NZXT Unleashes The Hue+ PC Lighting Solution

Custom PC builds are becoming more popular as consumers construct their own rigs and create a visual showpiece. Various cases like the H440 incorporate a side panel window to display the beauty of a clean, professional looking system. The first NZXT Hue offered RGB lighting via a huge LED strip and front panel for controls.

It became a suitable choice for system builders due to the competitive price, reliable LED strips and clean cabling. Furthermore, the 2-year warranty added peace-of-mind as cheaper LED strips are prone to having dead LEDs. NZXT has just announced the Hue+ which is a digital lighting solution and offers unprecedented customization and 8 preset lighting effects.

Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder and CEO discussed the product announcement and proclaimed:

“Lighting can truly bring your system to a new visual dimension, that’s why most of our cases provide windowed-panels. With a smart, easy-to use digital interface such as CAM, available for everyone as a free app, HUE+ offers unmatched control and customization for users seeking to bring their PC to the next level,”

Using the Hue+’s CAM software, you can adjust a wide array of attributes including colour, speed and lighting transitions. Additionally, the lighting can respond to system temperatures and even react to the audio output during music or an intense game. This huge selection of modes on the Hue+ provides the end-user with an unbelievable array of options.

The Hue+ is available to pre-order now from participating retailers and has a recommended retail price of £39.99 + VAT.

NZXT Noctis 450 Mid-Tower Chassis Review


NZXT is one of the first names people think of when you ask about PC gaming chassis. Time and time again they’ve delivered award-winning products that are unique in terms of design, but also deliver a range of innovative features at a competitive price. Their H440 has proven to be one of the most popular chassis on the market, but NZXT figured it would be a great idea to tweak the design of the H440 and create their Noctis 450, while leaving many of the core features that made the original H440 so great intact; let’s see if they succeeded.

As you can see from the specifications, the Noctis 450 is knock-for-knock with the H440, offering the same hardware capabilities. This is no bad thing either, as you’ve got room for plenty of air and water cooling, huge amounts of GPU clearance and a whole lot more.

The first thing that stands out is those funky panels. The Noctis keeps with NZXT’s tradition of huge sweeping curves mixed with aggressive angles, something that will no doubt appeal to a gaming audience. There’s a crystal clear side panel window that runs the full height of the chassis, showing off that light-up NZXT logo on the PSU shroud, as well as giving you room to show off your graphics card and motherboard.

There’s a lot of ventilation in the top of the chassis, which has been partially hidden by that glossy white top cover which has a nice floating over-hang appearance to it with the ventilation situated underneath it.

There’s a large cut-away to the top ventilation on the right side, helping further enhance airflow, but also keeping with that Stormtrooper black and white overlaying panel design.

The same continues down the front, with angular glossy white panels that overlap, exposing sections of the large front-panel ventilation. It’s certainly unique and I expect it won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I rather like it and it’s certainly a far cry from the flat white panels of the H440.

The extra airflow the new design provides (vs the H440) is no bad thing, especially for those who are planning to run lots of high-end hardware.

Around the back, you’ll find a pre-installed 140mm fan, although there are mounting options for a 120mm fan if you so desire. The Noctis 450 has seven ventilated expansion slots, more than enough for a multi-GPU setup and you’ll also find two rubber grommets for cable/water routing.

Tucked away in the top corner, a small switch. This controls the rear LED light on the motherboard I/O, handy for finding those pesky USB ports when you’re crawling under your desk.

A slide out and washable dust filter can be accessed from the rear of the chassis.

On the front right corner of the top panel, you’ll find the main I/O. Here you will find dual USB 2.0, dual USB 3.0, HD Audio jacks and the master power switch.

On the underside of the chassis you’ll find the slide out dust filter for the PSU, some LED strips (blue) and a few screw holes which can be used for directly mounting drives on the interior of the base of the chassis.

NZXT Introduces the NOCTIS 450 Chassis

NZXT has just introduced the world to their newest chassis, and it looks gorgeous. Taking their proofed concepts and adding a sprinkle of new features and a bold design that stands out and we have the new NZXT Noctis 450 chassis. The Noctis 450 will be available as both a matte black chassis and glossy white edition, so there should be one for every taste.

The somewhat aggressive looking chassis is very streamlined and thanks to the floating panel design, the chassis has a ventilation surface that is 10 folded compared to the H440. Restricted airflow should be a thing of the past with a chassis like this.

Inside, the chassis is built on the base of the H440, probably one of NZXT’s most successful cases next to the original Phantom case, and in a way the new Noctis 450 is a combination of the two. The improved insides of the H440 with a new Phantom cover.

When you buy the new NZXT Noctis 450 case, you’ll get four fans with it right out of the box to keep up enough airflow for even the most demanding hardware parts. The 8-port PWM fan controller is also built-in and is located behind the motherboard tray just as it was in the H440.

