Multiplay To Celebrate 50th Insomnia LAN Gaming Event Next Month

Multiplay, organiser of the Insomnia series of gaming festivals, the largest gaming festivals in the United Kingdom is pleased to announce the initial line-up for its 50th LANniversary, Insomnia50, taking place at the Telford International Centre from 29th November through 2nd December 2013.

eTeknix have been at many of the iSeries events, especially over the last few years where we have had our own booth, held competitions and of course joined in the with the general celebrations, events and gaming. Just check out our iSeries section to see what I mean.

Over 25,000 gaming enthusiasts attended Insomnia 49, with a further 4.7 million viewers on the Multiplay website, delivering over 11 million minutes of video views across the weekend, and over two million Flickr photo views and Insomnia 50 will doubt continue the tradition of delivering an incredible weekend for attendees and its millions of viewers online.

With an incredible line-up of entertainment on offer, Insomnia is a place for friends and families alike to experience gaming-based activities throughout the whole weekend. From Hunger Games tournaments and creative builds in the Minecraft Zone, to a huge selection of the latest independent games and their developers in the Indie Zone. There really is something for everyone; with prize-pool competitive tournaments for a variety of modern eSports for both pc and console gamers, a thriving exhibition with the latest games and merchandise the Card & Board game area, Retro Zone, Mainstage and more, Insomnia delivers a gaming experience unlike any other.

To celebrate the 50th LANniversary, Multiplay are hosting an Insomnia50 Celebration Evening. Taking place on the Saturday of the event, the evening comprises of the World Famous Insomnia Pub Quiz, live music from throwback glam rock heroes Saints of Sin, live comedy from critically acclaimed comedian Paul Tonkinson and the Insomnia Awards, a ceremony celebrating the uniquely brilliant qualities of both the Multiplay community and the Insomnia events themselves. With all proceeds going to Multiplay’s designated charity, Special Effect.

“It’s been a milestone we’ve been anticipating, and with the fantastic turnout from Insomnia fans at Insomnia49, we are incredibly pleased to produce the best gaming festival in the UK even better”, said Craig Fletcher, Multiplay CEO. “As a team, we couldn’t be happier with the success of Insomnia, driven by its passionate community, and we can’t wait to deliver something truly memorable for our fans as we celebrate our 50th LANniversary.”

With some of the biggest eSports tournaments in the UK, Insomnia is not to be missed, with spaces to compete in the tournaments still available online on the Insomnia Gaming Festivals website.

More announcements will be made in the coming months, including amazing games being shown for the first time in the UK.

Thank you Insomnia for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of eTeknix.

iSeries i49 Quiet PC Stand

iSeries i49 Quiet PC Stand

Insomnia i49: There are many regular attendees to Multiplay’s gaming festivals, both on the gamers front, but also in the exhibition hall. QuietPC is just one of the many regular vendors to show off some of the latest hardware on the market and their primary focus as the name suggests is on components the give the best acoustic performance there is.

Around the Satnd Skippy and his team have setup four systems each with a different cooling solution, ranging from silent fan assisted heatsinks, to closed loop water cooling systems and also fully passive heatsinks that can handle a TDP of 95W from Zalman.

Alongside the four systems there is also a select range of peripherals on show as well as some other cooling solutions.


Stay tuned as we bring you more action from across the weekend, including a closer look at each of the stands in the exhibition hall as well as a look around the event. Also be sure to head over to our i49 live gallery where you can keep up to date with all the action as we see it:

Coolermaster / CM Storm Insomnia i49 Booth

Cooler Master and their gaming branch, CM Storm, have a great booth here at Insomnia i49, with some games to play, prizes to be won and a chance to get hands on with their latest range of peripherals.

The most prominent was their new Aluminum range of peripherals, featuring removable metal plating that could them be painted, customised, engraved, whatever takes your fancy.

A fully mechanical keyboard, again with removable metal components to allow for customisation, as well as a unique shaped wrist rest that forms a sort of carry handle on the left hand side.

