The new Reaper system is the first in a series of limited Edition Xotic PC systems.

“We’re always looking for the next best thing, not only in terms of performance, but also in looks and esthetics,” said Josh Keller, XOTIC PC sales executive. “The new S-Frame from IN WIN has to be one of the most unique chassis to ever hit the market. Pair that with unbelievable ASUS and Republic of Gamers components, and the REAPER will definitely turn some heads.”

Equipped with the ultra-premium quality of the In Win S-Frame, the Xotic features the latest Intel Core i7-5820K Haswell E processors, an Asus X99 motherboard, a pair of Asus Strix GTX 980 graphics cards, 16GB of DDR4 memory and a whole lot more.

For the privilege of owning one of these crazy systems, assuming they haven’t all sold out by the time you’ve got the cash to afford one, is just $4299.00.

Thank you XoticPC for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of XoticPC.

In Win Launches 703 and 707 PC Chassis

In Win have just launched their two latest PC chassis, the 707 and the 703. Both of the new chassis are based around previous In Win chassis, the 707 has been designed around their popular GR-One and the 703 around their popular GT-1. The old and somewhat aggressive styling of the previous models are gone, replaced by sleek exterior panels that give the two cases are more professional look.

The 707 is available in Gaming Black and a Silent White model is expected to follow in the near future. The new chassis is built from SECC steel, equipped with an acrylic side panel window and sound dampening material. It supports 360mm radiators in the top and another 240mm radiator in the bottom. There’s room for up to 10 fans and for CPU tower coolers of up to 206mm; giving you a lot of flexibility in terms of cooling performance. The 707 also features three 5.25″ drive bays hidden behind a push-click door panel on the front of the chassis and there are eight 3.5″ / 2.5″ drive bays on the interior.

The 703 is fairly similar in terms of design, albeit a little smaller. It’ll still support ATX motherboards and it comes with the same high quality construction as its bigger brother. There’s a 5.25″ drive bay with a custom stealth cover and two more on the interior, along with four 3.5″ / 2.5″ drive bays. While not as big as the 707, it’ll still support a range of AIO water coolers and CPU tower coolers of up to 170mm.

More details on price and availability are expected to follow shortly, but most major retailers should have stock available very soon.

Thank you In Win for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of In Win.

Cube Raptor Gaming PC Worth £669.99 Competition Winner!

It’s been a busy few weeks here at eTeknix HQ, we’ve had loads of great competitions running and literally thousands of you have entered to win our selection of prizes. The most popular choice this last four weeks was the Cube Raptor gaming PC, and today we are happy to reveal who won it!

After firing up the random number generator to help me sift through the massive amount of emails I got, someone is about to feel like Christmas has come early this year, bagging themselves a brand new gaming PC worth £669.99.


  • Name: Cube Raptor Gaming PC
  • Case: In Win GT1 Mid Tower
  • Motherboard: MSI Z97-G43 LGA 1150 socket
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4590 “Haswell Refresh” Quad Core (3.3GHz Base 3.7GHz Turbo) LGA 1150 socket
  • Processor Cooler: Stock Intel Heatsink
  • System Memory: 1 x 8GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX Fury 1866MHz (Blue)
  • Main Boot Drive: Seagate 1TB Hybrid Solid State Hard Drive with 8GB SSD Cache
  • Additional Storage Drive(s): Not included
  • Graphics card: MSI R7 265 OC 2GB GDDR5
  • Power Supply: Cooler Master Elite 500W
  • Optical DriveSuper WriteMaster DVD RW
  • Wireless: TP-Link TL-WN781ND PCIe 150mbps 2.4GHz WiFi card
  • Monitor: Not included
  • Peripherals: Not included
  • OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit
  • Warranty: 2 Year Warranty (14 Day Swap Out,1st Year collect and return, 2nd Year Return to Base)
  • Price: £669.99 including VAT (accurate at the time of writing)

First of all, a massive thank you to and Cube UK for helping us organise and give away this awesome prize, but most of all, congratulations to…

Chris Maddocks of Sheffield

Well done Chris, we hope you enjoy your new PC and look forward to you sharing a picture on our Facebook wall once it is delivered.

Don’t feel too bad if you didn’t win this time around, we’ve got a LOT of great prizes coming to the site very soon and several other great competitions currently running which you can enter here. Keep those entries coming in and good luck to all!

Win a Cube Raptor Gaming PC Worth £669.99!