The PSU shroud is another thing that users loved on the H440, as it allows you to hide that mostly not so pretty PSU and all its cables away. The insides all feature the same quality coating as the exterior and it matches the outer colours, black or white.


As mentioned, the case comes standard equipped with four fans and NZXT used their FN V2 series. You’ll get three 120mm mounted at the front and one 140mm mounted as rear exhaust. You can of course add and replace these fans as the case allows for two 140 or three 120mm at the front, two 140 or three 120mm at the top and single 120 or 140mm at the rear.

The adjustable LED System is accessible from the back where you can switch it on and off with the little button above the IO area. NZXT also added ambient underglow lighting to this chassis with a LED strip on each side of the case.

You can mount two SSDs on top of the PSU shroud and there’s room for another five hard drives in the modular steel hard drive trays at the front. The front panel includes both two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports next to the obligatory audio jacks. You can mount motherboards from mITX to ATX, CPU coolers up to 180mm height, GPUs up to 406mm length (294mm with HDD tray installs), and standard ATX PSUs.

The new Noctis 450 is available now for pre-order at the NZXT Armory Store in both Matte Black and Glossy White for £99.99 / €139.99 +VAT and the chassis is backed by a 2-year warranty.

NZXT H440 Razer Special Edition Chassis Review


NZXT have been delivering award-winning products time and time again in recent years. Their most recent marvel isn’t exactly new, but as far as a refresh goes, it’s a big one. The NZXT H440 is one of my all time favourite chassis, I even own one myself for my own rig! I’m a big fan of what NZXT have been doing for the gaming chassis market and I’ve been eagerly awaiting their next product ranges. Unfortunately, it’s likely we won’t see new chassis’ from them until Computex later this year, but for now, we have their stunning NZXT H440 Razer edition. This is the H440 you know and love, but it has been given a Razer makeover to appeal to the loyal Razer fans, of which there are many.

As you can see, the chassis is virtually unchanged in terms of dimensions, it’s the same chassis and that’s as simple as can be. What is new is that stealthy powder black paint job and dark side panel window tint.

The same matte finish on the right side panel.

The once blank front panel has been treated to the Razer logo, with the added bonus that it’s also LED backlit.

Razers’ fancy green USB 3.0 ports.

Still the same old H440 round here.

Another sneaky bonus, an LED strip lighting around the base of the chassis; can you guess what colour this is going to be? If you guessed green, go get yourself a cookie.

eTeknix 2014 Christmas Tech Buying Guide

Christmas time is almost here and as we wrap up warm over winter, we’re also wrapping up on a year of incredible products here at eTeknix HQ. We’ve had hundred of reviews this year, but no doubt many of you are eagerly writing your letters to Santa, or at least dropping hints to your parents, partner or friends for what you want for Christmas. Of course, there’s no doubt a fair few of you who are eager to treat themselves to something cool this Christmas. We’ve scratched our heads and had a really good think about what some of our favourite bits of technology are from this last year, and if you’ve still got some money left after the manic Black Friday sales, perhaps some of these products will be perfect for you.

While I admit that I couldn’t fit all of our favourites onto this list, its certainly a killer list of great products and they’ve all won awards from us here at eTeknix for one reason or another. If you’re after a headset, a chassis, a new keyboard, graphics card, or other cool gadget, you’ll find something that’s right for you in our guide.

Astro A38 Wireless Gaming Headset

The Astro A38 headset really stood out for me, not only is it one of the more stylish looking headsets I’ve ever reviewed, but the sound quality is nothing short of incredible. They’re a little expensive, but you certainly get what you pay for and Astro have yet to create a product that was anything less than stunning. They’re a perfect gift for yourself or someone else and ideal for those who love to listen to music and play games on the go, and the wireless technology and NFC pairing makes them very user friendly.

Check out our full review here – £144 from Astro Gaming

NZXT H440 Mid-Tower Chassis

A great PC deserves a great chassis and the H440 is certainly one of my all-time favourites. It’s not the biggest, and it may not even be the best chassis ever, that much is subjective, but it’s certainly got a lot of great features.  From the PSU shroud that helps keep cable management looking neat and tidy, to the comprehensive set of dust filters, thick sound dampening material lined panels and the large side panel window; you’ll find a lot to love about this chassis.

Check out our full review here – £89.99 from Overclockers

Thermaltake Core V71 Full Tower Chassis

Not all chassis’ are created equally, the Core V71 packs an incredible range of features that make it an ideal choice for high-end systems. The Thermaltake Core V71 looks great, but the real magic comes from its extreme flexibility. It has class leading radiator and fan mounting support and there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to build a stunning air-cooled system thanks to its array of 200mm pre-installed fans, or an incredible custom water cooling loop thanks to its modular interior. If you need extreme performance without spending crazy amounts of money, this chassis needs to be at the top of your list.

