Homefront: The Revolution Will Have Microtransactions

Homefront: The Revolution is an upcoming first-person-shooter and follows the story of Ethan Brady as he stages a resistance movement against a vicious Korean army in Philadelphia. The original Homefront contained a compelling, dark story, but at times it was difficult to take seriously. Furthermore, the single player aspect involved a very linear approach only lasted around 4 hours. Rather impressively, the sequel will feature a massive 30+ hour campaign and include a resistance mode at no additional cost. The majority of first-person-shooters in the modern era focus on the multiplayer component and rarely provide a enthralling experience for single-player gamers. However, Homefront: The Revolution looks set to change things, and offer a huge amount of content.

On a positive note, the developer has confirmed there will not be a season pass. All downloadable content will rather surprisingly, remain free and the game should be supported with additional content for at least one year after release. However, designer Fasahat Salim told GameSpot that the multiplayer aspect will include microtransactions on launch:

“Everything that’s available in the game is available for free, and even after release we’re going to continue to be delivering missions, drip-feeding them into the community for at least a year,”

“There’s always going to be new content delivered for free, players are going to have lots of stuff to dig their teeth into.

“It’s absolutely not a pay-to-win system because everything we’re providing in these resistance crates is available for free in the game through normal play. All we’re offering is, for those players that don’t necessarily have the time to invest in the game, to unlock those cool things. It’s basically just a time saver for them – a shortcut to unlocking these things.

“They pay a little bit of money but they’re not getting anything that’s exclusive to them.”

Honestly, I cannot understand the logic of purchasing a game and paying money reduce the time investment. Granted, if there’s a lot of grinding involved, then it might make sense, but that’s more of a problem with the game’s business model. Hopefully, this doesn’t impact on the multiplayer’s balance and is implemented in a fair way. I just wish the modern gaming industry didn’t push microtransactions so much in full priced releases. I do commend the studio for their free DLC programme, but I’m really not keen on the arrival of microtransactions.

Homefront: The Revolution Will Feature a 30+ Hour Campaign

The overwhelming majority of first-person-shooters prioritize the multiplayer component and overlook the single player experience. For example, the Call of Duty series’ success relies on the heated online battles between players, and some users disregard the campaign without even trying it! Unfortunately, the single player story usually lasts a mere 5-6 hours, and doesn’t offer compelling value. The Call of Duty campaigns tend to be passable due to the cinematic feel and intense action. On the other hand, DICE always struggles to create a captivating single player aspect and the end result is almost excruciating. Some time ago, the now defunct THQ produced a new IP entitled, Homefront. The game adopted a very dark, serious tone and showcased the horrors of war with children being slaughtered in the streets. Bizarrely, the campaign started off rather slowly, and followed a horribly linear path. Not only that, just as the story became interesting, the game suddenly ended a mere 4 hours in.

Despite this, I enjoyed the multiplayer and saw a great deal of potential for the series. Thankfully, Deep Silver acquired the rights and decided to make a sequel. Homefront: The Revolution from the initial screenshots looks interesting and according to the press release contains a mammoth 30+ hour single player campaign:

Homefront: The Revolution is this team’s most ambitious project yet. In addition to our epic 30-plus hour single-player campaign, we expect to launch Resistance Mode with 12 Missions, packed with re-playability, and hope to release another 20 Missions within the first year. To ensure our community can always play together, all Resistance Mode Missions will be free to download.

This is fantastic news for single player gamers and offers superb value-for-money. Homefront: The Revolution is scheduled for release on May 17 in North America and May 20 in other territories. Please note, this release date applies to all platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Crytek Begin Staff Lay-Offs at UK Studio – Can’t Afford Wages

It seems like there’s a bit of a tit for tat battle going on between Crytek and media reporting. It started with German magazine Gamestar reporting that Crytek were on the verge of bankruptcy after their CryEngine had failed to inspire game developers and their new title Ryse had flopped. Crytek then hit back with a public statement denying  their imminent bankruptcy claiming they were based on speculation and were nothing more than rumours. Now it’s the media’s turn again as EuroGamer have managed to grab some fresh information from employees at Crytek. 30 staff have left the Crytek UK studio since the development of their upcoming title Homefront began in 2011 according to a list of names provided. EuroGamer also report high staff turnover because of a failure of Crytek to pay its staff their promised wages and failure to pay them on time.

Internal sources suggest that Crytek could be in serious trouble and on a downhill slope. Suspicions were raised mid last year when Crytek began to withhold staff bonuses, since then wages have been irregular and lower than promised. Staff are rumoured to have only got £600 one month and then £700 the next when their contracted wages were significantly higher. Morale is reportedly low with staff feeling “lost” and having a general distrust of Crytek’s management. Crytek have refused to comment on the latest speculation but one thing is certain: if staff are continually under-paid and kept in the dark about the company’s future the leaks about the internal situation at Crytek will keep on coming.

Stay tuned for more news about Crytek’s future.

Source: Eurogamer

Image courtesy of Crytek

No Crysis At Crytek: Developer Denies Imminent Bankruptcy Rumours

A few days ago we covered the news that emerged from the German magazine Gamestar that Crytek was in financial trouble and could be facing bankruptcy. A Crytek spokesperson has issued a public statement to Eurogamer denying those claims.

“Regardless of what some media are reporting, mostly based on a recent article published by GameStar, the information in those reports and in the GameStar article itself are rumors which Crytek deny. We continue to focus on the development and publishing of our upcoming titles Homefront: The Revolution, Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, Arena of Fate, and Warface, as well as providing ongoing support for our CryEngine and its licensees. We have received a lot of positive feedback during and after E3 from both gaming press and gamers, and would like to thank our loyal employees, fans and business partners for their continuous support.”

Crytek has numerous studios over the world and currently has several games in development including Homefront: The Revolution which is being developed at Crytek UK and Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age which is being developed at Crytek USA. Crytek is also licensing out its “CryEngine” to other developers through its licensing division.

However, despite the statement of denial by Crytek it is hard to ignore the building evidence. Before E3 employees of the Crytek Sofia (Bulgaria) office said they had not been given salaries for the previous two months, Crytek UK employees report that they have not been paid on time and that the management had showed no transparency over the issues. The latest statement could mean that Crytek have recently managed to secure investment for a stable future, or Crytek could just be trying to keep a lid on things to prevent the company from unravelling.

Source: Eurogamer

Image courtesy of mmoculture