Icy Dock Announces ToughArmor MB992SKR-B Enclosure

We are living in a world where storage capacities grow while the physical size of the drives shrinks more and more, which makes space optimization a vital scenario for a lot of people and companies. Solid state drives mostly come in the 2.5-inch form factor and the mechanical hard disk drives in this category keep growing in available capacity too. With that in mind, it is great to see ICY DOCK announcing a new mobile rack that allows you to do that and more.

The new ToughArmor MB992SKR-B Enclosure can take two 2.5-inch drives and connect them to a single SATA3 connector while it only takes up a single 3.5-inch drive slot. It comes with built-in hardware RAID support for RAID 0 and RAID 1 as well as BIG where the capacity of the two installed drives is simply added to each other. While this isn’t the first enclosure to feature such a thing, it is one of the few that also allows you to present the drives individually to the system in the JBOD mode (Just a Bunch Of Disks).

Another really nice touch on the ToughArmor MB992SKR-B and one that’s often forgotten in this category is the front positioned rebuild LED that will let you know once the hardware has set up and initialized your RAID configuration.

The entire mobile rack is made of metal which helps with both the heat dissipation as well as the overall durability of the enclosure. Multi-Flow Technology (MFT) will effectively route air flow correctly for excellent passive cooling via ventilation slots on the front, rear, top, and bottom, providing an even better protection for your installed drives. Lastly, Anti-Vibration Technology and EMI Grounding are used to provide a stable environment, allowing the hard drives or SSD’s used to perform at their best.

ICY DOCK didn’t just name their series of enclosures ToughArmor for fun or because it sounds great, they named them that way because the really are tough. A clear demonstration of this is shown in the video below where they put them up against the full weight of a Lexus SUV.

ICY DOCK didn’t reveal any pricing or availability of the ToughArmor MB992SKR-B at this time, but you can check out the full specification chart below.

Key Features

  • Built-in hardware RAID controller allows four different configurations: RAID 0 (FAST), RAID 1 (SAFE), JBOD, & BIG.
  • Supports SATA 6Gbps and hot swap.
  • Removable tray system for easy maintenance.
  • Front LED indicator lights for drive power, access, fail and RAID 1 rebuilds status.
  • Full metal construction, perfect for rugged applications and complies with flammability requirements.
  • Fits 2 x 7mm to 9.5mm 2.5” SATA HDD or SSD in a 3.5” front device bay.
  • Multi-Flow Technology (MFT) – provides excellent passive cooling.
  • Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) – creates a safe environment for hard drives or SSDs.
  • Active Power Technology (APT) – individual led only powers up if there is drive installed in each bay.
  • EMI Grounding – protects hard drives from electrical damage.
  • Eagle-hook lock system & 2-segment safeguard key lock keeps drives secure within the enclosure.
  • Single SATA 15 Pin to power entire device & single SATA connector to operate.
  • Suggested applications in medical & military systems, government agencies, Industrial PC, SMB workstation, VM workstation, mobile DVR system, aerospace computer, automation system and embedded system.
  • Limited 3-year warranty to complement the typical warranty of a hard drive.
  • Supports SATA and SATA power cables with locking latch design

ICY Dock Announced ICYCube MB561U3S-4SB 4-bay USB 3.0 & eSATA Enclosure

ICY DOCK is well-known for their drive enclosures and they’re always amazing. I’ve owned quite a few of them over the years and they’ve never let me down. Their newest device is an external drive enclosure and it looks to be no different as the MB561U3S-4SB 4-Bay external 2.5″ & 3.5″ HDD enclosure with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and eSATA interface seems to have it all.

The new MB561U3S-4SB features both a USB 3.0 5Gbps and an eSATA 6Gbps interface, allowing you to choose which connection you prefer. The eSATA port will need to be connected to a controller that supports port multipliers, but there aren’t many that don’t these days. It also looks great with its solid aluminium structure and great looking drive trays. And while we’re speaking of drive trays, the new EZ-Tray design used in this unit is interchangeable with a lot of other ICY DOCK units, both internal and external, and effectively allows you to move the same tray with disk from unit to unit.

Keeping four mechanical hard drives cooled in an enclosure like this requires the help of a fan. ICY DOCK utilized an 80mm fan that’s connected to the fan controller on the rear. It has three settings, low, high, and automatic where it sets the rotation speed depending on the ambient temperature inside the enclosure. Using current 6TB drives and you can have up to 24GB of raw data in this small and great looking unit, not bad.

When ICY DOCK creates a unit like this, they always add something special. In this case it is the external mounted and detachable fan. This allows you to easily remove the turbine looking fan module and clean everything in a proper fashion.

Key Features:

  • Plug and play installation, no drivers required
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 with up to 5Gbps transfer speed
  • Backward compatible with USB 2.0 interface
  • eSATA connection with up to 6 Gbps transfer speed (port-multiplier required)
  • New EZ-Tray system supporting both 2.5″ and 3.5″ SATA HDD/SSD of all heights
  • Adjustable cooling fan with 3 speed settings (low, high, and auto)
  • Support largest capacity drives available on the market (6 TB)
  • Removable EZ-Tray design allows you to quickly swap out drives
  • Moderately illuminating white LED for power & drive activities
  • High grade aluminum alloy frame with detailed matte finish
  • Include 4x EZ-Trays which features shock absorbing technology to help protect your drives
  • Detachable 80mm ball bearing rear cooling fan provides easy maintenance
  • Integrated power supply, so big power bricks aren’t necessary
  • Rubber padded soles for enhanced stability
  • 3-year warranty

Thanks to ICY DOCK for providing us with this information.