Want a chance to win a stunning Cube Raptor gaming PC? I bet you do! Equipped with an Intel Core i5 4590 Haswell Refresh CPU, 8GB of Kingston HyperX Fury 1866MHz RAM, an MSI R7 265 OC 2GB graphics card and a whole lot more. The Raptor is a great all-round gaming system for those who need an upgrade and with an RRP of £669.99 it will certainly feel like Christmas come early for one lucky winner.


  • Name: Cube Raptor Gaming PC
  • Case: In Win GT1 Mid Tower
  • Motherboard: MSI Z97-G43 LGA 1150 socket
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4590 “Haswell Refresh” Quad Core (3.3GHz Base 3.7GHz Turbo) LGA 1150 socket
  • Processor Cooler: Stock Intel Heatsink
  • System Memory: 1 x 8GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX Fury 1866MHz (Blue)
  • Main Boot Drive: Seagate 1TB Hybrid Solid State Hard Drive with 8GB SSD Cache
  • Additional Storage Drive(s): Not included
  • Graphics card: MSI R7 265 OC 2GB GDDR5
  • Power Supply: Cooler Master Elite 500W
  • Optical DriveSuper WriteMaster DVD RW
  • Wireless: TP-Link TL-WN781ND PCIe 150mbps 2.4GHz WiFi card
  • Monitor: Not included
  • Peripherals: Not included
  • OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit
  • Warranty: 2 Year Warranty (14 Day Swap Out,1st Year collect and return, 2nd Year Return to Base)
  • Price: £669.99 including VAT (accurate at the time of writing)

If you would like to know more about the Cube Raptor, then you can always check out our full review right here.

All you have to do is follow the instructions below, it couldn’t be much simpler than that. Good luck!

Rules and regulations:

  • The competition is for UK residents only.
  • The competition ends at midnight GMT on the 28th July 2014 and winner(s) will be notified by Friday 1st August 2014
  • In the event of a dispute, eTeknix staff hold the final say and no discussions will be entered into
  • Delivery is not in the hands of eTeknix and can take some time to arrive
  • Full shipping address and phone number is required in your email entry to speed up dispatch of prizes to winners and to prevent multiple entries
  • If the auto-fill email link doesn’t work, email us the information and include the subject “Win a Cube Raptor Gaming PC Worth £669.99.”
  • In the event that the prize is unavailable, eTeknix reserve the right to offer an alternative of equal or greater value
  • Winner(s) will be announced on our competition winners page
  • By entering this competition, you adhere to the above rules and regulations

Cube Raptor Gaming PC Review


It is no secret that there are a lot of people who are interested in gaming PCs but do not have the time or the experience to build their own. It is also no secret that PCs made by gimmicky system builders like Alienware are over-priced and are not good value for money, you are mainly paying for the brand name and reputation and get very little hardware for your money. So what other options do you have? Buying from a system integrator is rapidly becoming a popular alternative, with the constant year-on-year growth in the PC gaming industry it is no wonder that there are more system integrators to choose from than ever before.

Today we are taking a look at a gaming system made by the system integrator called Cube. We are checking out their Cube Raptor Gaming PC which offers up a sweet-spot balance of components at a fairly attractive sub-£700 price point. The Raptor boasts the latest Core i5 Haswell Refresh CPU from Intel with the flagship Z97 chipset as well as a 2GB AMD R7 265 overclocked graphics card and 8GB of DDR3. Interestingly, there’s no either/or rubbish going on with the storage – Cube have equipped a hybrid drive so it can bring the benefits of an SSD and large capacity HDD to an attractive price point. All in all this system has an interesting mix of components and is finished off nicely with In Win’s GT1 gaming mid tower case. Check out the full specifications of this system below:


  • Name: Cube Raptor Gaming PC
  • Case: In Win GT1 Mid Tower
  • Motherboard: MSI Z97-G43 LGA 1150 socket
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4590 “Haswell Refresh” Quad Core (3.3GHz Base 3.7GHz Turbo) LGA 1150 socket
  • Processor Cooler: Stock Intel Heatsink
  • System Memory: 1 x 8GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX Fury 1866MHz (Blue)
  • Main Boot Drive: Seagate 1TB Hybrid Solid State Hard Drive with 8GB SSD Cache
  • Additional Storage Drive(s): Not included
  • Graphics card: MSI R7 265 OC 2GB GDDR5
  • Power Supply: Cooler Master Elite 500W
  • Optical DriveSuper WriteMaster DVD RW
  • Wireless: TP-Link TL-WN781ND PCIe 150mbps 2.4GHz WiFi card
  • Monitor: Not included
  • Peripherals: Not included
  • OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit
  • Warranty: 2 Year Warranty (14 Day Swap Out,1st Year collect and return, 2nd Year Return to Base)
  • Price: £669.99 including VAT (accurate at the time of writing)

Packaging & Accessories

We received the Cube Raptor Gaming PC in the usual format: a large cardboard outer box within which we find the system in the box that the In Win case came in. There’s some additional protective polystyrene to protect the inner box from bumps and on top of it all is the motherboard box which contains all the manuals, documentation, cables and adapters that came with components in the system that you might need.

