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Former Heads of NSA & Homeland Support Apple In Encryption Battle

In its recent arguments against the FBI, Apple has found companies rallying behind its arguments that you can’t force a company to break its own protection without risking others. Even Microsoft have come out saying that…


Former Homeland Security Secretary Speaks Out About Encryption Backdoors

While some governments are trying to ban end-to-end encryption or insert backdoors into encrypted systems, a prominent yet unexpected voice has spoken out in support of protecting people’s privacy. Michael Chertoff, the former Secretary of Homeland…


Leaked Email Indicates Google, Sony Invited to Anti-Piracy Meeting With US Homeland Security

It would seem Google and movie studios are trying to strengthen a relatively fragile relationship that continues to evolve. A leaked email from a member of the Sony Pictures legal team to CEO Michael Lynton, sent…


A US Department “Handles” Malware Infection By Destroying The Infected Equipment

You’d think the American government departments, with all their funding and extra-legal powers, would know how to effectively deal with a malware infection. Well apparently not. According to a report by the US Department of Commerce’s…


Bitcoin Website “Mt. Gox” Has Funds Seized By Homeland Security

Funds of Mt. Gox have been seized after the worlds largest Bitcoin exchange is accused of violating US money transfer regulations. Mt. Gox is a Bitcoin trading platform and mobile payment service and this news will…