Icy Dock Release ToughArmor MB998SP-B 8×2.5″ SATA Drive Hot Swap Mobile Rack

Being able to put four or even up to six 2.5-inch drives into a single 5.25-inch bay has been seen before, but having a total of eight drives in a single bay is somewhat unusual, but that is what Icy Dock’s new ToughArmor MB998SP-B hot swap mobile rack can do.

The full metal-built docking rack allows you to slide eight 7mm drives right into the enclosure and easily connect them to your SATA and RAID controllers. The rear has eight SATA ports and two SATA power ports, saving you a total of six power cables.

The MB998SP-B mobile rack also has two 40mm fans and a built-in fan controller as well as LED activity lights for each drive. The enclosure also has EMI grounding, anti-vibration, and metal heat dissipation to help the flawless usage.

Thanks to Icy Dock for providing us with this information

Icy Dock MB080U3S-1SB Blizzard 3.5″ SATA External Hard Drive Enclosure Review

Having looked at a number of external storage options recently, it would be safe to say that on the most part, all of these options take a conservative and refined approach to their design with slim builds, clean lines and stylish looks that will fit into virtually any setup.

We do find however that there are a large number of people that don’t always want the same clean refined looks to their systems and peripherals and look more towards the modded scene where everything is making a statement. Any device manufacturer is aware that this group of users is out there and this is why we find cases, components and everything between that are geared towards the modding community. This doesn’t necessarily mean that each and every item that they have will be modified in some way, but if there is something unique in the product that makes it stand out from the crowd then there is a certain chance that it will appeal to one or more people.

Icy Dock’s Blizzard enclosure that we are looking at today is one such item that breaks the mould with its off the cuff design that not only separates it from other external enclosures, but also Icy Dock’s own product range. As we will see this new style of design may be a bit marmite to some, but its been thought through well with no sacrifice on performance.

Icy Dock MB559U3S SuperSpeed External 3.5″ SATA Hard Drive Enclosure Review

Mobile storage is something the virtually everyone of us out there has in one form or another, typically this going to be a USB flash drive with a capacity that varies from a typically 512MB right up to 64GB that we are seeing more and more often. Whilst these drive are great, due to the fact that they are [on the smaller end] fairly inexpensive and also that they easily slip into your pocket or onto your keys; their main downfall is when it comes to wanting or needing to shift larger volumes of data.

Naturally this particular need is already catered for and there are a plethora of external hard drive options available on the market that cater for both the need to move large volumes of data from on point to another and also at the same time allow for storage expansion on an individual system where the drive will stay for the best part of its entire running time. There are one or two potential catches with be configured external hard drives and this can be as simple as the inconvenience of having to move all the data onto the new drive or more likely a slight compromise in performance for the enrichment of features which the end user may not want or need. This is why we find empty enclosures on the market, giving the end user the option to buy the case that suits their needs, then they can select what drive they install with or without data already on it.

The SuperSpeed external enclosure that we’re going to delve into here is one option out of many that comes into play, featuring both USB3.0 and eSATA, collapsible feet and a slim sleek design, so without holding off any more lets chill out with some more Icy Dock goodness.

Icy Dock MB971SP-B 5.25″ Hot Swap SATA Caddy Review

It has only been a short time since we had a look at our last Icy Dock product, the MB994SP-4SB-1 Quad Bay SATA backplane, and like that, our next product that we’re looking at is a hot swap drive bay, but this time with a bit more functionality to what we have seen before.

We know Icy Dock products and even their packaging to be clear and straight to the point which, as I’ve probably mentioned before and will again anyway, is nothing to be afraid of. Not everyone out there wants something that is covered in flash packaging and more importantly a product inside that is more worried about its looks than how it functions and this is typically where Icy Dock shine through.

Similarly to the quad bay backplane that we looked at back in May, the MB971SP-B that we’re having a look at today fits into a 5.25″ drive bay and gives the user quick access for plugging in and removing SATA drives, but this time, not just 2.5″ drives. Now we see capability for connecting both 2.5″ and 3.5″ drive simultaneously.

Lets take a look at the product in some more detail and then see how it performs with our benchmark suite with a variety of drives.

Icy Dock MB994SP-4SB-1 Full Metal Quad Bay 2.5″ SATA 6Gbps Backplane Review

It’s been nearly a year since we’ve looked at an Icy Dock product, but this is not to say that they havn’t been busy developing new products and improving those that they have on the market already to give newer and better versions.

Icy Dock are one of those companies that when you see their name you know that the quality of product that you will get is second to none and are always simple to use and get to grips with. Keeping things simple, the Quad Bay 2.5″ SATA backplane is as it says on the tin (as do most Icy Dock products that said) – a 4x 2.5″ SATA drive enclosure that fits into a single 5.25″ drive bay.

Over its similar model, the MB994SB-4S, this model doesn’t offer up SAS support, but instead requires only a single molex conenction and also has a on/off switch on the rear for the fans for when SSDs are installed. But lets keep the indepth bit to the feature pages and without further ado, lets get delving into what the MB994S)-4SB-1 has to offer.