ASRock’s Z170 Motherboards Feature DDR4 OC With Select Modules

It isn’t always that all features in software are revealed right away and that is also what seems to have happened with ASRock’s latest Z170 BIOS. It had a hidden feature that only was revealed when certain memory modules were inserted and that is an automatic overclocking of these memory modules. Now that feature in itself isn’t new and it’s something that has been on several motherboards that I have owned, but it’s a nice one.

The feature has now been officially revealed, but not only that, it was also revealed in a very funny way. In the spirit of Halloween, ASRock made a funny video demonstrating it where you’ll meet Darth Vader as well as a Minion and more.

The automatic memory overclocking feature could get as much as 31% higher clock rates out of the memory modules used, if they are compatible. For now this seems to be limited mostly to Kingston and Samsung memory modules. One of the examples mentioned is that it can take Kingston 2133MHz modules and overclock them up to 2800MHz.


The above is kind off the boring news, now to the fun part: the video. I really don’t want to spoil it for you, as it should be experienced yourself. It is only 3 minutes and 30 seconds long and in my opinion it is well worth the time.

ASRock states that all Z170 motherboards will have this “hidden feature”, however at the end of the day it is still largely dependent upon the memory modules you install, which might or might not trigger DDR4 OC. It also requires you to upgrade to the latest UEFI BIOS available at the time of writing.

The Best PC Horror Games to Play This Halloween!

Halloween is finally upon us and what better way to get into the festivities by playing a number of terrifying PC classics? The horror genre is awash with tense, atmospheric titles designed to evoke a sense of panic and offer adrenaline-fueled gameplay. From Resident Evil to System Shock II, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes and fear factor.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite horror games on PC and would love to hear your recommendations! Personally, I prefer the eerie, subtle horror games instead of being action-packed from the offset.

Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation managed to redeem SEGA’s reputation after handing Gearbox the license for Alien: Colonial Marines and dashing the expectations of science fiction fans. Thankfully, Alien Isolation is absolutely breathtaking and involves carefully scurrying around in a stealth manner to avoid contact with a single alien creature. This one-on-one dynamic makes the game enthralling and incredibly tense as you try to survive.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is possibly the most terrifying game ever devised and continues to haunt me to this day. Throughout the story, you play as Daniel, an individual suffering from amnesia who slowly descending into insanity. Trying to work out the situation and survive while being in a confused state makes for a special experience which has to be played with a headset in complete darkness. Although, be warned, it isn’t recommend for anyone of a nervous disposition.

Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned: Criminal Origins originally received a fairly mixed response by the press who criticized the game’s haphazard narrative. However, this level of criticism is unwarranted when you factor in the fantastic array of melee weapons and dark, desolate environment. Much of the experience revolves around exploration and trying to investigate the course of events. This investigatory element makes Condemned: Criminal Origins unique and well worth a try.


First Encounter Assault Recon is a first-person shooter heavily inspired by Japanese horror and adopts a supernatural tone. The leading antagonist is called Paxton Fettel who takes control of a deadly bunch of super-soldiers. During the game, you have to fend off these deadly enemies and lead the highly trained F.E.A.R squad. The single player aspect is synonymous for its absolutely fantastic AI which still holds up brilliantly today. Enemies will work in teams, flank you, and hide behind cover.

The combination of smart foes and the scary theme makes it one of the best first-person-shooters ever created.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 contains one of the most haunting and inspirational soundtracks I’ve heard. Arika Yamaoka’s recorded a main theme which employs a melodic tempo. On another note, the game is built around sound effects cues to add tension. For example, slow footsteps or sudden pieces of smashed glass ramp up the fear factor in such a dramatic way.

Technically, Silent Hill 2 is a third-person game which includes puzzle solving and trying to discover certain items. It’s hard to pick a favorite survival horror, but Silent Hill 2 probably  just comes in first place. However, please remember that the PC version isn’t very good and requires a controller. Furthermore, it can only be purchased through second hand stores like eBay.

Time to Scare Your Wallets! The Steam Halloween Sale is Here!

There are few times when our wallets fear to be opened, when they do, however, it tends to be a Steam sale. This Halloween is no different with sales on a variety of games (most of which with some fear factor in them).

