Apple Unveils iPhone 6S And 6S Plus With 3D Touch Haptic Feedback

Apple has showcased the latest additions to their iPhone range and described the handsets as, “the most advanced smartphones in the world”. The construction utilizes aerospace-grade aluminium and the strongest glass cover in the industry. On a more cosmetic angle, there is a new rose-gold premium colour scheme. Furthermore, both handsets opt for Apple’s flagship A9 processor and the iSight camera has been upgraded to a 12-megapixel sensor. Another invention is 3D touch which detects the amount of pressure being applied to the screen and performs various functions via force sensors. This means, tapping the screen or a prolonged press provides a very different result in the latest software.

The camera also incorporates “deep trench isolation” to reproduce colours more effectively and create a vivid image. From the presentation footage, the camera quality seems excellent and a marked improvement over the 6 and 6 Plus. Apple decided to offer 4K video with the new 6S range and this has been a long overdue feature as phones like the One Plus 2 can already do this for a much lower price. Consumers often use the front-facing camera to take “selfies” and Apple has improved the sensor to 5-megapixels. This is more than ample for quick photographs but nothing to really write home about.

In terms of networking, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus contains 23 LTE bands and a maximum WiFi speed of 866 Mbps. This makes it a great choice for people constantly travelling to a variety of countries. In a fairly cringeworthy manner, Apple announced its own Android App designed to migrate data from Android users to iOS, and suggested they are acquiring lots of ex-Android customers.

The pricing remains unchanged from the previous models and costs $199 (16GB), $299 (64GB), $399 (128GB) plus a 24 month contract on the 6S and $299 (16GB), $399 (64GB), $499 (128GB) if you decide to choose the iPhone 6S Plus. The handsets will come with the latest iOS 9 operating system and a new upgrade programme has been launched which let’s you upgrade your phone every year. Although, this is only on tariffs at a minimum of $32 per month and in Apple Stores.

12.9-Inch Apple iPad Pro Launches at $799

Apple has officially unveiled “the fastest tablet we’ve ever made” which utilizes a new A9X 64-bit chip offering 1.8 times the desktop performance of its predecessor. Not only that, the device is faster than 90% of portable PCs (Although I’d take that claim with a pinch of salt) and contains 10 hours of battery life. Additionally, there are 4 high-quality speakers to create stunning audio quality in such a thin, and portable form-factor. Apple describes the Smart Keyboard as “unlike any keyboard you’ve used before” and is great for typists.

Although, I’m not entirely convinced by that statement as a mechanical keyboard user over the past 10 years. The iPad Pro’s width is identical to the iPad Air’s height. Moving onto the revival of the stylus, Apple has announced the Apple Pencil to help artists and content creators make extremely detailed pieces. Unbelievably, Microsoft came out to demo the Apple Pencil and received a less-than-inviting reception. Times have changed and Microsoft appeared to demonstrate productivity using Microsoft Office on touch devices like the iPad Pro.

Eric Snowdon from Adobe also announced software exclusive to the iPad featuring facial detection and retouching built around the Apple Pencil. Another demonstration showed the educational benefits and helping patients to better understand their own anatomy.

Finally, Apple outlined the iPad Pro’s full specification and size. As you can see, the device is remarkably large at 12.9 inches which includes 802.11ac with MIMO and an 8MP iSight camera. In terms of pricing, the base model costs $799 as we expected, and the keyboard has a retail price of $170. Also, the Apple Pencil will cost $99. The iPad Pro will become available from Apple in November.

Apple also unveiled a new smart connector meaning you no longer have to use Bluetooth. However, this does result in expensive, proprietary connections.


New Bands And Operating System Coming to Apple Watch

Apple has announced over 10,000 dedicated-watch apps are already available on the App Store and easily incorporates video functionality. Furthermore, Facebook Messenger is arriving to the Apple Watch which supports audio conversations with direct translations across a huge array of languages. Also, the Maps service will now feature the Transit app and makes it virtually impossible to get lost on public transportation. On another note, Apple showcased the Apple Watch as a medical device and provides data so pregnant women can track contractions and their baby’s heart rate.

The Apple Watch features a range of  interchangeable straps and the company has now decided to offer red and gold designs as well as a stainless steel red band version. A new operating system is scheduled for release on September 16th.