As we can see the inner box is in perfect condition and has sustained no damage in transit, this means it was packaged well.

Inside the motherboard box we find lots of documentation for the system components, a power cable for the system, various CDs, a VGA to DVI adapter and the wireless antenna for the WiFi PCI express card.

Before we get stuck in to looking at the product let’s just take a minute to familiarise ourselves with the stars of the show; the Intel Core i5 4590 and the AMD R7 265 OC.



Concept Steambox Chassis and More New In Win Chassis at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: InWin are back again with even more incredible new products in what is already shaping up to be their best year of product launches ever! We kick things off with a concept Steam Machine / SteamBox style chassis which you can see above, details are limited, but we expect to here more later this year.

The Stunning 707 Mid Tower and Full Tower are looking pretty great, borrowing from what looks like the GR-One and the 904 models, but aimed at a more mid-budget friendly end of the market.

Their previous premium grade chassis range, the 904 and it’s mini-ITX little brother 901, still a popular choice from In Win, especially with that single piece of aluminium top/front/bottom panel and tempered glass side panels giving it some incredible aesthetics.

This really got my attention today, a heavily customised H-Frame mini, with full custom water cooling, high end components and it looks absolutely stunning, wouldn’t mind having this sat on my desk.

The MS04 is ideal for those wanting to build their own NAS. The front panel has a wavey design to it that wouldn’t look out of place in the office or living room and it features four hot-swap front loading hard drive bays which support both 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″][/youtube]

Well have more details in the coming weeks about prices, release dates and of course we’ll soon follow up with in-depth reviews, so stay tuned for more.

In Win D-Frame Mini at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: In Win are on top form at this years Computex, not only have they blown people away with their stunning S-Frame, but they’re not also wowing the crowds with their new D-Frame mini chassis. The D-Frame has already proven a popular product for In Win, but the new Mini edition will be mass produced, and targeted right at the heart of the mini-ITX LAN gaming crowd. It’s got a lot in common with its bigger brother in terms of design, but the more compact form factor, as well as a carry handle design on the top make it much lighter and easier to transport. Final pricing and retail release are coming very soon, but expect to see it at most major retailers in the coming weeks and months.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″][/youtube]

In Win S-Frame Chassis at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: We’re back once again with even more coverage of the stunning In Win S-Frame which we revealed to the world the other day. We’re not at the In Win booth at Computex 2014 and we finally get to see what this masterpiece of enthusiast grade engineering looks like with a water cooled gaming rig installed inside of it, in short, awesome!

The metal bodywork of the S-Frame is a single piece of thick and anodized aluminium which needs to be skilfully folded in 15 stages to create the final product.

From the first fold, of a near 6ft long piece of metal to the final product which you can see on the right, but of course these are just miniatures for demonstration purposes.

I do love the black and red a lot, but the blue steel colour looks great when combined with tempered glass.

Price is expected to be £649-699 / $799 and will be available first at Scan Computers in the UK and some US retailers very soon.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″][/youtube]

InWin Booth At Insomnia i51 LAN Gaming Event

Here we are at the end of the exhibition hall coverage from Insomnia i51 LAN gaming festival and we’ve stopped by the very popular In Win booth to see what they have on display. Not only have they got a bunch of great games for you to sit down and play, but they’ve got all their gaming rigs fitted in a range of absolutely stunning chassis.

First up we have the In Win 904 and the smaller (but similar design) In Win 901, both offer a mixture of aluminium and glass that is unlike anything else on the market, if you want to know more about the 904 chassis, then you can check out our full review of it here.

The budget friendly, but very funky In Win GT1 was also on display, another great chassis which we reviewed a while back.

One of my all time favourite chassis was also on display, the In Win GR-One and this is still the chassis of choice for the In Win sponsored (and very successful) eSports team, Team Infused. I actually owned this chassis for quite a long time and it’s great to see that it’s as popular as ever.

