The Humble Telltale Bundle is an Adventure Fan’s Dream

Telltale games quickly became a legendary studio due to the release of iconic series including Sam & Max. The company’s ability to create memorable characters and a captivating story made the studio a firm favourite among adventure game aficionados. Traditionally, adventure titles revolve around point and click mechanics to merge items together, investigate the surrounding area or speak to various characters. In recent times, Telltale revolutionized the adventure genre and created their own new form of storytelling. The latest Telltale games offer an engaging narrative and alters the story based on your decisions during conversations. There’s not much puzzle solving involved or trying to fathom how to progress to the next section.

This has spawned a number of highly successful releases including The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands. It also inspired the creators of Life is Strange, which is one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen. The latest Humble Bundle includes a number of the company’s games at ridiculously low prices. The opening tier includes Back to the Future: The Game, Sam & Max: Devil’s Playhouse, Poker Night at the Inventory, Puzzle Agent 1 & 2 and The Walking Dead Season 1. This costs a mere $1 and offers exceptional value. The Walking Dead Season One on its own will keep you entertained for some time due to its gripping story.

The next tier comes with The Walking Dead: 400 days, The Wolf Among Us, Poker Night 2, Tales from the Borderlands and there’s more games to come very soon. Honestly, I would recommend paying the extra for this option because Tales from the Borderlands is hilarious and contains some of the best writing I’ve encountered in a video game. The final package which requires a payment of $12 or more is bundled with Games of Thrones and The Walking Dead Season 2. These are another highlight and well worth the asking price.

Conquer The Past and Future In Humble Sega Strategy Bundle

Another month another bundle, and this time, you will be conquering time itself with the Sega Strategy Bundle.

Starting at $1 you can grab the Company of Heroes Complete Edition and The Dawn Of War Master Collection. If playing as the USA, Germany or England wasn’t enough for you in the past, then maybe taking to the 41st century and deploying the undying living metal of the Necron or the righteous fury of the Sisters of Battle could tempt you. With the complete Medieval 2: Total War and Rome Total War collections included the distant past isn’t far from being conquered either. Rounding off the $1 collection is a bundle of classic Sega games such as Shining Force and Columns.

The pay more than average tier features the highly anticipated sequel to the Dawn Of War series, in its complete Grand Master collection none the less. Take to Japan in the Total War: Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai Collection or take on an alternative world in Valkyria Chronicles, with tanks and special powers fueling and fighting conflicts. If you are one for a slower pace then why not try the Eastside Hockey Manager or enjoy the 66% off Football Manager 2016 code you can grab from the Humble Store.

Finally at $12 or more you unlock Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection, bringing a whole new light to the series with new gameplay mechanics focused on the war on the eastern front. Joining Company of Heroes 2 is Total War Attila, with enhanced graphics, AI and gameplay mechanics bringing you to the internal and external conflicts that helped shape the name of Attila the Hun.

Humble Store Features Deals On Activision Games

Humble Bundle are known for their bundles, but more recently they’ve started up several other offerings. If you feel like comics or books, the humble book bundles currently offering sci-fi and thriller stories from upcoming authors or you can immerse yourself in the world of elves and dwarves with the Lord Of the Rings audiobook bundle including the original hobbit story for only $15. One of the less used sources for games the Humble store gives both charity and companies are cut of the sales, and currently you can get a selection of Activision games at large discounts.

Feel like playing the merc with a mouth? Get the Deadpool game for 50% off at £14.99 or restore balance in The Legend of Korra for only £2.99 (75% off). Want something a little darker? Enjoy playing the dark side of life as a vampire in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines for only £3.74.

Of course, any Activision  collection wouldn’t be complete without their contribution to the Call of Duty series, all of which currently feature 50% off their standard price. This collection also includes the Call of Duty Complete Zombie Experience which has every game and DLC involving Call of Duty zombies for only £67.48.

With series like the Amazing Spiderman games and Transformer War For Cybertron series also discounted your wallet may give way under the weight of the deals you are sure to find on the Humble Store this weekend.

Humble Book Bundle Is Everything You Need to Play Pathfinder!

Sometimes you just want to get away from things, it can be your favourite interstellar video game or even a quick trip down the woods to fire arrows at Orc hordes. For some though you just want to sit at a table with your friends and conquer the dungeons and creatures that stir only in fiction and your minds. If you are one of those people or interested in becoming one, then the latest Humble Book Bundle is just what you need to play Pathfinder.

For just a single dollar you will gain access to everything you need to play, from the core rulebook and a digital copy of the beginner’s box to the Adventure titled In Hell’s Bright Shadow (sounds happy doesn’t it?). Paying more than the average will get you the advanced players guide to expand on your adventures, the bestiary to add a whole horde of creatures to your adventure, the ultimate equipment e-book to give you that edge you need to fight the hordes and the second adventure book in the Hell’s Rebels series, Turn of the Torrent, to name just a few.

