InWin Booth At Insomnia i51 LAN Gaming Event

Here we are at the end of the exhibition hall coverage from Insomnia i51 LAN gaming festival and we’ve stopped by the very popular In Win booth to see what they have on display. Not only have they got a bunch of great games for you to sit down and play, but they’ve got all their gaming rigs fitted in a range of absolutely stunning chassis.

First up we have the In Win 904 and the smaller (but similar design) In Win 901, both offer a mixture of aluminium and glass that is unlike anything else on the market, if you want to know more about the 904 chassis, then you can check out our full review of it here.

The budget friendly, but very funky In Win GT1 was also on display, another great chassis which we reviewed a while back.

One of my all time favourite chassis was also on display, the In Win GR-One and this is still the chassis of choice for the In Win sponsored (and very successful) eSports team, Team Infused. I actually owned this chassis for quite a long time and it’s great to see that it’s as popular as ever.

That’s all from the In Win booth for today, but we can tell you that we’ve got some very special content from In Win in the coming months that you won’t want to miss, unfortunately I cannot tell you any more on this at this time. This also concludes our coverage for the exhibition hall here at Insomnia i51, but we expect we’ll be back at Insomnia i52 in the summer, and many of you will know that Summer LAN is more than twice the size, with thousands of gamers and a lot more exhibitors, so that’s certainly something to look forward to later this year.

Asus Booth At Insomnia i51

As we start to round-up on an busy day here at Insomnia i51, we stopped by the huge Asus booth to check out what they had on display. First up is the Tom Logan built system which features the Corsair 760T chassis, SLI GTX 760 graphics cards and some very funky vinyl detailing.

The new Asus graphics cards and motherboards are on display, featuring the huge coolers which make the cards wider than most any other on the market, but they certainly do look stunning. On the left you’ll see the ROG Mars 760 4GD5 and on the right the mini-ITX ROG Maximum VI Impact motherboard.

The ROG Maximum VI Formula on the left offers some of the highest specs on the market, a great choice for those wanting a high-end gaming system and even better when paired with something like the Striker GTX760-P-4GD5 graphics card you can see on the right.

Moving further into enthusiast teritory you’ll find the incredibly powerful (and expensive) Matrix GTX 780TI-P-3GD5, one of the fastest graphics cards ever created! and when you pair that up with the ROG Maximum Extreme motherboard on the right, you’ve got one of the greatest combinations in gaming history.

Finally in this cabinet we have the gorgeous ROG Maximus VI Hero and the ROG Poseidon GTX 780-P-3GD5 Direct CU H20 edition graphics card, which offers up the choice of both water and air cooling for maximum performance.


Plenty of ROG gaming rigs on display for people to sit down and have a go on.

I’m not normally a fan of this kind of pre-built system, but the ROG systems do stand out from the crowd, especially in those funky custom Asus chassis.

That’s all from the Asus booth for now, but we’ll be back shortly with even more coverage from this weekends show at Insomnia i51.

Overclockers UK (OCUK) Booth At Insomnia i51

Here we are once again at Insomnia i51 LAN gaming event, as we stop by the Overclockers UK booth in the exhibition hall to see what they have to offer. Things have been really busy this weekend at the show, and with Overclockers UK being one of the biggest online retailers in the business, there has been high demand for their services at the show. The OCUK team are out in force as usual, offering their popular repair, installation and deliver to you desk services. The deliver to your desk has been a big hit for them at previous events and i51 is no exception.

Order a product on their website, either from your phone, computer or even from the spare computers on their booth, choose the i51 delivery option and they’ll bring the items directly to the show for you. This is great news for any gamers in the halls, imagine how many people have been rescued when their hard drive fails, or their PSU blows at the show! LAN gaming events are famous for being systems killers, especially given people run their systems harder, for longer and in a warmer environments than they typically would.

Here you can see the team hard at work fixing up a water cooling system for one of the event attendees gaming rigs, and the team is always happy to help, even cutting people a few deals when they’re in need of spare parts and upgrades.