The mouse too features a similar metal design, with a metal and textured mouse scroll wheel adding some extra flair. The design looks fairly similar to the Havok, but that is no bad thing in my opinion.

One of the maddest case mods I’ve ever see is the HAF Bike, yes it works! Both as a PC and as a bike… mental!

There where also many regular favourites from the CM range on display, with everything from their headsets, keyboards and mice out on display for people to have a play with.

Not content with just picking up their peripherals, CM also have a range of PC games to play, giving incentives to win prizes for people who perform well in each game, of course all of these systems were using CM products too.

Another new product for CM is the Pitch headset, a proper gaming headset with in ear headphones, high quality in-line mic, flat non-tangle cable and some pretty hefty drivers.

We’ve got even more great coverage of the CM Storm booth to bring you later, as well as even more from the show here at Insomnia i49.

Insomnia i49 OCUK Booth

OCUK have one of the biggest booths here at the show and for good reason too, they have a great team of people working there and lots of stuff to see and do. The biggest draw for their booth is easily their Deliver To Your Desk service, where games can buy items from the booth or website then have them shipped promptly to their desk here at iSeries, meaning that you don’t have to give up your game just because you want to buy a new headset, keyboard, mouse or anything else from the OCUK store, including full systems!

They’ve got some gorgeous OCUK gaming systems on display, which you can buy at the show or online and what better way to find out how well they perform that to get hands on and play some games on them.

The booth is also full of shiny display cabinets full of award winning peripherals and components for people to drool over, here we see the Corsair Dominator Platinum memory kits, h100i cools and more from Corsair.

Another exciting Corsair product is the Air 540, kidded out with an SLI setup, water cooling and more, a great system for a sizeable price tag, but non the less impressive in terms of style and performance.

Here we see a nice range of Asus products from their gold trimmed Z87 motherboards, GTX 780 and ROG gaming headset.

The games on the booth were a big draw for the crows and the BitFenix and NZXT cases used on some look fantastic, just more examples of the powerful gaming rigs that OCUK are currently displaying at the show.

While they do have a few smaller competitions running on the booth, there is also chance to win bigger prizes such as this BitFenix Prodigy which comes equipped with the awesome looking KFA2 graphics card.

This is by far the most exclusive item on their booth, the latest Ducky keyboard and one of just 999 samples in the world, only 30 of which will be coming to the UK and of course to OCUK. The price isn’t full known but expect to pay around £200 and expect to have a hard time trying to actually beat everyone else to it, because this thing will sell out quick!

Gigabyte were also on display with their new motherboards, keyboards and GTX 780.

Another new face on the stand is the BitFenix Ronin, a mid budget gaming chassis that comes with a large side panel window (removed in image) and a clip-in shroud that covers the HDD bays, PSU and most of the cables, giving a sleek and clean look to the chassis.

The OCUK booth has been booming this weekend and the Tech Desk is also saving gamers systems when they die of LAN death, mostly overheating problems in the large halls or damage caused in transit, but at least they guys at OCUK are keeping people in the game.

We’ve got some more great coverage of the booths and show floor from iSeries i49 to bring you, as well as some video coverage! So stay tuned for more.


OcUK Delivery Service In Action At Insomnia i49

OcUK Delivery Service In Action At Insomnia i49

Insomnia i49: Over the last few LANs here at Telford, Mark and his team at Overclockers UK have been offering a delivery to your desk service that allows anyone attending the LAN to order anything they like from the OcUK website and have it delivered straight to them at their desk – for FREE! The same day delivery service has been growing in popularity over the last few events and last night (Friday) for their evening delivery slot, there was no less than two and a half pallets arrive to site.

Some gamers are far too keen to get a hold of their OcUK goodies and one or two even came straight to the delivery door to get hold of their kit.

After a little sorting into halls, the first crate of goodies is heading its way to the main hall ready for delivery to the desk.

Tonight’s first person takes hold of his purchase from Mark.

Some people are way too excited to receive their goodies, as these guys clearly are with the delivery of a mouse from Steve.