If you wanted to take it one step further, at $15 or more you will unlock not only the third of the Hell Rebels adventure path series, Dance of the Damned but also the Ultimate Campaign, Ultimate Magic and Combat books, alongside the Bestiary 2 e-book and so many more.

If this wasn’t enough for you then paying just $25 will also unlock you a physical copy of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box. Be warned though that price doesn’t include the shipping cost, not that it will be stopping us!

Feeling Those Gamer Blues? Check out Humble Store’s Winter Sale

Christmas is over, the new year is gone. That doesn’t mean your gaming sales have to end, the Humble Store is the latest to start a winter sale with your bank accounts begging for a visit.

Why not start by surviving dinosaurs on a tropical island to overcome the cold in Ark Survival for %40 off, settling at an acceptable £13.79. Boost around the pitch and score goals in a rocket powered car in Rocket league for only £10.49. Still too much? Why not try games like Dishonored Game of the Year Edition for only £6.79, or the latest in the Trine series, Trine 3, for only £3.99. Go retro with Pacman for £2.99 or Audiosurf for £0.69.

With discounts on entire series like the Call of Duty franchise, you can enjoy Advanced Warefare Gold Edition for only £19.99 or the complete Zombie Experiance for £67.49, at 50% off.

Sales are all over the place all year around but with 10% of your purchase going to the one of the many charities they support, please think about checking out the store and doing a little good with your games. They even have a bundle for mobile courtesy of Bandai Namco, featuring everything from Pac-man to Pac-man, with a little bit of Flight Control and Ridge Racer joining.

Conquer the World And The Past In Latest Humble Bundle

We try to keep you informed with the latest humble bundles, so let me make a solid argument for why you should invest a whopping $8.99 (around £6.08) into the latest Square Enix Humble Bundle.

First off let’s start with the $1 tier. Featuring four games, such as the Last Remnant and Episode 1 of Life is Strange,  you’ve already some good titles with action and emotion pumping through your keys while the next two (or rather) five titles in this price bracket will only inspire you more. Murdered: Soul Suspect sees you face the supernatural and your own death as you play a ghostly detective who is trying to solve their own murder from the afterlife. Oh did I forget to mention that you also get Tomb Raider 1, 2 and 3? If I have to explain these games, you should probably grab this bundle just for those alone.

At the average price bracket, you will only pay $5.45 (at the time of writing) to get a further 8 games featuring not one but three different Tomb Raider games, including Anniversary, Legend and Underworld. Climbing through the past a little too slow for you? Why not try just cause collection featuring both just cause one and two? Helicopters and explosions fill your screen as you hijack cars and planes alike with a grapple, and a voucher for 20% off Just Cause 3 means you can get that series for a small fraction of its price.

Front Mission Evolved sees you pilot giant robotic tanks while Gyromancer and Yosumin give your mind a challenge in matching shape games with Final Fantasy XIV A realm reborn rounding off this bracket with an online role-playing adventure for friends and enemies alike.

Last but not least is the higher price tier, costing a whole $8.99, for this you receive Lara Croft & the Temple Of Osiris, a top-down adventure fighting game with puzzles and traps for up to four players. Following up this is the latest Tomb Raider game, in all its glory as the Game of the Year version., with 21 DLC’s rounding off the latest adventure in the Tomb Raiders Past. If you feel up for a little more direct solution to problems, Hitman: Absolution is the last game and the Elite edition comes with a variety of weapons and disguises to enhance your contracts.

Check out the bundle here which is in support of GamesAid and Make a Wish, both charities designed to help young people, either disabled, disadvantaged or those with life-threatening conditions.

Humble Bundle Cuts 20% of Staff After Overly Ambitious Expansion

According to an anonymous source, Humble Bundle has decided to lay off 12 people last week as a result of the company’s overly ambitious expansion. This means that about 20 percent of the company’s staff members have lost their jobs, and these include people in the communications, business development, creative and engineering departments. The news was confirmed by John Graham, Humble Bundle’s co-founder, as he stated the following:

“Unfortunately, last week Humble Bundle was forced to let go of some of our employees. Despite strong revenue, and our community surpassing $65 million raised for charity to date, our past hiring was too ambitious and we had to make a hard call last week.”

In case you’re not familiar with the service, Humble Bundle is a digital storefront for video games that sends a part of its income to charity. The service allows buyers to choose how much money from their purchase should go to the developers, to charity and ultimately to Humble Bundle. This has proven to be a successful system, at least at first, but it looks like Humble Indie Bundle sales have declined over the last few years, with the latest Humble Indie Bundle 15 selling no more than 137,000 units so far. That’s not too much considering that the first packages have sold more than 300,000 copies each.

