Immersit Adds Gaming & Movie Motion Effects to Your Furniture

For me, immersion is one of the most important factors when it comes to gaming, and while VR headsets will definitely help out with this quite a bit, I think that there is still a lot of room for improvement. Fortunately, a company led by a guy named Valentin Fage is taking big steps in the right direction with the creation of Immersit – a plug & play device that was designed to be installed under your couch. The device generates movement depending on what is happening on the screen, which means that you’ll receive actual physical feedback whenever you get hit or when an explosion is happening nearby, for example.

The device was not designed exclusively for gaming, as it can also enhance the way you watch movies, but using it with a VR headset is definitely the best way to go. The system is based on three key components, namely the “muscle”, which consists of four dynamic pads, the “brain” that controls the movements and the “heart” that provides energy. It’s also worth mentioning that Immersit’s pads feature a subtle design, and that they are equipped with a series of sensors that immediately stop all movement if something crawls under the sofa.

The project is currently being funded via Kickstarter, and it already managed to raise €36,402 out of its €85,000 goal with 34 days left to go at the time of writing.

Virtual Reality Just Got an Upgrade


If you thought the Oculus Rift and Sony Morpheus were awesome, wait until you see the work being done with The Void.

The ambitious goal is slated to be “The Future of Entertainment”, only limited by the imagination. A bold claim, but a deeper look at what the project is proposing and you can quickly start to see that there might be some validity to it. Using proprietary ‘Rapture’ gear, The Void promises the most immersive hands-on experience with their gaming environment. The gear is pretty tech-heavy, featuring a headset with dual, curved OLED 1080p displays, high-quality THX headphones, and super-gain inline microphones as a base with otherwise mysterious ‘Quantum Dots’ and ‘Custom Optics’ features. The light-weight vest apparently features body tracking for their customized environment as well as four types of haptic feedback to provide the user the ability to feel everything that they can interact within the game. Combined with specialized gloves, the team promises “unprecedented level of immersion” with the ability to not only interact with in-game objects but actually see your hands through the virtual display.

The concept goes even further than that, however, with specialized ‘VOID Game Pods’ that provide physical changes to the experience including (but certainly not limited to) air temperature and moisture with simulated smells. Beyond that, they even have custom motion simulators that can seat two people for experiences like aerial dogfights and mech battles. This article only scratches the surface, so if you’re interested in seeing the crazy ambitious proposal that “The Void” offers, you can check it out at their main website right here. If you’re like me and just want to see the fancy bits, check out video just below!

Would you pay admission costs for a full-blown immersive game experience like this? Let us know in the comments below!