Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB 1866MHz Memory Kit Review


Back in February we attended a Kingston press event in London where Kingston showed off their newest range of memory kits dubbed the “HyperX Fury” series. The HyperX Fury is the latest incarnation of the HyperX range and it offers new levels of style customisations for system builders, integrators and consumers. The kits are meant to be for mid-range systems with speeds ranging from 1333-1866MHz in 8GB or 16GB varieties. The main selling point is that they come with a stylish design, full black PCB and a variety of different colours. There’s also something unique about the technology behind them too, instead of using AMP or XMP they ditch both in favour of a Plug And Play (PnP) solution that uses an SPD profile to allow the motherboard to auto-detect the correct voltage, frequency and timings by default. Today we are checking out the black 8GB 1866MHz kit from the HyperX Fury series.

Packaging and Accessories

As with all Kingston memory products the packaging is a very simple plastic case secured with a sticker that has all the specifications on it.

Included with the memory is a small folded up installation guide and a HyperX sticker for your case if you wish to use it.


A Closer Look

The modules have a great look about them – a lovely matte black PCB with black heatspreaders and nice contrasting white & silver branding on the modules.

The HyperX logo has a textured finish to it which catches the light nicely.

The tops of the modules are asymmetric and have more HyperX branding on them so you can see them from looking in a side-panel window on a case.

Kingston Display New HyperX Fury and HyperX PnP Memory At Post-CES Event

Memory products are one of the areas I cover here at eTeknix, but I wasn’t able to visit CES 2014 this year to check out the newest memory products on offer. Thankfully, Kingston held a special event in London on February the 6th to show us their new releases from CES 2014, and in case you missed Kingston at CES 2014 we’re going to give you a quick run down of their newest memory products. Kingston showed us two of their newest memory product lines, both of which are quite different as they are targeting different markets.

Up first is Kingston’s new HyperX PnP kits, of which they demonstrated to us some of their new SODIMM variants.  Kingston showed us the KHX18LS11P1K2/16 kit which consists of two high density 8GB SODIMM modules running at an impressive 1866MHz with 1.5 volts. Being part of the PnP series these SODIMM modules come with plug and play support making notebook or small form factor PC upgrades a piece of cake. Of course Kingston also offer these modules in standard DDR3 DIMM form factors for desktop PCs. Like all Kingston memory products these modules are tested for compatibility with all leading brands of motherboards. Consumers will be pleased to know a lifetime warranty with free technical support is offered on all HyperX PnP purchases.

At the event in London Kingston demonstrated the KHX18LS11P1K2/16 kit running on Gigabyte’s latest BRIX PRO small form factor gaming PC. Kingston’s HyperX PnP SODIMMs are ideal solutions for any system that takes SODIMM DDR3 memory modules. You can find more details about Kingston’s new HyperX PnP range here.

Of course what will probably appeal to our readers more is Kingston’s brand spanking new series of HyperX memory for desktop PCs. The HyperX Fury series replaces the mainstream HyperX Blu series according to the Kingston representative we spoke with, this means the HyperX Fury is situated below the HyperX Genesis range which is in turn situated below the HyperX Predator range. What’s so interesting about these kits is that for the first time we are seeing Kingston offer a relatively mainstream memory product in a variety of colours as well as sizes and speeds.

The Kingston HyperX Fury kits are to be made available in black, white, red and blue with black PCBs. They will be provided in 1333MHz to 1866MHz speeds and in 4GB to 16GB kit capacities.

Kingston’s HyperX Fury memory kits will be made available from March 31st 2014. Newegg have some early pre-order listings which reveal pricing of $95 for an 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600MHz kit and $179.99 for a 16GB (2 x 8GB)1600MHz kit . This translates into £69.99 and £132.99 respectively for the UK market. Expect final retail prices to be a fair bit lower after widespread availability arrives.

What this means for system builders and consumers is that there’s finally a low cost but classy looking series of memory modules available in a range of popular colours with black PCBs and lifetime warranties….what more could you ask for? No longer do you have to fork out on expensive enthusiast-grade kits with frequencies you don’t really need to get a great looking (and performing) RAM kit.

If you’re interested in more details on Kingston memory products you can find out more here.

All images courtesy of eTeknix.