On display they’ve a range of great gaming rigs that you can purchase from the team, they feature some of the latest and greatest gaming components around, catering to a wide range of budgets and requirements, all of which can be found on their website. For those not interested in buying a new rig, the team at OCUK still welcome you to pull up a seat, put on the headsets and play some of the best games around on their awesome gaming PC’s.

That’s everything from the OCUK booth at the show, but we expect they’ll be back once again at the much bigger Summer LAN event in August, stay tuned for more coverage of the show throughout the weekend.

Antec Booth At Insomnia i51 LAN Gaming Festival

The Antec booth is another popular attraction here at Insomnia i51, not only because it gives people a chance to get a look at their latest products, but also because they’ve teamed up with Gamdias, who are running a few rigs in Antec chassis and letting visitors sit down to play the ever popular DOTA II.

The huge Antec Nineteen Hundred is out in force, towing over the visitors and running a monstrous gaming rig courtesy of the guys at YoYoTech.

The Nineteen Hundred has been fitted out with 2 x MSI graphics cards, water cooling and more, which have caught plenty of attention here at the show. Antec are keen to give away loads of great prizes here at the show and it just so happens the mob turned up to win some free loot while we were at the booth, took me a while to escape the hordes of visitors!

With AMP (Antec Mobile Products) and their new chassis products on display it’s looking like a good start to the year for Antec, but we’ll be following up in the coming weeks with reviews of the newest products on display.

That’s everything from the Antec booth today, but we’ll be back shortly with even more coverage from the show.

PC Specialist Booth At Insomnia i51

PC Specialist are one of the hottest system integrators on the market today, they’ve been gaining in popularity year after year and we’re always happy to see them at the shows we visit. They’ve got loads of powerful gaming rigs on display, but the best one of all is this 4K gaming monster, there wasn’t a price on the rig, but given their custom building nature, I’m sure they’ll happily build you one for a couple of thousand pounds.

The 17.3″ 1080p Vortex X880 gaming laptop comes fitted out with a high end Nvidia GTX 765M and the powerful Intel Core i7-4700MQ processor, making it a great weapon for those who want to game on the go. Sure it’s expensive at £1349.00, but you certainly get what you pay for.

The Optimus V is a little more affordable at just £799.00 and still features the same powerful CPU + GPU combination of the Vortex X880, but with a smaller 15.6″ screen, 8GB of ram and while it’s not exactly ugly, it’s not as pretty looking as the Vortex.

The Skyfire X14 is a bargain at just £649.00, packing the i5-4200MQ CPU, GTX 760M GPU, a 14″ LED display and 8GB of Hyper X memory, more than enough to enjoy many of today’s top gaming titles.

The Vanquish Mini is one of their more popular systems and its easy to see why, at just under £800 it’s packed with a high-end Intel Core i5-4670, GTX 760, 120GB Kingston SSD and the gorgeous Corsair Obsidian 250D chassis, it’s a great choice for those who need a compact gaming rig for the living room or for LAN gaming events.

Not that anyone here really cares about the gaming rigs, the booth is packed full of people eager to play the madness that is Goat Simulator, and after a five minute go on it myself, it’s easy to see what it’s so popular.

Finally we have the Infinity Trion, a budget friendly gaming rig that is ideal for mid range gaming and overkill for running games like Minecraft, but for just £375 you get great value from its AMD A8-6600K Quad Core APU and 8GB of Kingston Dual-DDR3 memory.

That’s everything from the PC Specialist booth for today, but check back shortly as we’ll have more great coverage from this weekends gaming event here in Coventry.

Cooler Master Booth At Insomnia i51 LAN Gaming Festival

Here we are at the Cooler Master and CM Storm booth at Insomnia i51 LAN gaming festival, there is loads to see and do at the show, for both gamers and day visitors who just want to come and join in the fun. Cooler Master are giving visitors a great opportunity to get hands on with many of their latest and greatest gaming peripherals, as well as try their hand at winning some prizes.

Their gorgeous Aluminium series Mech keyboard is always a popular choice and their typing challenge is a great way of putting the mechanical keyboard through its paces; type out the pattern on the screen in a fast enough time to win some cool prizes over the course of the weekend.