Check out our full review here – £131.34 from CCL Computers

Cooler Master Novatouch TKL Keyboard

Treating yourself to a high-quality mechanical keyboard is a solid investment for anyone who uses their computer a lot. Mechanical keyboards are expensive, but their overall build quality and performance goes a long way to justifying the cost. The NovaTouch TKL isn’t your average mechanical and features something called Hybrid Capacitive Switches that offer a truly premium and luxurious typing experience. If you want to treat your fingers to a more enjoyable typing experience, try out this keyboard!

Check out our full review here – £149.99 from Overclockers

Zowie FK1 Gaming Mouse

I have yet to use a Zowie mouse that wasn’t impressive and the FK1 is by far one of their best. While this mouse only offers minor revisions over its previous model, such as a slightly larger body and an improved sensor, it’s performance is second to none. It’s ambidextrous, has one of the best performing sensors available, great ergonomics and a stylish design. If you’re serious about your gaming and want something that offers eSports levels of performance, then you’ll love what the Zowie FK1 has to offer.

Check out our full review here – £49.99 from Overclockers

Nvidia Shield Android 5.0 Gaming Tablet

Mobile gaming is something that never really excited me, but Nvidia have really pulled out all the stops with their Shield Tablet. It’s powered by the incredibly powerful Tegra K1 graphics chip and it’s one of the fastest tablets on the market. It recently received an update that added the latest Android 5.0 operating system, as well as enabling Nvidia’s GRID cloud gaming service and all this comes on top of features like in-home game streaming, 4K video output, wireless controller support and a whole lot more. The Shield Tablet is easily one of the most versatile portable on the market.

Check out our full review here – from £239.99 at Overclockers

Nvidia GeForce “Maxwell” GTX 970 Graphics Card

Nvidia are on our list once again, first they dominate the mobile gaming market, now they’re showing their worth once again in the desktop GPU market. While we admit that the GeForce GTX 980 is an incredible graphics card, you’ll not be disappointed by their GTX 970 as it offers most of the performance of its bigger brother at a much more affordable price tag. This card is packed with the latest features, it looks fantastic and for gaming, it’s one of the best cards you can buy right now. If you want to welcome your computer into the world of high-end PC gaming, this is a great place to start.

Check out our full review here (Asus Strix GTX 970) – from £247.99 at Overclockers

Asus Rampage V Extreme LGA 2011-3 Motherboard

Intel really set a new standard for PC performance this year with the launch of their consumer X99 chipsets. It’s not a cheap upgrade right now, but a new support for the latest high-end CPUs, DDR4 memory and a wave of new features make this motherboard perfect for the enthusiast and professional markets. The Asus Rampage motherboard series has long been a popular choice and the V Extreme is certainly one of the best available right now.

Check out our full review here – £329.99 from Overclockers

Gigabyte Z97X Gaming5 1150 Motherboard

Extreme motherboards are one thing, but they’re a little out of the reach of your average consumer. The Gigabyte X97X Gaming 5 series of motherboards offers a lot of exciting features that make them a great choice for high-end gaming PCs, without the colossal price tags that you’ll find with enthusiast grade products. We loved this motherboard when we review it and while the black and red colour scheme is getting a little bit repetitive in the gaming market, it’s still a great looking board that is perfect for a wide range of systems.

Check out our full review here – £109.99 from Overclockers

Gigabyte Brix Ultra Compact System

A lot of the fame and glory goes to big gaming rigs with multiple graphics cards, loads of hard drives, water cooling and all that other crazy stuff, but this system turns all that on its head. The Brix may be small, but it packs enough power to be worthy of our Extreme Performance award! When space is limited, this little rig will fit on the back of your monitors VESA mount and it packs enough performance to get through a heavy workflow with ease. It’s a little expensive, but for a full-fledged PC that’s small enough to fit in a backpack, it’s a bargain!

Check out our full review here – £503.96 from Scan

PC Specialist Vortex 440 System

If you’re looking to upgrade to an X99 equipped system, then it’s likely that you’ll also be investing in DDR4 memory, a new CPU and a whole host of other components, so why not take all the fuss out of the process and invest in one of the best systems we’ve reviewed this year, the PC Specialist Vortex 440. We loved this system, partly because it was packed full of high-end hardware, but also because it was incredible value for money. Despite what the high price tag may suggest, the Vortex 440 actually worked out cheaper to buy than it would to build it yourself; now that’s a deal we can get behind!

Check out our full review here – around £1500 (customisable) from PC Specialist

OCZ Arc 100 240GB SSD

There’s a lot of SSD hard drives on the market right now and there are so many great ones that it’s now very easy to find one suitable for your system. The OCZ ARC 100 really stood out for us as it offers excellent performance, solid reliability, lots of features and it’s also competitively priced (per GB). Upgrading to an SSD is a great way to give your system a new lease of life, your system will boot faster and all of your games will benefit greatly from the speed boost. There is a cheaper 120GB model available, but the 240GB is the best balance of storage and value, making it a great choice for a boot drive.