Thank you Polygon for providing us with this information.

This Weeks Top PC Gaming Deals

Nobody likes paying more than they have to for things, that much is especially true for a lot of gamers, as we all know that retail launch prices of games tend to be quite expensive. Of course, we’ve got a huge range of sites out there offering deals and discounts on a virtually daily basis, so we’ve had a dig around the web for you to find you some of the best PC gaming deals around!

From indie gaming classics and newcomers to blockbuster AAA games that have come down in price, an MMORPG epic and even a new release! We’ve got a few great details going around at the moment and I’m sure there are many more still to be found. Remember, don’t spend too much of your money, because there’s often a Steam Sale towards the end of this month or at the start of November!

What games are you hoping to see discounted soon? Let us know in the comments and we’ll keep our eyes out for a deal!

Humble Indie Bundle 15 – Pay What You Want

Starting things off, we’ve got the ever popular Humble Bundle, offering up a nice collection of Indie games from $1 for the first four, or pay over the average of $7.20 to unlock even more! It’s certainly worth beating the average, as this will get you ten games, including the excellent Skullgirls + DLC, Planetary Annihilation and Xenonauts.

Get this deal on Humble Bundle

Aliens Collection (Steam) – £4.74

Some of the Aliens games have received noticeably better receptions than others, but for the most part they’re absolutely fantastic fun to play, especially if you’re a fan of the movies. So what better way to start off your collection of Aliens games, than with a big bundle that crams in Aliens Vs Predator, Aliens: Colonial Marines and a massive bundle of DLC to boot! That’s a huge saving and a whole lot of gaming to keep you busy for a few weeks.

Get this deal on Steam

The Elder Scrolls Online PC – £17.99/$27.40

Get ready to unleash one of the biggest MMORPG games of the year, with Elder Scrolls Online! Certainly one fans of the Elder Scrolls series won’t want to miss out on and also one of the most enjoyable MMO’s of recent years too. What’s even better is that you can pick the game up at a bargain price right now, making your adventures in Tamriel all that more affordable. As an added bonus, the game no longer has a mandatory subscription.

Get this deal on CD Keys

This War of Mine – £5.99

This War of Mine is a unique and very gripping survival sim, but changing from the usual soldier of death armed to the teeth, you take the role of civilians, struggling to survive in a besieged city, with no food, medicine and, of course, constant danger from the surrounding enemies. It’s a unique tale and one that certainly stand out from the crowd. Of course, you’ve little excuses to be missing out now, now at these prices! As an added bonus, the DLC is currently £0.79.

Get this deal on Steam

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Game of the Year Edition – £49.99

EA and their Original platform are not the best when it comes to deals, that much we’ve all known for some time. However, despite their slightly elevated launch prices the latest game on the Origin platform is a good deal. The Game of the Year edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition packs every bit of DLC, add-on content, deluxe edition chests, new weapons and so much more, making it the best version of Dragon Age: Inquisition to date, and also the easiest path to take for those who have yet to play the latest game in the series.

Get this deal on Origin

Humble Announces Monthly Subscription Service

Humble Bundle originally offered DRM-Free indie titles and progressively worked towards adding mainstream Steam games and launching its own digital distribution store. This resulted in a huge amount of money being raised for charity and demonstrated how generous the gaming community is. Today marks the company’s boldest move so far and entry into the subscription service arena. Humble Monthly requires a payment of $12 per month in exchange for Steam codes.

The codes received are permanent and won’t stop working if you decide to cancel the subscription. However, there’s no information whatsoever regarding how many games are included, and the quality. It’s possible for Humble to include excess keys from previous bundles. This lack of information might appeal to some, but I feel consumers are taking a big risk when signing up to the service.

On another note, only 5% of your money goes towards charity which might be a shocking statistic to some. Even more ridiculously, gamers in Japan cannot access the service due to a region lock. This seems to contravene the open roots which Humble became so idolized for.

While there is the possibility of acquiring highly lauded games in a surprising package, I’m not convinced about the subscription’s business model and complete lack of transparency. I’ve commended Humble in the past for updating their list of supported charities, but this really does leave me feeling disappointed.

Do you believe the Humble Monthly service is a terrible idea?

Latest Humble Bundle Includes Game Development Tools

The latest Humble Bundle has been unveiled and adopts a game development theme. Included in the base $1+ package is Game Dev Starter Pack, Stencyl: Indie Edition 1 Year License, RPG Maker 90% Coupons, Humble Bundle Starter DLC Pack, Indie Game Maker Contest ’14 Finalist Pack and Labyrinthine Dreams.