Feel like it has been a slow day? Why not give Valve’s very own Left 4 Dead series for £2.99 each or both for £4.59. The zombie game features four survivors fighting off hordes of zombies, and some with a few special traits. Smoke, slime or slam as zombies in VS. or hope that your teamwork can hold out against the hordes in survival with the entire workshop library turning your nightmares into laughs and fear feasts.

Feel a little old today? Don’t worry Steam have you covered with 33% off Ark: Survival Evolved. Standard on an island, alone (or with friends, and some not so friendly people) you soon come face to face with dinos and disaster as you fight to survive on the island, staying warm and warding off everything from a dodo to a T-Rex. As if that wasn’t enough for £15.40, this week they have a special Halloween event where a certain dinosaur has a few more bones on show than usual.

Feel like a fright? Why not try the five nights at Freddy Series, pitting you against… children’s entertainment? Working the night shift will never be the same when you see what happens after dark with these fun-loving characters. And at 50% off, meaning it’s only £10 for the whole series, there are some things you just can’t hide from.

With thousands of games in the Steam Halloween Sale, it’s well worth checking out some of the deals, although be warned, your wallet is in for a scare!

GOG Halloween Sale Begins! Days Of Deals Up To 80% Off

Halloween is less than a week away and with sales and GOG are no stranger to sales and deals. For less than 4 days games are available for up to 80% off, so why not see if any of the following catch your interest.


So what could be scarier than being a news reporter and having to go to strange new places and find out all those deep dark secrets? How about when you get a tip, you only have to follow up right? What about when that place is a locked up mental asylum?

Outlast sees you follow out this tale in a stealth based game utilizing parkour, based on real asylums and criminal insanity. At £3.29 for the base game, and a further £1.49 for the expansion you can grab the full bundle for less than £5 and it’s well worth the experience.


Mentioned in our recent covering of Halloween based games, Amnesia is a series of games which feature more of a scare and run than run and gun. At £3.29 for Amnesia Dark Descent and a further £3.29 for A Machine For Pigs, you can hide and seek out the truth while avoiding both the creatures that look to hunt you and the darkness that may make you a little jumpy at the shadows.

Alan Wake

The dark is a mysterious thing, it can be both intriguing and at the same time it can also make you jump and hear your heart beat through your ears. For £6.68 for the series or £4.99 for Alex Wake, and £1.69 for the American Nightmare, why not try scaring off the shadows and experiencing a story that will grip you till you leave.

Halloween Sales Begin – Gamersgate Up First

Halloween is a time for friends and family, but sometimes we just want to spend that little bit of time experiencing a personal fear fest. With the Humble Store opening the festivities early the first in what will no doubt be a long trend is Gamersgate opening with a sale from the 26th October to the 2nd of November.

With Alien Isolation for £8 you could experience fear in deep space as one of the greatest predators (pun intended) in the universe hunt you down with nothing to defend yourself but your wits and bravery. Feel like going one step further? The season pass is only £5.

Why not try a wasteland Russia in Metro Redux, the graphically enhanced version of Metro 2033 and Metro 2035, with all their respective DLC’s and the fearsome Ranger mode removing all but the bare essentials for survival, including your HUD. At only £8.50 for the complete collection you should be prepared for the hours of engrossed play.

If you’d prefer something with a few more jokes then why not try South Parks The Stick of Truth, listed at only £6 and made by Obsidian entertainment, the creators of RPG games like Skyrim and Oblivion, you are sure to get a laugh if you are a South park fan.

Halloween Comes – Time For The Games To Come Out And Play

It’s that time of the year again for the ghosts and ghouls to come out and play. With Halloween soon approaching you may find yourself in need of some spooky activities. So why not, instead of watching a horror film, sit down and play a game. Become part of the story and enjoy yourself while feeling those familiar spooky chills. Listed below are but a few of the games you could play to keep that Halloween fear going all year round.

The Amnesia Series and SOMA

Two games, The Dark Descent and a Machine For Pigs, see you traversing a world where everything may not be as it seems. With nothing but your wits and bravery to help you survive explore and evade as creatures stalk you in the shadows and where the darkness may actually harm you.

At £26.99 for both games, or £14.99 each, there are many hours of gameplay to be had but be warned, there will be hairs standing atop your neck when your playing on these. If you feel like these games, why not SOMA from the same creators, featuring the same fear and horror set deep under the sea.