Check out our full review here – £94.99 from Overclockers

Asus RT AC68U Dual Band Wireless Router

A really great router is something a lot of people overlook, it can be daunting spending a lot of money on tech like this, but the rewards soon pay for themselves. With more and more devices becoming internet connected, it’s likely that you’re not reaching the full potential of your devices networking capabilities. If you’re wanting to stream movies around your house from a NAS, play games online, while browsing the web from smartphones, tablets, consoles and other devices, then you’re going to see huge benefits from a router that can handle the most demanding workloads without sacrificing performance. The Asus RT AC68U looks great and offers a simple way to improve your home network. It’s expensive, but you certainly get what you pay for.

Check out our full review here – £166.98 from Overclockers

Crucial 32GB 2133MHz Quad Channel DDR4 Memory Kit

DDR4 memory marks the first major update to RAM memory formats in desktop systems in years, but it comes with a steep price tag. However, should you choose to make the leap for your high-end X99 platform build, then you should really consider the Crucial 32GB 2133MHZ kit. If you’re not too bothered about the aesthetics, this memory really does impress in terms of performance and offers excellent value for money vs many of the other DDR4 products on the market.

Check out our full review here – £319.99 from Overclockers

So, what will you be asking Santa for this year?

NZXT Introduce H440 Special Edition

NZXT has just revealed their stunning new H440 Special Edition chassis. They’ve created the special edition of their already very popular chassis in collaboration with the legendary gaming brand Razer.

The core features of the chassis still remain the same. It has similar sleek looks, the PSU shroud, thick panels, sound dampening materials and high quality dust filters in place; all the features that I loved about the original H440 when I reviewed it. Of course, it wouldn’t be very special if they had made no changes, and the chassis has been given a range of tweaks to help it fit in with other Razer branded hardware.

Exclusive features designed by NZXT that you won’t find in the traditional H440 include:

  • Premium matte black paint finish
  • Tinted window
  • Hexagonal mesh
  • Green USB 3.0 ports
  • Green LED underglow
  • Green rear I/O LED lighting
  • Green illuminated triple-headed snake logos

For Razer fans, there really is no better option in terms of chassis. If you’ve got the matching headset, mouse and keyboard already on your desk, this will be a stunning way to complete the set. Of course, you don’t need any other Razer products to enjoy this chassis, as it certainly looks awesome all by its self.

The chassis will launch with an MSRP of 149.99 EUR and will be available via pre-order through various online retailers shortly.

Thank you NZXT for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of NZXT.

NZXT Talk Us Through The New H440 Chassis

We speak with Rob Teller; one of NZXT’s product managers as he takes us through the brand new H440, their latest chassis to hit the market. If you’re after something that is that bit different, but also extremely practical and loaded with style and features, then sit back and enjoy as we awe you with something that is like no other.

The H440 includes some unique features and we wanted to highlight these for consumers wanting to buy a chassis like this as we believe this video should give you a further insight as to why the H440 beats the competition. After talking to NZXT and Rob, we found that NZXT take product management very seriously and have listed contently to their consumers needs and what they want from a chassis of this nature.

Remember to check out our full review of the H440 chassis here.

For now, we invite you to check out the video below, and enjoy:

NZXT Reveal Their New Chassis, The Gorgeous H440

NZXT is once again proving their worth to the PC market with the release of another epic looking chassis that is packed full of high end features. Their new chassis is called the H440 and is essentially the newer, smaller brother of their H630 Ultra-tower. The H440 redefines what a clean PC build can be by providing super sleek looks and even taking a few hints from the PC modding community to create something truly stylish.

The front panel has ditched all the 5.25″ drive bays, allowing the chassis to be smaller without compromising on motherboard size, storage bays and also allow for the full height of the front panel to be utilised for cooling. The front panel is made entirely from steel and finished in the thick gloss white paint job that NZXT are famous for, giving the whole chassis a super clean exterior design.

Cable management space has been given a whopping 80% boost thanks to the PSU area now coming with a long and funky looking shroud, meaning even beginners can get masterful looking cable management. The shroud even comes with two 2.5″ SSD mounts on the top, and extra cable routing holes on the top of it to cater to those.

Cooling is handled by the brand new FN V2 fans, 3 x 120mm in the front and a 140mm in the back, which is to say the least, awesome! This is backed up by support for both 140mm and 120mm fan mounts throughout that are compatible with the Kraken range of coolers, or of course any aftermarket water cooler of up to 360mm long.

Put simply, NZXT have blow us away once again.


Thank you NZXT for providing us with this information.