That’s all from the In Win booth for today, but we can tell you that we’ve got some very special content from In Win in the coming months that you won’t want to miss, unfortunately I cannot tell you any more on this at this time. This also concludes our coverage for the exhibition hall here at Insomnia i51, but we expect we’ll be back at Insomnia i52 in the summer, and many of you will know that Summer LAN is more than twice the size, with thousands of gamers and a lot more exhibitors, so that’s certainly something to look forward to later this year.

In Win 904 Glass & Aluminium Chassis Review


In Win have been pushing the boundaries of chassis design to their very limits, then pushing them again! In recent years they have created some of the most unique and incredibly cool chassis products on the market, from the D-Frame which was based on the chassis of a motorbike, the H-Frame, which I can only assume was styled on a Transformer, and the glass covered Tao that was styled on the sort of glass skyscrapers you see in big cities. Now we have their new chassis, the 904 Mid Tower, which looks set to combine much of what In Win have done before, but into something just a little bit more practical and affordable.

With a price tag of just £149.99 the 904 falls right in line with the competition in terms of premium models, competing with other high end mid towers from companies like NZXT and Corsair. However, while other companies may focus on cramming their chassis full of features to benefit high end gaming rigs, the In Win 904 is set to focus almost purely on style. Not everyone wants huge radiators, 14 fan mounts and 12 hard drives, some people just want their PC to look incredible.

In Win haven’t gone for the most imaginative name with this chassis, but it’s the first premium chassis they’ve done in a while that has a more mainstream appeal and price tag. So let’s get right to it and see just what this aluminium and glass behemoth has to offer. As you can see from the specification below, the chassis packs enough support for a high end system thanks to ATX motherboard support and 8 expansion bays. There isn’t a lot of room for storage, but it’s more than enough for your average rig.

The packaging is really bulky, this is to provide room for a lot of padding inside the box, no doubt essential given that this chassis features two large glass panels that will need to be taken care of in transit.

A range of accessories will help you get everything installed quickly and In Win have even included motherboard power extension cables, stick on cable hooks, cable ties and all the usual screws and bolts you will need.

In Win Detail What New Products They’ll Have On Display At CES 2014

In Win will be out in force at CES 2014 and while the sites of Las Vegas will be enough to tempt many media professionals to the show, In Win will have some great sights of their own. Not only will they have their currently unseen, brand new full tower, but they’ll also have some new accessories, information on the availability of its new 904 (ATX) and 901 (mini-ITX) chassis, which comes with its own specially designed 80Plus Gold power supplies to match.

In Win 904 & 901 PC Chassis On Show, With New 80Plus Gold PSUs

In Win has announced the immediate availability of its exciting new 904 (ATX) and 901 (mini-ITX) PC chassis, where the new mini-ITX 901 debuts in public for the first time.

Installed in each chassis are new 80Plus Gold PSUs that are specially modified to fit the special 904 and 901 designs, with fans facing upwards instead of downwards. This has required a reconfiguring of the cable design to minimize its visibility, in order to preserve the overall beauty of the chassis. The semi-modular flat cabling on both PSU’s further complements this. In Win prides itself on this level of attention to detail.

Both new 80Plus Gold PSUs offer 750W (for 904) and 550W (for 901) of total sustained power at 50C respectively, and use FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) for incredible longevity and reliability. Both support the latest ATX12V revision 2.4 and are ErP Lot 6 2013 Ready.

New Full Gaming Tower, Exclusive First Look!

Those attending CES will have an exclusive first chance to see In Win’s upcoming – 707, their brand new gaming chassis!

“This aluminium-SECC steel full tower has a sleek, minimalist design that will certainly appeal to PC DIYers and gamers.” say In Win. “Inside includes In Win innovations such as EZ Swap HDD/SSD bays and outside features elegantly masked fan grills. More details will be made available during CES.” they added.

New Accessories

New PC accessories are also on show, including ‘Mr. Bubble’, a new, colourful headphone stand hand-made from blown glass with aluminium stand; new colourful mouse pads; and a new phone-tablet stand too.

CES Booth Information

January 7-10th 2014: Las Vegas Concention Center, South Hall 1, Booth # 21709.

We really can’t wait to see this new chassis and their other products at the show, lucky for us and for you then that the eTeknix team will be at the show and we will do our best to snap some lovely pictures and get some coverage for our fans.

Thank you In Win for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of In Win.