A little more action that the Amnesia series, see the aftermath of a series of games and this time you can bring friends. Enjoy the story with a friend tagging along or enjoy a cooperative survival in a misty battlefield featuring everything from hell hounds and mechs to ghostly soldiers.

Aptly named Contractions, in waves you will face increasing difficulty enemies while gaining more weapons and facing an arena which will slowly cover with greater depths of fog as the waves increase. Not feeling up for surviving in a corner? Why not try getting from point A to point B while avoiding a literal wall of death? With many options for players, there is nothing quite like hearing a spooky little girl laugh only to hear your friend scream seconds later as they are teleported across the map into the middle of a horde.

If you are interested, check the game out here.

Slender: The Arrival

Originally a free game, designed to prove a concept that you could have a game without guns and combat, Slender gained fame when players faced the challenge of running through a forest to collect several pieces of paper, easy right? Slenderman likes to do things in style, appearing behind that tree so you can just make out the white head and black suit, the static of your camera playing as he approaches you from behind, your heart beating faster and faster. Like Amensia, it will see you finding new ways to survive when fighting isn’t an option, why not gather your family and friends and see who can last the longest before stepping away from the game. Currently, I have yet to fully complete the game so why not try beat my efforts and check it out here.

Ghost Master

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the fear and scares. Ghost Master looks to reunite you with that childish fun and imagination that all those scary stories used to bring us joy with. The concept is a simple one, you are a ghost master. With an arsenal of ghosts and horrors at your disposal complete objectives and scare people what isn’t there to like?

Summon an elemental and flood the room, use a poltergeist and scare hospital staff, your imagination is your best friend and their worst nightmare. At £4 on GOG you don’t have an excuse to not even look at the page do you?

Dungeon Keeper 2 And Evil Genius

Why be scared when you can be evil? Dungeon Keeper sees you order your minions to expand your caves and wealth while fighting off mighty knights but also gives you the option to possess your minion, running them into the fight with an evil smile on your face. So why evil genius? It’s for all you bond fans who imagined what it would be like to rule the world from a secret lair, with everything from henchmen to super weapons there isn’t anything quite like finding that the agents of good tripping all those well-placed traps, or on occasion a rather dumb minion.

At £4 for Dungeon Keeper 2 (Currently £1.39 thanks to a sale) and £4 for Evil Genius, why not be the bad guy just once?

Five Nights at Freddies Series

So you started that new job as a night security job, remember that Ben Stiller film Night at the Museum with everything coming to life? Sounds pretty awesome right, so what happens when they aren’t quite so friendly? Those fun-loving robots that entertain the children during the day want to scare the adult during the night, so why not play their little game of peek a boo, just be warned if you don’t see them quick enough, things won’t be all fun and games.

£18.99 will grab you all four games, or the original will set you back £3.99 with the next three costing £5.59 each.


The last in the list sees you and four friends (or complete strangers) wander from Hospitals to Hotels, looking for ways to get out. Sounds okay, right? The items you need to escape are randomly located, so the chances you can find them easily are slim with some events randomly triggered to keep you on your toes. So why get a locked room simulator? Simple, one of the five may not be there to help. Scratch that, one player is selected as the Monster, and with a wide variety of them, all with unique abilities and techniques for hunting down and thinning the crowd of survivors, each game can become a ball of laughs as you quickly realise you may have just told your friend and the monster where you’re stuck and that your flashlight isn’t all that safe after all. £15 for one copy or £45 for four can see you living out all those horror films you’ve ever seen, just remember to run!

So what games do you enjoy that inspire that Halloween spook factor? Don’t forget that you often get Halloween sales as well, so maybe check out the games that go on sale for those hidden gems that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

October Is Back – Let the Halloween Inspired Events Begin!

October is well-known for one thing these days. Halloween. With it comes all kinds of spooky sales and events so this year we’ve decided to give you an outline about some of the events you can do for Halloween.

First comes the video game sales, which we know come every year. Currently, the Humble store has a sale on for all of your undead needs. With games like Dying Light for £24 and the Dead Island franchise pack for 80% off for Dead Island 1 and 2 (including DLC) costing you only £5, there are deals to be had. Secondly the event that all PC gamers fear, the dreaded Steam sales. While their dates are not released early, we’ve had enough in recent years to be able to predict (with some accuracy), to the point where starting from the 29th October you can expect Steam to warn you about their great deals till the first of November.

