Xilence Show off Latest Coolers and PSUs @ CeBIT 2015

We are pleased to present Xilence at CeBIT 2015. A rather new brand compared to the usual enthusiast companies we all know of. The difference with Xilence, their ‘motto’ is giving what the customer needs AND what the customer wants at the best possible price. They talk directly to their consumers and produce some very good products as a result.

Their presented cooling range of upright tower coolers consist of the usual heat sink, pwm fan and direct contact copper pipes, but the price point is what really sets these apart. The 2 pipe model is claimed to cost less than 15EURO and the 3 pipe less than 20EURO. Along with the price, they claim to offer performance beating their closest competitor.

We look forward to seeing what else Xilence has to offer in the coming weeks and months. Any future news or events from Xilence, we will keep you updated.


Scythe Reveals 10th Anniversary Ashura Shadow Cooler

For its 10th Anniversary, Scythe announced a special edition of its Ashura tower cooler which bears the name Scythe Ashura Shadow. The first noticeable feature about the Ashura Shadow is its eye-catching black anodized finish which even extends to the baseplate.

The company claims to have made several design tweaks to the Ashura heatsink, the connecting heatpipes, and the solid copper baseplate, all of which contribute to improved performance. Given the previous Ashura model, the Ashura Shadow features six 6mm copper heatpipes connecting to anodized aluminium fins with overall dimensions of 145mm x 161mm x 65mm and weighing 750g. A single 140mm Glide Stream fan with pulse width modulation control is included in the pack, along with clips to connect another fan to the rear for push-pull cooling. Using just the supplied fan, Scythe states that the heatsink varies from 13dBA at its slowest 500rpm speed to 30.7dBA with an impressive 97.18CFM airflow.

The Ashura Shadow is compatible with all recent Intel and AMD sockets along with mounting clips, a screw-based mounting system, tightening tool and a small portion of thermal grease all being included in the packaging. Scythe has claimed that the Ashura Shadow will be produced in strictly limited quantities.No details of pricing has been officially made available up until now, having the price tag only rumored at $53 / €39.50 / £33 excluding V.A.T.

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Images courtesy of Prohardver

Raijintek Ereboss CPU Cooler Review


Raijintek are a new comer to the PC market and while we have known of their presence for a while it’s only in the last few months that they’ve been bringing products to market. The Ereboss CPU cooler is just one sample of their range and the company intends to launch chassis products also, one of which we even saw at this years Gamescom in Cologne.

Picking the right CPU cooler can be tricky, especially in the low and mid budget price ranges. Finding the right balance of cost vs the performance you want to achieve can be tricky and with so many options on the market from many big, established manufacturers it may be hard for Raijintek to find a place. The Ereboss is Raijinteks answer to the budget friendly end of the market, those looking to get solid performance without spending too much money.

With a price tag £31.99 the Ereboss is affordable and as you can see from the specifications below it packs plenty of support.

The packaging is well designed, featuring a clear image of the cooler and its included fan.

Around the back we have a full run down of the specifications (see above).

In the box I found a great selection of high quality fitting components, as well as a simple to follow installation guide.

The mounting plate is compatible with multiple socket types, but Intel and AMD processors require different top mounts. There is also some bundled thermal paste in the box/

The included fan can be mounted using the rubber pegs, an extra set has been included for those who wish to add an extra fan (sold separately). All the spacers, screws and bolts required for install are really nicely finished with the exception of four plastic caps, but since these install under the mounting kit, they will be out of sight.

Xigmatek Aquila Micro-ATX Chassis revealed

The stylish new Aquila micro-ATX chassis has been officially announced today by Xigmatek. The case design consists of two matte-silvery beams onto which the frame is suspended, which inclines from within, at an acute angle. The motherboard tray is oriented along the plane of the base, rather than perpendicular to it, which results in a lot of room for tall CPU coolers, as tall as up to 18 cm, and long graphics cards, as longs as up to 33 cm. The motherboard tray, and a 5.25-inch drive bay make up the top compartment of the case, with valves cutouts running to the bottom compartment, which houses the PSU bay, two 3.5/2.5-inch bays, and two 2.5-inch bays.

Xigmatek Aquila provides a flexible and optimum ventilation system. With all its drive bays in place, you can install 120 mm or 140 mm front coolers, or make a few adjustments to seat a large 200 mm cooler. This comes in handy if you like keeping your hardware continuously overclocked and want to keep your temperature low without having to switch to water cooling. The rear panel features room for a 140 mm exhaust, the top features room for two 140 mm fans, which can hold on to a 140 x 280 mm radiator and the front-panel connectivity includes a pair of USB 3.0 ports along with HD audio jacks. It measures 390 mm x 403 mm x 265 mm.

However Xigmatek have not disclosed any pricing yet, but what is known is the color of the chassis, which can be bought in either white or black color variants. More information can be found on Xigmatek’s website here.

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Images courtesy of Xigmatek Global.