Super Mario Cluttered Chaos-Calculator Level Anyone?

Creativity is never more alive than when the gaming community decides to invent whole levels based on various creative influences. The Super Mario Maker title has been an exciting and imaginative vehicle that aims to open up a range of possibilities for all kinds of creative mischief, one such level involves a working calculator within the super Mario Universe.

Want to know more? Of course  you do, the project is coined “The Cluttered Chaos Calculator” and has been created by Mario Level Maker  “Giant”, it works out a maths equation (6+6) and is demonstrated by the video below, luckily, there is a reddit guide to explain exactly what is going on.

To put it simply, “this Super Mario Maker level lets you select two numbers between 0 and 7, it lets the player choose their way up and then computes and displays their sum automatically”.

There is also an image via sharing site imgur which reveals the logic behind this fantastic project. It has been noted that similar adding machines have been created in the past using Super Mario Maker, but, this looks to be the “first one with a decimal conversion and proper display of the result”.

It’s an incredibly complex yet educational tool all rolled into one, just reading the extremely detailed breakdown is fascinating, hopefully, we will see many more creative examples as in this case within the future.

Spectacular Real Life Control Panel For a Computer

When you think you have seen it all, some genius arrives with an innovative implementation which completely re-imagines a function. This is the case for a Redditor by the name of “Smashcuts” sounds like a cross between Mario Bros and a hairdressers, who has built a fully operational, DIY overhead IRL control panel that has a hundred knobs, switches and buttons that can activate all kinds of actions.

Below is a selection of screenshots from Imgur, it is stunning and also could be defined as a work of art, the details which have been devised are exceptional.  As you can see, the control panel is divided into square sections which includes a green ‘Main Systems’ section and controls for functions for example OS shortcuts like Open, Save and Close.

Below is a close up of the controls which connects to OS shortcuts, the lighting scheme is reminiscent of a Sci Fi film.

Below is a close up of the Green “Main Section”, which activates different programs which are used most often, the top row opens Chrome, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and iTunes.

Below is a close up of another control panel, The top four switches control the control panel (brightness, backlight etc.) Bottom controls the panel’s AI mastermind override which is currently broken.

Not all switches and artwork are functional but rather for more aesthetic purposes, for example, there is a blue illuminated battleship; this unfortunately does not destroy the empire. This is quite simply spectacular, the thought which has gone into the design process must have been painstaking. By all means check his Imgur page, it conveys the building process which is fascinating and as you would expect, very complicated.

Guy Tries to Pre-Order Fallout 4 With Payment of 2,000 Bottle Caps

When the apocalypse comes, money will become obsolete and bottle caps will become our new tender. At least, that’s according to the Fallout games, and one industrious fan has sent developer Bethesda over 2,000 bottle caps as payment to pre-order forthcoming sequel Fallout 4.

Seth, or GatorMacheteJr – his handle on Imgur – sent the boxful of caps, along with a letter, to Bethesda to reserve a copy of the game. In the description of the Imgur gallery, GatorMacheteJr says, “Fallout 3 was my favourite game for several years, so I made the rational choice to start saving up bottle caps. Turns out 4.5 years of undergrad and 3 years in a Master’s program leads to a lot of drinking.”

In the following letter that accompanied the unique method of payment, he revealed that he’d been collecting the bottle caps for over seven years:

Hello Boys and Girls,

If it’s not already obvious, I’m a pretty big fan of the series. Needless to say, I got pretty excited when I started seeing more and more about Fallout 4. I’ve also noticed you’re now accepting preorders. I only saw prices listed in pre-war dollars, and I wasn’t exactly sure what the exchange-rate is these days, so I went ahead and sent everything I’ve been able to save since I played Fallout 3 for the first time. Using my bathroom scale and a number I found on Wikipedia, I’m thinking this is somewhere in the range of 2,240 caps. That ought to cover it, right?

