Exquisite Eggshell Carving Artwork Is No Yolk

Artists are always finding exciting and fresh ways to promote their artwork; this is, well, no exception, after the China Youth Network recently reported concerning a craftsman who conveys his artwork on eggshells. The artist in question is based in China and goes by the name Huangwei Xiang; he is 64 years old this year and below are images of this quite amazing yet delicate artwork.

As you can see, the first image below is of this gentleman’s latest series entitled “108 Water Margin Heroes” these were carved in 108 days. the fragility of the eggshell means the need for a delicate hand when applying pressure.

The next image below is of a phenomenal carving within a hollow eggshell, the intricate patterns and imaginative design certainly opens the door for a range of possibilities. On a side note, not long ago a “Hong Kong business person spent 30,000 yuan (£3,195.89) with the aim of buying two hollow egg carvings as well as 12 zodiac egg carvings”.

Below are two images which convey a close up of two of the Margin Heroes, patience is certainly needed when attempting to sculpt the artwork within the shell.

It is certainly unique and also requires a high level of skill to achieve these results, I would not have thought this would have been possible when you consider how fragile an eggshell is, but, it just goes to show what can be achieved within the world.

Heroes Reborn Trailer Released at Comic-Con

We all have the inner nerd that screams out from time to time, it could be for something as simple as a signed football or something as extreme as a particular screw being released with only a cross head; everyone is different. One thing most of us can agree on though is Comic-Con is the one-stop-shop for most things stereotypically nerdy. The San Diego Comic-Con is probably the highest rated in the world and some of the big stars show their faces from time to time.

This year, we saw a high-quality trailer of Heroes Reborn, a sequel to the 2006 Sci-Fi series based on regular people who ‘transform’ after a solar eclipse. The trailer focuses on the hunt for ‘Heroes’ or EVO’s as they are named in the trailer and how they rise to protect the world from impending doom; again.


We see a return from fan favourites such as Masi Oka (Hiro), Jack Coleman (Noah) and a grown up Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah) to name a few. Sadly we all know that Hayden Panettiere and Zachary Quinto have no immediate plans to join the new cast, but things could change after the first season if the show picks up enough fans.

Are you excited for the new Heroes, I know I am!

Thank you to The Verge for providing us with this information.

Dragon Quest PS4 Limited Edition Console Announced

Isn’t it cute? Yesterday in Tokyo, Sony and Square Enix announced Dragon Quest Heroes for the top-selling next-gen console and it’s older brother, the PS3. This action game will also have an accompanying eye-pleasing console counterpart, the extremely adorable silver console and controller.

This game release is set to be the first of a massive series and said to be the first of its kind to be released in almost a decade. Produced in collaboration with Koei Tecmo, this game and console are set to bolster Sony sales next year in the local Japanese market where it has currently been seeing some issues moving through units. This issue is said to be mainly due to a lack of games that appeal to their audience.

Appropriately named the ‘metal slime’ edition, this PS4 is decked out with silver and contains the cute Slime mascot imprinted, there’s also ultra-cute metal slime dripping over the edge of the console.

Dragon Quest Heroes is set for release next spring in Japan – and we’re unaware of an exact release date or price for its custom PS4 counterpart. Will you see this popping up in your local stores (outside of japan)? Most likely not, but there’s always the possibility of an import for die-hard fans.

Image courtesy of Polygon