At the time of writing, the next tier requires a beat the average price of $10.84 and comes with RPG Maker VX Ace Deluxe Edition, Game Character Hub, Humble Bundle Sci-Fi DLC Pack, Humble Bundle New DLC Pack plus $10 Game Dev Fort store credit, Aveyond: Lord of Twilight and the stunning, vertical scrolling Dojin bullet hell shooter, Crimzon Clover. This is one of the best shooters I’ve ever played and well worth the price of admission. It holds up extremely well against iconic classics such as Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga.

The highest tier requests a payment or $12 or more and bundled with App Game Kit 2, Spriter Pro, Sprite Lamp, Humble Bundle Fantastic DLC Pack and Goats On A Bridge. I can’t say I’m too familiar with any of these, but it seems like an excellent package for aspiring game developers.

Finally, the friendly folks at Humble are offering FREE of charge the Humble Bundle Exclusive DLC Pack and Mibibli’s Quest! All you have to do is enter your e-mail and wait for a link to the software. This is a wonderful idea and gives you a taste of the bundle’s content. In all honesty, I don’t think this package will entice a wide range of gamers, but it will accommodate game developers and users interested in the industry.

Fan Backlash Causes Wargaming to Partially Honour Humble Bundle Deal

After facing severe fan anger over their handling of the Humble Bundle deal, Wargaming has changed their tune. After deciding not to honour the original Humble Bundle due to mixed messaging, developers have announced that those who purchased the Humble Bundle will be able to regain their beloved Murmansk. However, the rest of the bundle will not be credited to customers.

Today Wargaming released a statement on their change in tune. Anyone who purchased the E3 Humble Bundle will be credited the premium ship Murmansk permanently through the open beta and beyond. However, the 1000 gold doubloons/5 inventory slots still won’t be credited to accounts so Wargaming is still only partially honouring the deal. The relevant parts of the statement are as follows:

With the World of Warships Open Beta merely days away, we want to make sure your first experience with our latest game is a great one: those of you who purchased and redeemed the Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket codes for World of Warships will be credited with the Murmansk shortly.

This ship will remain on your account through the remainder of Closed Beta, into Open Beta, and through to release. To be clear, players will receive only the Tier V Russian Murmansk if they purchased the Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket to keep permanently.<

As the now 32 page thread and the reddit post show, while fans are happy that they are getting the Murmansk back, they aren’t satisfied that Wargaming has done enough. Many are clamoring for Wargaming to fulfill the terms of the entire deal and that failure to fulfill all the terms means Wargaming is still regening on the deal. To some fans, only PC gamers are shafted so frequently with raw deals that would be unacceptable in other parts of the economy. Others though, are satisfied with getting the Murmansk as that amounts 75% of the total value of the Humble Bundle.

Hopefully Wargaming has learned its lesson from this debacle and won’t this mistake. It is important for developers and others in the PC gaming industry to be able to keep their commitments and be clear about their messaging. Failure to do so can result in fan backlash and a lost of trust that is not easily regained. We will continue to follow the story and update you on any developments if they occur.

Wargaming Backtracks Over World of Warships Humble Bundle Purchases

MMO developer Wargming is in hot water over their treatment of customers. Earlier this month, the developer partnered with Humble Bundle to let players purchase in-game cash and ship for  their still in beta title, World of Warships. At the time, anyone who purchased the bundle would get access to the closed beta, get premium ship Murmansk  and 1,000 premium credits. These items also would have carried over into open beta and beyond. After the latest game patch however, the deal has been altered and many fans have found their beloved ship missing.

In a June 16th post on game forums, developers confirmed that those who purchased the Humble Bundle would get to keep  the ship and cash after the end of closed beta. This made a lot of sense as the closed beta period was about to end and it wouldn’t make sense to buy something that would later get wiped. With confidence their purchase would be secure, many fans took advantage of the Humble Bundle deal to snag themselves some steel.

Today, World of Warships transitioned to open beta and fans were met with a bad surprise. Upon viewing their ship inventory, many players were shocked to find that their beloved Murmansk and their premium credits had gone missing. Re-entering the code also did not yield any results but at first fans were patient and hoped it was simply a bug. However, developers soon posted a statement that the Humble Bundle deal was only meant for closed beta. Moreover though, developers also admitted that they had bungled the message and had taken a week to fix their mistake. The crucial parts of the clarification statement can be found below with bold being mine own emphasis:

Being involved with Humble Bundle, an organization that supports a wide range of charities such as the ESA Foundation, Child’s Play, and Video Game History Museum are a noble cause, and one we’ve always wanted to be a part of. Unfortunately, we bungled this first-time effort. This is on us, not Humble Bundle.