I’m a PC person and my Steam ID is [REDACTED] and if that doesn’t work out, my email is [REDACTED]. If caps are not an acceptable form of payment, let me know and I’m sure we can work something out. Additionally, I’m going to be moving in August, so if you need to send me anything (like a return of my life’s savings) after then, the return address won’t be any good. Just email me and we can sort it out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and here’s hoping 7.5 years’ worth of bottle cap hoarding doesn’t just end up in the Bethesda trash can.



You’d best give this man at least one copy of Fallout 4, Bethesda. 2,240 bottle caps is at least double the RRP.

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Imgur Goes Legit, Starts Banning NSFW Content

I can hear the sobbing from reddit echoing down my Ethernet cable: Imgur, the image hosting platform favoured by meme-lovers, is cracking down on not safe for work (NSFW) material, banning risqué and pornographic content en masse, thus neutering the internet’s favourite visual playground.

Imgur was founded in 2009 by Alan Schaaf as a quick, unrestrictive image hoster, designed with reddit integration in mind. Almost immediately, it became the go-to platform for memes, controversial images, and pornography.

Now, with the launch of its Android app, and the imminent release of an iOS app, Imgur is trying to clean up its act. Though the terms and conditions have prohibited NSFW content for some time, its enforcement of that policy was practically non-existent.

Imgur spokesperson Michelle Masek told Vice, “We’ve always had rules against obscene and NSFW content and comments, and these guidelines have been in place for years. The difference here is that Imgur team has grown a lot this year, and we’re now better equipped to respond when Imgurians flag content as inappropriate to us.”

Masek went on to blame the Imgur community for recent rash of image takedowns, saying, “Ultimately, the community decides what’s inappropriate and flags it to Imgur’s attention,” adding that the site is “entirely self-policing.”

What will reddit do? Well, once it stuffs that spaghetti back in its collective pocket, it’ll probably move over to Minus, with is like Imgur but with more open terms and conditions.

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Image courtesy of Imgur.

Imgur Introduces New GIF Format

The popular image sharing website, Imgur, has introduced its new GIF format. The company announced last year that it had a plan to reinvent the GIF, and now it has, sort of.

The company’s format is called GIFV, which claims to provide much higher quality GIFs. GIFV is all part of the site’s new ‘Video to GIF’ service, which allows you to turn any streaming video into a GIFV.

However, while it’s simple to convert any streaming video to a GIFV, it’s not exactly that easy to use it anywhere. Outside of Imgur itself, a GIFV requires users to post an embed code if they want to use it on a website. This means it could be difficult for social media use and for e-mail.

You can try it out for yourself at Imgur.

Source: Imgur

Final Fantasy XIV Gamers Stage Vigil For Dying Player

As Codex Vahlda, a 29-year-old Final Fantasy XIV player, lay braindead in the hospital, friends and strangers held a vigil within the game to pay their respects to the dying gamer.

Codex, a level 50 bard, suffered complications from renal failure and was being kept alive on life support so that his family and friends could say their goodbyes. A real-life friend of Codex, reddit user Pattmyn, revealed the sad news on the FFXIV subreddit, saying, “The odds were one in a million something like this could have happened; Everything was otherwise under control and a donor was lined up already (his brother).”

Compassionate FFXIV players on the Gilgamesh server, the one same Codex occupied, rallied together to commemorate their fallen brother. Imgur user Aenemius, member of the same Free Company clan as Codex, took screen captures of the vigil as players joined it. It grew from a couple of avatars to dozens:

Players even staged a spectacular light show to spell out Codex’s name on the beach near the Free Company house, livestreamed by Twitch user Spicule:

Separate vigils were held across the Balmung, Excalibur, Hyperion, and Brynhildr servers. Streams from the vigil were even screened in Codex’s hospital room. This outpouring of compassion did not go unnoticed by his friends and family.

Pattmyn confirmed that Codex’s life support was turned off on Sunday and that he had subsequently passed away.

Rest in peace, Codex Vahlda.

Source: Kotaku

Photographer Sues Pinterest Over Pirated Images

Christopher Boffoli, a photographer in Seattle, is sick of his photos being used illegally. So sick, in fact, that he’s suing anyone who does so. He has already filed lawsuits against Google and Twitter, which were settled out of court, and now he’s turned his sights to image sharing site Pinterest.