Remember that if you’re at LAN, there are two deliverys each day, at around 1pm and 5pm and after sticking your goodies into your basket on the OcUK site, select delivery to i49 as your delivery option and your bits will be flying their way to you very soon. Giraffes not included.


Stay tuned as we have more coverage for you from OcUK and the rest of i49 here in Telford. Be sure to check out the live gallery where you can get a quick glimpse of the action as we see it here:

Cooler Master Show Off Keyboards At Insomnia i49

Cooler Master Show Off Keyboards At Insomnia i49

Insomnia i49: Cooler Master are back in Telford for i49 and are teamed up with CyberPower UK to show off the latest in their line-up of headsets, keyboards, mice notebook coolers and chassis plus more.

One of the newest additions to the peripheral line-up is the Mech keyboard – being shown off in the UK for the first time. The Mech has a aluminium and steel reinforced build with professional cherry MX switches under the keys as well as 5 macro profiles offering up to a total of 75 macro combinations. The special feature of this board is its customisable capability. Cooler Master designed this board with the modder in mind, hoping that they will come up with a plethora of different designs and flavours to awe at.

Alongside the Mech, the ever popular Quick Fire Pro and TK keyboards are on display in a pair of colours and a variety of switch types – the blue switch so popular that Cooler Master’s event partner CCL ran out of stock on the first day of the exhibition!


Cooler Masters Trigger keyboard is regarded to have a great, strong build and to prove this, the team have a video on show demonstrating how Cooler Master put this to the test by running it over with a series of vehicles and testing it straight after.


Stay tuned as we have more coverage for you from Cooler Master and the rest of i49 here in Telford. Be sure to check out the live gallery where you can get a quick glimpse of the action as we see it here:

Insomnia Opening Ceremony At Multiplay i49

Insomnia Opening Ceremony At Multiplay i49

Insomnia i49: Its day two at Multiplay’s i49, the UK’s biggest gaming festival and following the opening of the grand exhibition hall to the public, there is only one real way to really kick start the event and that is the grand opening ceremony.

Multiplay’s stage where the ceremony is held – along with all the professional gaming tournament finals – has come a long way since its early days with a bed sheet hung on a wall with a single projector. Now we see a comprehensive sound and light set-up with a mass of screens and projectors as well as a well fitted stage team to give the best action possible, both to attendees of the event, but also to those who are watching the action back at home on the internet.

When it comes to the stage events, the opening ceremony is one of the bigger fixtures that people will see across the weekend, along with the Saturday night “World Famous” pub quiz, live bands, the tournament finals and more.

A_Spec kicks off the opening ceremony with a new addition to the team, Julia Hardy who, as a self confessed n00bie, wants to show that she has got what it takes to keep the crowd buzzing as a selection of vendors come to stage to introduce themselves, give some amazing prizes away, but also [of-course] throw some swag out the the eagerly awaiting audience – including the odd box or two.

First up to the stage saw Lee and Nick from Game, who are keen to show that they are here in allegiance with the gamers, offering games at less than web-only prices, and if that was not enough, one lucky person won a special edition copy of Starcraft 2.

Next up came Mark Purdy and his team from Overclockers UK, who as we all know by now are regular attendees to the Insomnia festival, with their unique delivery to your desk service, a huge stand with systems on show, Haribo, a giraffe and of course one massive box of freebies and a box or two for the eagerly awaiting.

In a chest full of Haribo, one lucky pack had an OcUK sticker placed on it, this particular pack was worthy of winning a GTX 780 courtesy of Gigabyte.

Cooler Master are also regular attendees to the opening ceremony, with Chris and his team putting a twist on how people could get their hands on the UKs first Mech keyboard. After building up the Skorpion cable holder, the twist came by the contestants jumping into a box for an “if I sit, I fit” contest. With a bit of comradeship the winning gamer, put out that the other contestant, a day visitor who was only a young lad. Its goes to show that not all gamers are in it for themselves!

InWin were next as Enrico gave a run down on the competitions that they have running over the weekend with a different tournament each day as well as a barebones system up for grabs in the grand raffle at the end of the weekend.

EseT were last up to the stage, with a huge bag of free licence keys to give out as the crowd chanted “Less LAG, more FRAG!”

