Hyatt Hotels Hit by Hacker

Today Hyatt Hotels issued a warning to their visitors in the wake of a cache of malware being discovered on their customer payment system being discovered. This isn’t the first hotel chain to suffer security issues recently, with Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, Starwood and Trump Collection all having suffered issues with the security of their payment systems.

The security breach was made public by Hyatt’s Global President of Operations, Chuck Floyd, in a post on their official website. While there was no mention of exactly when the issue was discovered, he reported that the problem had been fixed and the system in place have had their security strengthened. Previous customers have been encouraged to check their credit card statements in case of unauthorized use of their payment details.

A lot of the details regarding the incident still remain unclear and unmentioned by Hyatt. They neither confirmed nor denied whether the malware led to the leaking of any customer data. Hyatt is currently investigating the issue fully with the help of leading third-party cybersecurity experts. The results of this investigation will be posted on Hyatt’s website.

Operating in 52 countries and with 627 hotels in their portfolio, the potential impact of this hack is huge if it led to the leak of customers’ personal and payment details. Thankfully, only around half of their properties were impacted by the malware, with franchised hotels managing to be unaffected.

Can Bitcoin Be Taxed? The IRS Seems Clueless

How do we define Bitcoin? Is it a commodity, an asset, a currency? It seems that opinions are different everywhere you look. For example, a federal judge considers Bitcoin as a currency, while the Internal Revenue Service has not decided upon adopting it as an actual currency.

“The IRS is aware of the potential tax-compliance risks posed by virtual currencies,” the tax agency said in a statement to the National Journal . “The IRS continues to study virtual currencies and intends to provide some guidance on the tax consequences of virtual-currency transactions.”

Bitcoin is undoubtedly becoming more and more appreciated by retailers such as Tiger Direct and, and for good reasons too! Take for example and its $126,000 income on the first day of accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Even hotels from Los Vegas started to embrace the well-known cryptocurrency.

However, the IRS has a massive incentive to create a proper tax regime for the Bitcoin. Without a system in place, the agency would be losing out on potentially millions in tax revenue. Until a proper tax system is put in place, one accountant recommends reporting the earnings of converting Bitcoin to cash as capital gains.

“If you made a best effort, added and documented your process, that if the IRS were to question it, it most likely would be allowable,” said Janet Lee Krochman, a chartered accountant in Southern California, to the National Journal.

As soon as there will be a clear decision on how the IRS will handle Bitcoin profit, other countries are said to be keen on following their decision. It appears that not too long ago, Canadian authorities have declared that Bitcoin is not a legal tender, complicating things for users in a country that is home to the world’s second-largest userbase of the cryptocurrency.

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