In Win G7 Black Mid Tower Chassis Quick Look

Six months ago we took a look at the budget friendly In-Win G7 Mid Tower Chassis, it was a nicely balanced gaming chassis that offered enough room for a mid to high end gaming rig, without all the usual visual noise that often plages the low-mid budget gaming chassis market. Many manufacturers are quick to put huge windows, a rack of LED lighting, bright colours and more into their mid budget models and while that is ok, not everyone wants a disco ball in their gaming chassis.

Sure we’ve already reviewed this case, but In-Win were kind enough to humour my interest in the case again. I didn’t much go for the grey colour scheme of the one we reviewed, it isn’t a common colour in the market and it isn’t even a colour that is available here in the UK.  In-Win wanted to show us that the black model looks even better, so we were hardly going to turn down the opportunity to take another look.

AS you can see from the specifications below, the G7 packs a nice range of support that is more than capable of packing in a few graphics cards and a decent amount of air cooling, so lets get right too it and take a look at how good (or bad) this black edition looks.

The chassis comes nicely packaged in a relatively standard box. There are a few technical details on the front that detail the 365mm GPU support, EZ-Swap dock and USB 3.0 ports.

Out of the box we can see that the case is identical in design to the grey one, with the blatantly obvious exception being that this on is black. Already I think it looks better, as the metal work better matches up to the tone of the plastics used on the top and front panels. There’s plenty of ventilation on the side panel, perfect for mounting a pair of 120mm fans for even more airflow.

The right side panel may not have the embossed In-Win logo that we see on the left, but there is a large raised section that provides the chassis with extended cable routing space.

The fake brushed aluminium effect on the chassis looks a lot sleeker in black, the lines catch the light a little better and you can see more detail overall compared to the grey edition. The chassis has a really clean looking front panel, with the I/O ports at the top and a sneaky Turbo fan controller button in the top right.

Around the back we see the black paint job continues to the removable components, the expansion slot back plates are all treated with the same lightly textures paint job.

The interior is easily the biggest improvment, the black panels really clean up the look and while the cables do offer a bit of a cheap and bright contrast, they can easily be tucked away through the cable routing areas.


For just £54.99 from you’re going to be pretty hard pushed to find a more sensible gaming chassis that still packs all the features and support needed for packing in loads of storage, as well as a couple of graphics cards.


If you’re looking for something a little more grown up, without endless windows and lighting effects then the G7 ticks all boxes. The added benefits being that In-Win bundle three pre-installed fans with one in the front, one in the back and another in the top, all hooked up to an integrated two speed fan controller.  USB 3.0, dust filtering in the front and bottom of the chassis, cable management, slide out semi-modular hard drive bays and a tidy black paint job all add to the overall value.

Of course, this chassis has a lot more to offer than just a black paint job and we invite you to check out the full review of the chassis here.


  • Great air cooling support
  • Three pre-installed cooling fans
  • Integrated fan controller
  • EZ-Swap HDD dock
  • Dust filters


  • Limited water cooling support (single 120mm in rear)
  • Only one USB 3.0 port

In Win Launches Its Revolutionary tòu PC Chassis

In Win are one of the leading innovators in the PC market, especially when it comes to design. Their ultra-exclusive, tempered glass concept chassis, the tòu, is easily their greatest example of this. There is simply nothing else like it on the market and while we’ve seen it at a few trade shows it’s not been fully available for purchase, until now!

Priced at $799 it is certainly one of the more expensive chassis products on the market, but if you’ve seen one of these in person, or even read our review of it, you’ll quickly understand why the price is so high. This isn’t so much a chassis as it is something that belongs in an art gallery.

Demonstrated at Computex 2013 to great acclaim, appropriately, tòu is the Chinese word for Transparent, as the tòu’s reflective surface can be made instantly see through when lit from inside, with its integrated LED array.

With carry handles either end the tòu is easily transportable, while internally it supports ATX, micro ATX motherboards with up to 380mm graphics cards, extra-long 220mm PSUs, one 5.25” drive, three 3.5” HDD and two 2.5” SSD. The top 3x120mm fans are specifically designed to support liquid cooling systems, while its capacitive touch panel includes four levels of LED brightness control, fan speed control and its power switch.

There are just a few hundred of the tempered glass and aluminium alloy framed tòu chassis available, with each case individually numbered. In reflection of its high-quality of materials and innovative engineering, the tòu’s MSRP is $799 USD. Local prices in your region may differ.

Remember to check out our world exclusive review on this amazing chassis here.

Thank you In Win for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of In Win.

In Win Reveal The “904” Aluminium And Glass Mid Tower Chassis

In Win have just released the first details of their next chassis design. As you may already know, In Win don’t really make their premium cases by the same standards are other chassis manufacturers, often thinking outside of the box and creating some truly love them or hate them products that are unlike anything else before it.