If you don’t feel up for living with the horror, why not sit back with some friends and watch a film instead? It should be noted that all release dates we mention are subject to change, but let’s get on with the fun stuff.

First the big date. October 16th. How many people have forgotten about this movie? I will sadly admit I had, but Jack Black plans to grace our screens yet again with a children’s classic. Goosebumps. Is that enough said?  Well if not, with comparisons being made to Jumanji it looks to both scare and excite us like the classic R.L Stine books and tv series once did. If you are interested, you can find the trailer beneath, or save your excitement up for the 16th.

Next up is October 23rd. Vin Diesel is back, not as a talking tree but this time as an Immortal Dungeons and Dragons character. No, I’m being honestly serious, his new character is based off his love for D&D. The Last Witchhunter sees Vin Diesel chasing down all manners of nightmarish creatures, with everything from a beard to a flaming sword. Again, the trailer is beneath but be warned, it contains scenes of immense action and coolness.

Do you have any ideas or activities that you like to do over Halloween? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Improve Your Halloween Display With This Motion Activated Window Figure

I agree with very little when it comes to certain policies which have been fostered upon the globe by good old Uncle Sam, the United States of America, Halloween on the other hand is executed, no pun intended, with all the intended style and spirit which consumers have been accustomed to over the decades. But what are the best decorations which one could use when decorating a house, property or to scare your friends?

That’s an interesting question which UK-based people do not have the answer to, but a US Internet store by the name of Think Geek does and is currently offering an easy-to-install motorized human face that taps on a selected window at pre-set intervals, the website states the “figure is hung via suction cup on a window so that there appears to be a person looking at your unwitting onlooker. It would be wise to play this prank on an individual which you know, although I am not sure this would be the best of ideas in a country which boasts a collection of around 300 million guns.

This device of sorts is motion activated and can be set to a maximum of 3 taps every ten seconds, the finger tip is metal capped with the aim of producing a loud enough sound to draw attention to the scare, it also runs on AAA batteries. It also includes above suction cup, no surprise, and a finishing line for those hard to reach scare surprises. This shock tactic is priced at $59.99 and would be sure to find a market as Halloween approaches.

Thank you thinkgeek for providing us with this information.

The Steam Halloween Sale Brings Discounts to Spooky Games

It may not be anywhere near the same scale as the Steam Summer Sale, but the Steam Halloween sale is here! It brings with it a wave of discounts and deals to satisfy your horror, gore, spooky and general Halloween vibes with a range of cool games. Most of the games are a little old now, but discounts like these can’t be ignored with some games being taken down to just a few dollars for the sale.

There is a total of 437 games on sale, but a few of the popular ones are listed below. It’s easily best to sift through Steam yourself, but brace yourself for 18 pages worth of deals! The discounts will stay in place until November 3rd at 10am (PT).

  • Crypt of the NecroDancer for $11.21
  • Hotline Miami for $2.74
  • The Wolf Among Us for $13.99
  • Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition for $2.49
  • Super House of Dead Ninjas for $1.55
  • Left 4 Dead 2 for $5.49
  • The Binding of Isaac Collection for $1.75
  • Don’t Starve + Reign of Giants DLC for $11.54
  • Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition for $7.47
  • and The Walking Dead for $6.99

Will you be picking up any of the games in this Halloween sale? If you spot a particularly cool deal, be sure to let everyone know in the comments.

Thank you TechReport for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of TechReport.

Halloween Sale Goes Live On Steam

We all wait for the two biggest sales of the year from Steam, though sometimes we forget about all of the little in between sales. Today marks the start of Steam’s Halloween Sale. And from the looks of it they are offering quite a few games for this short sale, that will be lasting less than a week. Sale ends November 1st. This sale gives you the opportunity to grab some great scary titles for up to 80% off!

There are way to many titles to list here, but there are some great games being offered. So if you’re into games that will keep you on the edge of your seat and screaming like a little girl, you might want to check it out.

Just a few of the titles that are on the list.

  • Amnesia
  • Bioshock
  • Dead Space
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Outlast
  • The Walking Dead

I am really looking forward to some extra gaming time this Halloween, I can’t decide on which games I would like to get from this sale are just yet.

Are you planning on picking any thing up from this sale? Help me decide on which games to pick up by posting your suggestions in the comments below.

Thank you SteamPowered for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Steam.