The quickest time can win the keyboard, which is worth £150, daily prizes of Recon gaming mice, and plenty of smaller prizes such as these cool new T-shirts, lanyards and stress balls.

The CM STorm Trigger Z, equipped with Black Cherry switches is really nice, featuring some sleek back and unlit keys, which is available at the show for just £79.99.

Their latest range of gaming mice are here too, including the awesome Recon, Reaper and Mizar hooked up to their Skorpion mouse cable bungee.

One of my favourite keyboards on show is the Stealth, blank key cap tops with some subtle markings on the front edge give the keyboard a sleek and rather unique design.

The QuickFire Ultimate offers stunning red LED backlighting, mechanical keys and a rugged design that make it ideal for gaming.

The Quick Fire XT offers a slightly more cut-down edition, offering the great gaming performance of mechanical keys, but the lack of LED backlighting offers a much more budget friendly price tag of £59.99.

A rack of Cosmos SE chassis are fitted out with high-end gaming rigs, each equipped with a range of Cooler Master and CM Storm peripherals so you can sit down and play Titanfall and Goat Simulator till your heart is content.

Those on a tighter budget can check out the Devastator bundle, a low-cost gaming keyboard and mouse combo. We especially like the membrane keyboard as it’s got a typing sensation similar to that of Cherry MX black switches.

That’s everything from the Cooler Master booth for today, but we’ll be back shortly with even more great coverage from the show. We’ll also be following up with Cooler Master in the coming weeks to bring you reviews of the new products they had on display.

Multiplay Insomnia i51 LAN Gaming Event Exhibition

We’re back once again at the Insomnia i51 gaming event here in Coventry, enjoying the rather stunning Ricoh arena that Multiplay have chosen for the event. We thought you would love to see some of the things that go on here at the show now that the event is at a new home so let’s take a look at what else you can find on the exhibition show floor.

Xbox One is here this year with their gaming 4×4, which has a huge rack of fold out hi-def screens and Xbox One consoles, great for trying out a big of Titanfall… although not as great as playing it on some of the epic gaming PC’s that are littered around the hall, that is of course if you can get past all the people waiting to play Goat Simulator, which has proven more popular than anything else this weekend, crazy!

As if one gaming bus wasn’t enough, are here too, giving the Razer gaming bus a run for its money and offering loads of great titles to play on the inside. Unlike the Razer bus, you can actually rent this bad boy out for your own parties, very tempting.

The latest Square Enix title is a big hit this weekend too, with many gamers eager to get hands on with Nosgoth, so much so that I couldn’t even find a seat for a go myself, but from what I’ve seen, the game is shaping up rather nicely and I can’t wait to check it out in-detail later this year.

One of the most important exhibitors at the show is Special Effect, they’ve done countless great deeds to help those who have suffered physical disabilities, finding innovative ways to allow them to still enjoy the world of computer games. It’s an eyeopening experience to try out some of these purpose build controller yourself. Multiplay as well as many of us here at the show do our part to help them raise the funds they need to support their cause.

Vacant Mind Gaming are here too with this somewhat unique gaming rig, they offer custom builds for those who want something very different from your average gaming chassis. Can’t say I’m all that keen on this design, but I can see the appeal of something a bit different.

Apparently people still want to play Flappy Bird… although I will admit it plays better with a mouse than it does a touch screen.

Pull up a seat at the Chillblast stand and race your heart out on this gorgeous Logitech G25 racing wheel and triple Eyefinity gaming setup.

Oculus Rift is on show once again too, always great fun for a bit of mind-blowing FPS action and with the headset on and goggles on your face, it’s easy to forget the chaos and noise of the show around you.