Last week we said you’d get the Murmansk on your accounts after we went into Open Beta. That was incorrect; we had only ever intended to treat this partnership with Humble Bundle as an opportunity to preview premium World of Warships content and to help drive donations to charity.

While we were quick to work with Humble Bundle to revise messaging on their web portal on June 17, we neglected to revise our own forum thread topic from June 16. Should we have left that thread unaddressed for a week? No. That’s our failing in effectively communicating back to you.

We screwed up, plain and simple, and we hope you understand that we’re sincerely sorry. This was never our intention and we hope that you can forgive us for this blunder.

Many angry fans have taken to reddit and the game forum to voice their complaints. During the mixed messaging period, a large number of players had bought in, thinking that the official stance was that they would keep their items. Furious accusations have ranged from deception, fraud, and a bait and switch and many are demanding that their purchase be honoured under the original terms. So furious was the response that the forum thread has grown to over 57 pages in the 6 hours since the company backtracked and the World of Warships sub-reddit is swarming.

Wargaming has stated that the bundle was meant to help support charity and bring in more players to experience the closed beta. One does have to at least give credit that Wargaming has owned up to their mistake so easily. However, given that fact that Wargaming have admitted they screwed up the messaging, the least they could do is give the items the fans purchased with real money. Given the fact that these are digital items and many might not have purchased the Murmansk had it not been for the bundle, that only seems fair. The lost trust of players is something that no amount of perceived revenue lost could justify, not in the least for free to play games.

Get Borderlands Games in New Humble Bundle Deal

Humble Bundle has had some awesome deals over the time and with the Steam Summer Sale behind us, people might be looking for other places to pick up a great deal. The newest Humble Bundle is the Borderlands bundle and it looks awesome.

Pay what you want and get Borderlands with three DLCs, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, and the Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Paying more than the average will unlock Borderlands two with three add-ons and a coupon. The three DLCs are the Psycho Pack, Mechromance Pack and Creature Slaugherdome and the Coupon in the deal will give 75% discount in the Humble Store for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

As always, there is the possibility that more items get unlocked as people donate money to a good cause and for those who paid more than the average amount. Speaking of good causes, this time the proceeds will go to the National Videogame Museum.

There is also a third tier of rewards, and that is for those who pay $15 or more. The will also get Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2, the Headhunter 5: Son of Crawmerax add-on, and the Borderlands 2 season pass add-on. In this tier is another coupon for 25% off Merch in the 2K Store.

If you don’t have these games yet, then now might be the perfect time to get them all.

Humble Square Enix Bundle 2 Full of Great Games

The Humble bundles and sales are just as good at dragging the money out of our wallets as the Steam sales are, and the latest Humble Bundle looks like a great offer too.

The Humble Square Enix Bundle 2 will give you the popular games Hitman: Absolution, Hitman GO and Supreme Commander 2 for what you want to pay, and that’s already a great deal.

For those who pay more than the average donation, currently $6.77, will also get a copy of Thie, Murdered: Soul Suspect and Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut – with the possibility of more games being added later.

The third tier is a $15 donation as it mostly is. This tier will give you all the above games as well as Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs.

This could be a cheap way to get some really great adventure games to tie over the last cold winter days before spring finally arrives.

Thanks to Humble Bundle for providing us with this information

Three Games Added to Star Wars Humble Bundle

The Star Wars Humble Bundle has added three new titles, making a total of 12 games as part of the collection. Anyone who pays more than $11.48 will now get Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Star Wars Starfighter, and Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, in addition the other nine games previously released.

Proceeds from the Star Wars Humble Bundle are shared amongst the developers, the Humble group, and Children’s charity UNICEF. The Bundle is available for the next six days.

Source: IGN

Star Wars Humble Bundle, Including KOTOR and Battlefront II, Out Now

Humble Bundle, the pay-what-you-want digital compilation distributor that splits money between developers and charities, has released a collection of Star Wars PC games.

Any customer paying under the $10.61 average for the bundle gets BioWare’s RPG classic Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, and Star Wars: Dark Forces.

Paying more than $10.61 adds Star Wars Battlefront II, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, and Star Wars Republic Commando to the bundle (with the promise of more games to come).

Finally, anyone willing to exceed $12 for the compilation will also get Star Wars Empire at War: Gold Pack, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. Altogether, that’s $115-worth of games, for as little as $12.

With the Star Wars collection, Humble Bundle is raising money for children’s charity Unicef. As usual, you get to decide how your money is divided, between the charity, the developer, and Humble Bundle.

The Star Wars Humble Bundle is available now, for the next 13 days.

