Second Alton Towers Rollercoaster Crash In A Month!

Two carriages on the Sonic Spinball today,

This is the  second accident at the now, not-so-popular theme park in the UK. Reports say that a man has been taken to hospital with a head injury.

A witness, Danny Robinson from Liverpool was watching his four friends when the accident happened, stated the carriage was going at “full pace” when it crashed into another carriage containing a young family at the end of the ride. Alton Towers have since refuted the claims and told us that the carriage ‘nudged each other at walking pace”

Danny told The Mirror:

“The mum in the other carriage was screaming. Two of my friends hit the back of their heads and another two hurt their necks. They spent about 20 minutes getting them out of the carriage.”

another person on the ride also tweeted about her ordeal:

“So today [I’ve] been to Alton towers and my carriage crashed into another one on the sonic spinball … Safe to say I won’t be going again”

It was also said that all four were taken to the medical centre spent two-and-a-half hours getting checked over and heat pads on their necks. Afterwards one of them started throwing up everywhere and ended up going to hospital.

Another incident happened on the ride earlier, The Mirror reported.

“My 16-year-old daughter was stuck at the top of Sonic Spinball in the middle of the day for 40 minutes. She had to be put in a harness and climb down.

“She has been sick a number of times since and I think she has sun stroke, it’s her school prom tonight and she is hoping she will be well enough to go.”

It’s not been a great time for Alton towers recently, Would you feel safe going there now? I’m not sure I would!

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Head of Google+ Reportedly Quit His Job

In April 2014, David Besbris rose up to be the head of Google+, having said back in October 2014 that Google had long-term plans for its social media platform. However, less than a year since then, Besbris reportedly quit his job and has been replaced by Bradley Horowitz who has been with Google+ from the start.

Besbris has been the successor of Vic Gundrota, the previous head of Google+ before April 2014, having won the job against Horowitz. During this time, Besbris did not detail what we would expect from Google+. However, Horowitz is said to already have given plenty to the public through Sundar Pichai, Google senior vice president of products, at the Mobile World Congress.

Pichai stated that Google would focus on communications, photos and the Google+ Stream separately, instead of considering them as a package. This means that photos and hangouts would be moving away from Google+. While Horowitz stated on his own Google+ page that he along with his team are working around the clock to bring a lot of changes, it seems that it would be rather hard since the Google+ team of around 1,000 is now half the size.

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GT Omega Racing Unveils New Line of EVO Office Chairs

The manufacturer of high-end gaming chairs, GT Omega Racing, has unveiled their new line of Office chairs. The GT Omega EVO Racing Office Chair comes in 13 different colour layouts and all the comfort you’ll need while doing your office work, or gaming.

Design to offer a combination of luxurious comfort and high-performance style, the GT Omega EVO Racing Office chairs provides outstanding lumbar support because its design encompasses the traditional deep-sided ‘body-hugging’ back.

Build with a reclining mechanism to allow 90 to 180 degree backwards and forwards tilting, the chair can be positioned for a small nap, making it very suitable for gamers as the product page says. Shoulder and lumbar support is covered and it also features a removable head rest pillow and lumbar cushion for extended comfort. The Steel Start Base is fitted with high quality ball bearing castors.

The new chairs will be available from September the 13th and are priced at £169,95. Add another £9,95 if you want the optional lockable wheels.

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Images courtesy of GT Omega Racing