We’ve already see the D-Frame which was designed around a motorbike chassis, the Tao which we recently reviewed that was designed around glass office blocks and architecture, not to mention the H-Frame which must have been based on a Transformers foot or something equally amusing.

This new one blends traits from both the Tao and the H-Frame, combining massive amounts of sleek 4mm aluminium alloy with 5mm thick tinted tempered glass on the side.

There are some interesting design features here such as the back cover that covers the ports on the back of your computer with an aluminium panel, of course there is also a large amount of clearance under there for airflow, radiators and more, but all while maintaining a clean look on all sides of the chassis.

Cable management looks particularly robust and the clean looks get even better with hidden aluminium dust filters in the base, some interesting radiator mounting solutions, vertical hard drive bays where you typically find the 5.25″ bays, while the actual 5.25″ bay is hidden in the base.

In Win don’t have a release date at this time, but I would expect to hear more in the coming weeks. Price is expect to be under £200 at this time, but these things do change over time, so I wouldn’t even guess at the final RRP at this time.

Thank you In Win for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of In Win.

In Win H-Frame ATX Chassis Review


We’ve had some seriously weird and wonderful chassis come through the eTeknix office over the last few years, but every once in a while something comes along that just makes you wipe your eyes in disbelief. The In Win H-Frame is one of those chassis and while this isn’t the first time we’ve seen one, taking pictures of it at trade shows is hardly the same as finally getting hands on with it, taking it to bits and of course building a system inside it.

In Win are quickly becoming the masters of the concept chassis, limited runs of a few hundred of each and a new one every six month. We’ve seen the D-Frame, which was based upon a Ducati motorbike, the H-Frame that we have here today which was based on… well, I’m not quite sure, then we have things like the Tao, which is made from glass and looks like a cross between a presentation case and a corporate head office. Naturally with this level of design and exclusivity comes a hefty price tag and the H-Frame will set you back a wallet busting £260 (prices taken from Google shopping).

Now of course at that price, the market for this thing isn’t going to be huge, this is not your average consumer grade chassis. The big question is, is it worth paying that much money, does it offer something unique that sets it apart from the competition, especially given this price range also plays host to the Corsair 800D, Lian Li X1000B and the Cooler Master Cosmos II, all of which are big, shiny and pack a mighty feature list.

As you can see from the feature list below, the H-Frame isn’t really going to hold as much as something like the 800D, but I think it’s worth setting out on this review with the idea that it’s not about building a 18 bay Raid rendering rig, it’s about style.

The chassis comes in an off-white coloured box, with a bright and clear image of the chassis from its front left side. If you haven’t seen this chassis before, you can already tell it’s more than a little different to your average black box.

The back of the box is a little more minimalist, featuring a zoomed in shot of the top of the chassis and the H-Frame logo.

In the box I found a zip-lock bag that contained the user manual, as well as all the screws and fittings required to add our components.

In Win GT1 Mid Tower Chassis Review


In Win are setting an incredible pace for unique chassis designs recently, but while last week saw us taking a look at the glass and aluminium wonder that is the Tou, this week sees us looking at something a lot more practical and consumer friendly. I am of course talking about the In Win GT1, a budget friendly mid-tower that can be picked up for as little as £55 here in the UK. So it looks like we have a mid tower on a mid budget price range, so this should be something that caters towards quite a broad range of system builders in terms of features and performance, as we often find the best value for money comes from mid-market products.

In Win are known to draw heavy inspiration from non-pc products, much like with their awesome D-Frame chassis which was based around the chassis of a motorbike. In the same spirit, the GT1 mid-tower draws much of its design inspiration from a sports car and it will be interesting to see if its performance is as energetic as its design inspiration.

As you can see from the specifications below, the GT1 is pretty well equipped with 2 x 5.25″ drive bays, room for plenty of extra 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives, support for ATX/mATX motherboards, USB 3.0, 7 expansion slots and even a built-in fan controller.

The box features a nice image on the front as well as a bunch of tiles that detail the main features of the chassis. The box also kicks off the race car inspiration by adding a nice racing stripe across the top.

Around the back we see a lot more of the race car ideas with a funky image of a car similar to something like a Mustang.

Finally, inside the box I found a great bundle of extras, this included a handy user guide, all the screws and bolts needed to install our components and some red clip-in fixtures that can be added to the air vents. These clips are something you’ll see later in our build section of the review.