Source: KitGuru

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 Is Live

I’m a couple of days late with this one, but everyone loves a Humble Bundle. For those with an android device, there are currently 6 games up for grabs and a load of extras. Pay what you want for Eliss Infinity, Combo Crew Special Edition and also the debut of Duet Premium. If you pay more than the average price, currently $4.46, you can get a few more games,  Threes!, Mines of Mars and  Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf: Full Game. There is also a promise of more games coming soon. To see more about these DRM free games check out the video below.


As always you can choose where the money goes, spread the money between developers and two charities, The Electronic Foundation and Child’s Play Charity. You can also choose to “tip”  the creators of the humble bundle.  It’s excellent that the Humble Bundles are still going strong, the quality of one or two of them can be somewhat lacking, but lets face it, 6 games at the prices that they are can’t be sniffed at.

Let us know what you think of these games, its always good to get the feedback.

Square Enix Humble Bundle Announced

The latest Humble Bundle just went on sale, offering a great selection of Square Enix titles including the Deus Ex franchise, Hitman series and other significant titles. As always, paying more than the average or even higher will get you a wider and more valuable collection to your games library.

From the beginning, you will receive the Thief Gold, Daikatana, Mini Ninjas, Anchronox, Hitman: Codename 47 and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin by pledging only $1 or more, depending on your heart’s desire. These represent a fair bundle for such a low price, but there is more. By pledging more than the current average (which is just $6,72 at the moment), you will get Deus Ex: Invisible War, Deus Ex: The Fall, Hitman Absolution, Nosgoth Veteran Pack and Battlestations Midway. There is even a tile left for more games which are bound to be added next Tuesday.

If that is not enough, then pledging $15 or more will unlock the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut, Just Cause 2, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition and Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Either way you put it, the bundle is said to be worth $169 if each title is bought separately. However, a mere $15 will still get you Hitman: Absolution, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Just Cause 2 and Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. The additional titles could be considered just a bonus.

Source: Humble Bundle

A New Humble Bundle To Be Available Each Day For The Next Two Weeks

The folks over at Humble Bundle are going crazy with their deals, we’re already a couple of days into the latest one, but you’ve certainly not missed out on all the action just yet. The site will now feature a brand new bundle every day over the course of two weeks, each deal lasting for just 24 hours and offering some unique gaming bundles. Today’s deal is The Banner Saga bundle, but if you were lucky to catch day one, you’ll have seen the Saint’s Row bundle, so it does like there will be some more AAA titles in there.

Humble Bundle deals are a great way to space out the gaps between the wallet emptying sessions from the big Steam Sales. For those of you who don’t have a lot of PC games, this is a great way to boost your collection, for everyone else, you can continue hoarding great games that you’re likely never going to find time to play.

Head on over to Humble Bundle and check out todays deal, and don’t forget to check back each day to see what is on offer.

Thank you Humble Bundle for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Humble Bundle.

Daedalic Entertainment Humble Weekly Sale Launches Today

Nordic Games and Daedalic Entertainment have joined forces this week for an epic Humble Weekly Sale, which goes live today at 11 a.m. PST for the usual seven days. The bundle will includes popular games such as The Book of Unwritten Tales, The Raven, Deponia and Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, with prices starting at just $1. To celebrate the launch of the new deal, we have the trailer below which should help build some excitement for this week bargains / charity giving opportunity.


The basic bundle costs a minimum of $1 and comprises of Dead Reefs, Safecracker, Aura 1 and Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale. Those prepared to spend a minimum of $6 will get Nordic Game’s Dark Fall 1 and 2, The Book of Unwritten Tales Deluxe, The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles Deluxe and Jack Keane 2 – The Fire Within as well as Deponia and Edna & Harvey: The Breakout from Daedalic Entertainment. Finally, for a minimum spend of $15 gamers will also receive The Raven Deluxe. The Adventure Company & Friends Humble Bundle will provide gamers savings of up to $164.

“We’re delighted to offer our second Humble Bundle and teaming up with no other than the great gals and guys from Daedalic,” said Thomas Reisinger, Key Account Manager Online Sales, Nordic Games. “There’s 12 fantastic titles competitively priced, including two from Daedalic. If you are into adventure games and charity, this is heaven on earth.”

“It’s great to be part of this adventure-party. This is a great opportunity for gamers to grab two of our classics, Deponia and Edna and Harvey: The Breakout, for a bargain price, plus doing it for a good cause,” said Tom Kersten, International & Digital Sales Manager at Daedalic Entertainment.

“Nordic Games and Daedalic Entertainment have great games.” said John Graham, Co-Founder and COO of Humble Bundle. “So we’re excited to be promoting them in The Adventure Company & Friends Weekly Sale.”