We’ve still got plenty of great coverage from some of the coolest booths here at the show, so stay tuned for more coverage throughout the day.

eTeknix @ Multiplay Insomnia i51 LAN Gaming Event

The Insomnia i51 LAN gaming event in Coventry UK, hosted by Multiplay, is in full swing this weekend and the show just wouldn’t be the same without the eTeknix team stopping by to see what’s happening. There is more going on at the show than ever before this weekend and that is especially thanks to the brand new location for the event, having moved from the Telford International Centre to the stunning Richo Arena, which is located at the heart of the UK, making at an ideal location for gamers all over the UK. The new arena a grand football stadium and comes packed with facilities to handle larger crowds, offering up a Casino, plenty of bars and accommodation that make it a handy addition to the 24-hour a day party that Insomnia is legendary for.

Aside from the LAN gaming tournaments, legendary eSports teams competing against each other and a couple of thousand gamers brining their own rigs into the vast gaming halls, there are lots of things to see and do at Insomnia, so let’s walk the show floor and take a look at a small taste of what is on offer this year.

There is a huge range of manufacturers, retailers and gaming brands in the exhibition hall, offering loads of competitions, games to play, products to try out and more.

Gamers are well catered for, but Razer have pulled out all the stop by brining their own mobile gaming bus, a popular attraction here at the show, so much so that I couldn’t even get a go!

A returning favourite of ours, the retro gaming zone, everything from Atari to Sega Dreamcast classics are up and running here, lots of screens, retro controllers and a great way of wasting time. If I wasn’t working, I could sit here all day playing Goldeneye.

There are little pods everywhere, this one is courtesy of Razer and is fitted with a half dozen Xbox’s for gamers to kick back and battle their friends in games such as Fifa, all while using a range of awesome Razer peripherals of course.

PC gaming is well catered for also, with tournaments, demonstrations and more awesome peripherals to get hands on with alongside the Razor team.

The Minecraft presence at the show is as strong as ever, a popular attraction for the younger members of the audience, although there are plenty of adults who get in on the action too.

There is still a load of great stuff going on here at the show, so we’ll be back shortly with even more coverage of the booths and exhibitor show floor very shortly.

Multiplay Leaves Telford, Heads To Ricoh Arena For Insomnia i51

The UK’s biggest gaming festival will be staged in Coventry for the first time in 2014, when the Insomnia gaming festivals takes place at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena.

The Insomnia series attracts tens of thousands of gamers from across the UK to compete in the UK’s most competitive eSports tournaments and see the best games first, while millions watch events unfold online on Twitch.TV. The first Insomnia festival at the Ricoh Arena takes place over Easter Bank Holiday weekend, Friday, April 18 to Monday, April 21 2014.

Insomnia will take over the Ricoh Arena to give visitors the chance to sample new games, watch live product demonstrations, buy the latest products and merchandise or watch the eSports tournaments unfold and tickets are available online now here.

Offering the same unrivalled atmosphere, visitors will be able to camp in their thousands across the weekend, bringing their own PCs and consoles with camping facilities and security on-hand.

Craig Fletcher, chief executive officer of Multiplay, said: “At Multiplay, we’re always looking to grow our business, and choosing a location that gives the Insomnia festivals strategic growth opportunities is of paramount importance to us, as well as our loyal community that attend our events.

He continued, “We’ve worked closely with the passionate staff at the Ricoh Arena and Coventry City Council to deliver a new home for Insomnia. “We are also delighted to be able to welcome back the Easter weekend dates which we haven’t been able to secure since Insomnia 42. “It’s incredibly exciting to be able to hold an Easter weekend extravaganza full of new content and awesome activities.

“We’re really pleased with the commitment and drive shown in bringing the UK’s largest gaming festivals to Coventry, and it’s a partnership we’re excited to move forward with in 2014.”

Jacky Isaac, Interim CEO at the Ricoh Arena, said she was thrilled one of the biggest dates in the calendar for gaming fans was being held in Coventry.

“It is the first time we will have held a gaming festival at the Ricoh Arena and this is great news for the venue and for the city,” she said.

“This is a festival for gaming in all its formats and is due to attract over 10,000 visitors from around the country.”

Check out the video below and let us know what you think about this epic new location in the comments section below, also, will we see you all at i51?


Thank you Insomnia Gaming Festival for providing us with this information. 

Image courtesy of Insomnia Gaming Festival.