Hyundai Introduce New Augmented Reality User Manuals

Car user manuals are usually uninspiring things. A thick collection of pages, half of which may not apply to your specific version of the car, usually relegated to taking up room in the glovebox after the first week. And that’s why Hyundai are offering a new take on the user manual, and it’s entirely digital. It’ll even fit in your pocket, by virtue of it running on your smartphone, with both Android and iOS versions available.

The main aim of this manual is to make it more accessible to the user, with an AR interface making it far easier to find information on a particular part of the car than scouring a manual for a matching picture. At launch, the AR manual will only support the 2015 Hyundai Sonata, though it is intended to be expanded to cover more models soon. The app won’t be a slouch compared to the hefty old paper manual either, featuring interaction with 45 parts of the car, from buttons and dials in the cabin to the sections of the engine bay. And across these parts will be spread 82 how-to videos, six 3D overlay images of parts in the engine bay and over 50 informational guides.

This isn’t Hyundai’s first foray into using mobile apps to enhance the user experience of their vehicles, having been one of the first companies to support Android Auto on the center console infotainment system as well as developing a smartwatch app that allowed supported cars to have a number of their features be used remotely, right from the watch.

This innovation could just be a nail in the coffin of the paper user manual, after all, simply pointing your smart device is more compelling than rifling through your gearbox and flipping pages in this era of technology. Would these innovations make you consider Hyundai for a future car purchase, or are you just hoping that these ideas come to your favored manufacturer? At any rate, it makes you wonder what they’ll come up with next.

You Can Now Use Your Hyundai Car Features From Your Apple Watch

Hyundai is keeping up with the times and trying to make your car interaction experiences more impressive than ever. Earlier this year, it launched the Android counterpart, allowing users to interact with their Hyundai cars from Android devices. Now the company has shifted its focus on the latest gadget on the market, namely the Apple Watch.

Hyundai launched the Blue Link car platform on the App Store, offering all features previously showcased in the Android version. Therefore, you can start and stop the engine with just a tap, remotely lock the car’s doors and even find your car on the map. The latter are just a few examples of what the Blue Link app allows you to do, but the best part of it is the Siri integration, where you are able to interact with your car through voice commands.

Hyundai’s Blue Link app for iOS is said to be compatible with all of its cars that have the Blue Link feature. However, the approach is not that uncommon. BMW has a similar app called BMW Remote App that lets you pretty much do the same things Hyundai’s app does, while Volkswagen and Porsche apps are also available for you to make the most out of your driving experience.

The question here is, will you as a driver prefer to interact with your car from your watch or through voice commands, or do you prefer to just keep your keys in your pocket as usual?

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Girl Writes Giant Message in Desert for Her Astronaut Father

What do you do when you want to message a member of your family? You call them, text them, perhaps drop them a message on Facebook. This is of course quite simple and thanks to modern technology, it’s still possible to send your father any of those, even when he’s on the International Space Station, but it’s not as epic as what one 13-year-old girl did.

Stephanie, with a lot of help from car manufacturer Hyundai and their fleet of 13 sat-nav guided cars, decided to set a new world record. They wrote an enormous message in the sand of Nevada’s Delamar Dry Lake, so big, that it could be seen from the ISS, where Stephanie’s father was working.

The stunt was genuine, setting a new record for ‘The largest tire track image’ and was verified by Guinness World Records, oh and by her dad, who snapped a picture of it from space (see above).

This is pretty incredible and while the message was primarily done as a marketing campaign for Hyundai, we have to admit, it was a bloody good one and it’s certainly a lot bigger than the average billboard.

If you could write anything that big on the Earth, what would it be, and dare I ask, why? Let us know in the comments section below.

Start Your Hyundai With Your Android Wear Watch

Remember that scene in the James Bond film ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ where Q shows Bond how to control his car with his phone? Well Hyundai is promising something similar except with your watch. I say similar, but while the watch app can do a lot of what Bond’s phone could do, you can’t remotely drive it.

You can however use the Blue Link app to start your engine, turn on your lights and sound your horn among other things. You’ll also be able to unlock its doors and locate your car on a map. The app and its features have already been available as an Android phone app, but this marks the first time any manufacturer has brought such features to a watch.

The new app also takes advantage of Android Wear’s voice features, so you could ask it to “lock my car,” or “start my car” for example. The app will debut at CES.

Source: The Verge