Gamers can also choose how their purchase is divided and contribute to one of two worthwhile charities. The choices are: Nordic Games, Child’s Play Charity and/or Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Thank you Humble Bundle for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Humble Bundle.

Codemasters Humble Bundle Weekly Sale Launched

Codemasters have launched full force into epic sale mode with the launch of the latest Humble Bundle Weekly Sale. Massive discounts are available, as well as the option to donate to charity and pick up seven PC games that would normally set you back around $100 / £70 on Steam if bought individually.

Charity proceeds would go to SpecialEffect and the bundle is running on a pay-what-you-want format, of course you can pay more than $6 to unlock all titles, or pay under to get the first four and one DLC.

SpecialEffect is the gaming charity dedicated to using technology to enhance the quality of life of people of all ages who live with disabilities. This invaluable work often involves specialised equipment and software design to ensure that anyone, whatever their disability, can enjoy videogames and leisure technology.

The work SpecialEffect undertakes doesn’t just help raise the quality of life for people with disabilities; it can also aid in rehabilitation and help raise self-esteem for those who can’t use a computer effectively any other way. Gamers can find more about this fantastic charity at their website and see how their work directly improves lives (video below).


“We’ve been blown away by the support of Codemasters, and the funds raised by this awesome bundle are going to help many disabled people to experience the fun and enjoyment of video games,” said Mark Saville, Communication Officer, SpecialEffect.

“The money will buy equipment for our ‘whatever it takes’ loan library, providing adapted technology that has maximum impact to the people we work with. We don’t believe in simply loaning kit and walking away; people’s needs are all different and they change, so we go back to visit again and again, adjusting the technology to fit changing abilities. It’s an approach that ensures the best accessibility and it’s especially vital for gamers with progressive conditions.”

For $1 or more players can purchase the following games:

  • Overlord
  • Overlord Raising Hell (Expansion Pack)
  • Operation Flashpoint: Red River
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
  • Rise of the Argonauts

Spend over $6 and gamers will also receive the following:

  • DiRT Showdown
  • DiRT 3
  • Overlord II

Codemasters has a long standing relationship with SpecialEffect, and most recently partnered with the charity in an internal GameJam where Codemasters development teams were given the opportunity to create games with improved controls for those with disabilities or could improve a gamer’s health and wellbeing through play. These concepts included games that used peripherals that enabled players to control the game with their eyes, and even directly from their minds. Gamers can read about the GameJam and some of the games which were developed on the Codemasters Blog.

Head on over to for full details on the game and of course to pick up the bundle if you’re in the mood for some charity giving and some great prices on games.

Humble WB Games Pay What You Want Bundle Goes Live

Once again we have an awesome Humble Bundle, this time featuring games Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. In support of We Can Be Heroes, a project of DC Entertainment to support Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition
  • F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin
  • F.E.A.R. 3
  • Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Above the average BONUS

  • Scribblenauts Unlimited
  • Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition

This is an awesome bundle giving us six great games that give us a variety of game genres from shooters to role playing.


This is a Humble Bundle “Pay what you want” event. This means, that you get to determine how much you feel that these games, and the charity that they support is worth to you! If you were to pick these games up at retail you would pay over $120, but today, you can pick them up for what you are willing to pay for them.

Unfortunately, these games are not DRM free and are only available for download from Steam. Only Batman:Arkham City is available on both Mac and Windows platforms, all of the other games are available for Windows only.

If you decide to support this Humble Bundle, you get to choose how much and how you will pay. So many options to pay, bank account, credit card, paypal, amazon payments, or even pay with bitcoins. Don’t forget you say where your money goes, donate it all to charity, WB Interactive, or Humble Bundle, or divide it among the three organisations.

We will likely see a couple more games added to this bundle next week, and with so many more WB games I can’t even guess at which games they will offer us, but I am sure that they will be just as awesome! What games do you think they will bring us?

Thank you Humble Bundle for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Humble Bundle.

Support The Red Cross And Child’s Play With The Focus Humble Bundle

Are you ready for the chance to not only give to charity, but also get some incredible deals on a load of games? Of course you are! Focus Home Interactive is showing their support for the Red Cross and Child’s Play charities and needs your support in doing so by checking out their Focus Humble Bundle. Not only can you donate money to charity, but you’ll do so by purchasing up to 8 games, you pay what you want, you get loads of games, pick how much of the money you paid you would like to donate to charity, easy.

There are plenty of games on offer and while I personally have to admit that they’re not overly hot titles, I do think it’s still a great way to give to charity anyway and will be donating none the less. Plus I’m always looking to support Humble Bundle and the developers to help them keep the bundles coming.