Stay tuned as we bring you more action from across the weekend, including a closer look at each of the stands in the exhibition hall as well as a look around the event. Also be sure to head over to our i49 live gallery where you can keep up to date with all the action as we see it:

Insomnia i49 – Summer 2013 Live Gallery


We’re back again it Multiplay’s Insomnia gaming festival, the biggest of its type in the UK and its a big one alight. With over 3000 BYOC gamers (Bring Your Own Computer) booked in to come and play some of the biggest games (as well as some of the lesser known games) on one massive gaming network, whether it be for fun or for the pros – for the cash!

Those with a keen eye will see that GamesCom over in Germany has conveniently clashed with this summers LAN event, but that has not stopped us from getting a slice of the action. Whilst Andy and Peter are over in Cologne seeing what’s new in the gaming world, I’m here getting the latest coverage from the forefront of the gaming scene with those that play the games themselves.

For those that have been to, or have seen our coverage of Insomnia before will know some of the major highlights of the weekend – apart from the tournaments – include the grand opening ceremony with tons of swag (including boxes) literally being thrown out for everyone to get a bit of; or in some cases they may have to work a little for their goodies. On top of this there is also the exhibition hall with a wide array of manufacturers and vendors showing off some of the latest and greatest kit, including Overclockers UK who will be yet again offering their delivery to your desk option for hardware purchases – for free!

One of the biggest staged events of the weekend has to be the world famous pub quiz the takes place on Saturday night, and don’t worry if you’re not here as you can take part yourself via the live web feed through the iSeries website.

So all in all there is a lot in store for those that are here as well as those who are visiting, but fear not as we will be here getting a slice of the action to show back to you.

AMD And Razer To Co-Sponsor League of Legends Cup At Multiplay i49

AMD has joined Razer as co-sponsor of the Multiplay Insomnia 49 (i49) League of Legends (LoL) tournament. Additional financial consideration from AMD added to Razer´s contribution brings the total LoL tournament purse to £10,000 – the largest prize pool currently promised at i49.

As with the previous Razer League of Legends Cup, there will be an online pre-qualifier for the UK, with a live final taking place at the Curry´s PC World Gaming Bunker on Saturday, 10th August, 2013. Teams will battle for their share of high-end Razer gaming peripherals at the live final, as well as free entry to i49 and a place on the League of Legends TUP area using high-end AMD machines.

This year´s bigger prize pool at the i49 LoL contest is expected to attract significantly more interest from outside of the UK than before. To accommodate broader participation, in addition to the UK live rounds, an online-only EU-wide tournament for non-UK teams is planned. The top three teams from the online contest will win entry to i49 and a place on the Razer League of Legends stand, where they will play on tournament-grade machines supplied by AMD.

“We are very pleased to have AMD join us in sponsoring League of Legends tournament at i49,“ said Darren Roberts, Razer sales manager UK. ”We know so many of the players and teams are already huge Razer fans, and AMD is enabling some of the fastest gaming machines in the world, so it made sense to partner-up and bring the players the best peripherals on the best PCs. We are thrilled with how the tournament has grown in such a short space of time and we look forward to bringing an amazing event to i49.”

“AMD has always been committed to delivering the very best to gamers, be it through sheer speed, wealth of features or affordable pricing. By joining with Razer for League of Legends, AMD is supplying the very best technology right where it´s needed, giving players an ultra-smooth experience without breaking the bank or the fusebox,“ said Iain Bristow, AMD Northern European Marketing Manager.

Multiplay CEO Craig Fletcher said: “Multiplay are thrilled to announce Razer and AMD as the headline sponsors for the League of Legends tournament at Insomnia 49 this summer. The tournament is hugely popular attracting teams from all over Europe and with the turn-up-and-play area it means they don´t have to bring their PC´s with them – Razer and AMD have got it covered! With a £10,000 prize pot and loads of prizes up for grabs before the event, I´d encourage teams to register and enter as soon as possible so they don´t miss out.”

Thank you Razer for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of eTeknix @ Insomnia i48.