iKlips Booth @ Computex 2015

Computex 2015: We’ve seen a lot of high-end tech at this year’s show, but this little gadget was happily brought to our attention. The iKlips is perfect for those who want to transfer data from their Apple devices, especially so since it’s the fastest, sleekest and best-made products in its class we’ve seen. A few demos on the booth certainly got us interested and if you use Apple products, keep an eye out for iKlips in UK stores very soon!

They’ve also got a great range of cables, such as the Duo, which features a lightning connector and a Micro USB; perfect for those who have both Android and Apple products.

Another key market for them is their Go Healthy range, offering a full range of equipment for diabetic testing. It’s incredibly difficult to get the approval to sell this kind of hardware, but it’s always great to see something beneficial like this hit the market. We expect to see all this in UK stores very soon.