Divinity 2 should be worth a pick for RPG fans, city builder Cities XL isn’t too bad either and the point and click Testament of Sherlock Holmes is a temptation for those who love the old school play style. Just don’t get your hopes up for Game of Thrones if your a fan of the TV series or book, it’s really no where near as good (shame).


Head on over to for more information.

Thank you Humble Bundle for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Focus.

Nordic Games’ Humble Weekly Sale Goes Live

Humble bundles have been gaining in popularity very quickly, not only is it a great way to pick up some cheap games, but it is also a superb way for the gaming community to donate money to charity. Nordic Games have just announced its first Humble Weekly Sale comprising five hit games for just $1, of course should you wish to pay more than $6 then you can walk away with four more games on top of that!


The promotion includes Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, Red Faction Armageddon, The Guild 2, and Neighbours from Hell Compilation. For those who pay $6 or more, the extended package includes Darksiders II, Painkiller Hell & Damnation, ArcaniA, and SpellForce 2 Faith in Destiny.

Gamers can also choose how their purchase is divided among the developer, two worthy charities, and Humble Bundle. The participating charities are Child’s Play Charity and the American Red Cross.

“The Humble Weekly Sale is an excellent example of the quality and breadth of titles we now have, enabling us to get involved in something of genuine mutual benefit to all those involved,” said Thomas Reisinger, Key Account Manager Online Sales from Nordic Games. “This is such a fantastic deal for gamers and an innovative pricing structure to boot, PLUS it’s all for a good cause. This is an excellent and worthy way to get our recently expanded portfolio of top-tier titles in to gamers’ hands.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Nordic Games and excited to offer this great range of titles in a Humble Weekly Sale,” said John Graham, Co-Founder and COO of Humble Bundle. “Our Weekly Sale series has drawn a huge amount of interest from gamers, and introduced lots of new purchasers to games from our partner developers and publishers.”

Thank you Humble Bundle for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Humble Bundle.

Humble Mobile Bundle 2 Now Available – Android Only

The Humble Bundle team have unveiled their latest mobile bundle, the Humble Mobile Bundle 2. The new bundle from the Humble Bundle is for Android only and includes:

  • Star Command (new to Android)
  • Time Surfer (new to Android)
  • Punch Quest
  • Bloons TD 5
  • Ravensword: Shadowlands
  • Carmageddon

The two chosen charities for the new bundle are the Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. As with all Humble Bundles you can pay whatever you want for the games and choose how to split that between the developers, charity and Humble Bundle themselves. You can also split your contribution in any way between the different app developers and the different charities (so you could donate everything to the Punch Quest developers or EFF charity). If you donate over the average, which is currently $4.52 then you get Ravensword: Shadowlands and Carmageddon. All the included games are DRM free and most come with soundtrack extras.


So far over on YouTube the reception to the new bundle seems to be relatively hostile with a lot of people calling the selection of games on offer “mediocre”. What do you think of the new mobile bundle?

Image courtesy of Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle Reveal New Weekly Sale Paradox Interactive Bundle

The Humble Bundle team have partnered up with Paradox Interactive in the weekly game sale. The sale started yesterday and has just over 6 days remaining at the time of writing. The two charities of choice are the American Red Cross and the Child’s Play Charity. Of course donors can choose to give to charity, the Humble Bundle company or Paradox interactive with their donation. As it stands you can get the following games if you contribute more than $1

  • War of the Roses
  • Warlock: Master of the Arcane
  • Dungeonland
  • Leviathan: Warships
  • The Showdown Effect
  • Europa Universalis III Complete

If you pay more than the average, which currently stands at $5.80 then you also get:

  • Magicka
  • Crusader Kings II

Unlike other weekly bundles there is a special “Big Kahuna” package where you can get 48 Paradox Interactive games and 20 soundtracks by paying $125 or more. This package includes every game Paradox Interactive have ever launched on Steam except DLC packages and Europa Universalis IV.

You can of course access the new Humble Bundle right here.

Image courtesy of Humble Bundle

Humble Origin Bundle Over, 2.1 Million Sold

The Humble Origin Bundle is now over and has officially broken all Humble Bundle sales records. The Bundle in partnership with Origin managed to shift an impressive 2.1 million units raising $10.5 million for various charities chosen by Electronic Arts and Humble Bundle. The Humble Bundle was unique in that it offered so much for such a small price of around $5. You could get several grade A titles and a host of smaller titles that would cost you hundreds of dollars to buy individually.

In the 14 day period there were 2.1 million bundles sold meaning about 150,000 per day, 6250 per hour, 105 per minute or 1.74 per second. EA declined to take any money from the deal that caused EA’s Origin servers to get overloaded on a few occasions. As a result all the money goes to charity or Humble Bundle depending on how buyers wanted to split their contribution.

Image courtesy of Humble Bundle