In the lawsuit filed last week, Boffoli accuses Pinterest of hosting 56 images from his “Big Appetites” photo series without permission, and the site has refused all takedown notices he has issued. The suit reads, “Upon discovering the Infringing Content, on August 19, 2014 Boffoli sent Pinterest’s designated agent an email notifying Pinterest of the Infringing Content.”

“To date, Pinterest has not removed or disabled access to the Infringing Content. In other words, the Infringing Content is still accessible to the public on Pinterest’s server,” say Boffoli’s lawyers.

Boffoli’s most recent lawsuit was against Imgur. The case was dismissed on Monday, leaving Imgur unaccountable.

Source: Torrent Freak

IMGUR To Give The Common .Gif an Impressive Upgrade

The Gif format has been around since the late 80’s, now used extensively online for sharing animated clips, which is ironic given that the format wasn’t even intended to be used for animation. There are many issues and glitches that plague the out of date format, but until now there hasn’t been a suitable replacement, or at least none that have been widely adopted.

Imgur are one of the biggest image hosters around, used by people on forums, reddit and other sites to upload and quickly share images with each other. Now they’re taking the humble .gif and are replacing them ALL with Project GIFV; effectively Gif Video.

The upload limit on Imgur has been increased to a whopping 50MB, which once would have output a file of the same size, but now a 50MB Gif will be automatically converted by the Imgur computers and it’ll spit out a 3.4MB GIFV file that looks and behaves just like a gif, but it’ll load faster, smoother, have better image quality and a significantly reduced file size, which is effective witchcraft.

  • Massively Increased Upload Limits: With the efficiencies introduced by MP4, Imgur is increasing its traditional GIF upload limit of 5MB by an order of magnitude to 50MB. This opens the door to massive improvements in quality. (Note: Original files over 20MB will not be available after upload)
  • Optimized for Social Channels: Uploads to Imgur will now fully animate on channels like Twitter and Facebook, allowing for the sharing of the full GIF experience throughout the social web.
  • The .GIFV Extension: With all these improvements, Imgur will now denote converted MP4s with a “.gifv” extension. The intention is to signal to users throughout the Internet that these links will feature a GIF experience that incorporates all the current and future enhancements made through Project GIFV. Imgur plans to submit an accompanying specification to relevant standards organizations before the end of the year.

The .gif files are converted to MP4 video, but then spits them back out in a gif style format that means users won’t know anything has changed; aside from the fact they load fast, look incredible and are just all round better! The now 27 year old image format has been reborn. Check out these demos to see for yourself.

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Reddit, Imgur and Twitch Join Forces as ‘Derp’ for Data Research

Some of the biggest names in social media have joined forces to form The Digital Ecologies Research Partnership (Derp). Somehow I doubt that acronym is a coincidence. Derp will grant academic researchers unprecedented access to their respective sites data allowing for groups at Harvard, MIT and McGill to promote “open, publicly accessible, and ethical academic inquiry into the vibrant social dynamics of the web”.

It came about “as a result of Imgur talking with a number of other community platforms online trying to learn about how they work with academic researchers,” says Tim Hwang, the image-sharing site’s head of special initiatives.

“In most cases, the data provided through Derp will already be accessible through public APIs,” he says. “Our belief is that there are ways of doing research better, and in a way that strongly respects user privacy and responsible use of data.

“Derp is an alliance of platforms that all believe strongly in this. In working with academic researchers, we support projects that meet institutional review at their home institution, and all research supported by Derp will be released openly and made publicly available.”

Derp will allow for a single point of contact for researchers to get in touch with the right people within each parent company of the group. This will allow research to progress faster and smoother, removing many of the hurdles that were previously in place when dealing with these companies.

It’ll likely be a while before we see the results of their work, but it’ll be interesting to see if they can come up with more than a database of the most popular cat memes by frequency of shares.

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Image courtesy of Guardian.