“The 7th Guest” 20th Anniversary Edition for Android

Trilobyte Games have teamed up with MojoTouch to launch a 20th Anniversary Edition of the classic “The 7th Guest”.

“Replete with a new, HD touch-screen interface that upscales the game beautifully to high definition, new maps, new animations and icons, and a host of other new features, the “20th Anniversary Edition” of our classic video game is available now at the Google Play or Amazon AppStore. Download the title here.”

The original game was dubbed the best game of 1994 by user polls. It was one of the first games designed for CDROM and the first to utilise full-rendered 3D animation and navigation.

“The original game features:
– Groundbreaking use of full-motion video and dialogue recorded by live actors in a terrifying virtual environment
– Bizarre, mind-bending puzzles to solve
– 22 stunningly rendered, devilishly surprising, 3-D rooms in a fully explorable haunted mansion

‘20th Anniversary Edition’ features:
* Totally new game play controls that were built from the ground up for touch-screens
* Hotspot based – no more pixel hunting
* All-new slick icons and animations
* Completely new map which can be accessed directly while playing
* Completely new game menus and save/load system
* Much improved voice acting audio quality and all new, optional subtitles
* Four music options: remastered music score; original score in Midi, General Midi or Adlib
* 27 Achievements to earn and share with your friends

‘20th Anniversary Edition’ list of extras:
* ‘The Making of’ featurette
* 19 Delete Scenes and 33 Delete Audio Parts
* Full soundtrack: 36 Tracks
* ‘The 7th Guest’ Novel (157 pages)
* The Original Script, ‘The Stauf Files’ document, and Original Game Manual
* Optional retro settings: play with original graphics, original music & the original controls”

The game has just launched on Google Play and Amazon AppStore for the price of $3.99USD, $5.99 (US) will be charged in the future. Will you buy this piece of nostalgia? did you own a copy of the original? Let us know on our forums and in the comments.

Bad Hotel Reviews Attract $500 Fee

Have you ever posted a negative review of service on Yelp or other public review sites? If your host had their function at Union Street Guest House, you might be doing them a great disservice.

Located in Hudson NY, this guest house has been said to charge $500 USD for negative reviews left on their website – the money for which comes out of the wedding couples deposit.

“Please know that despite the fact that wedding couples love Hudson and our inn, your friends and families may not,” reads an online policy. “If you have booked the inn for a wedding or other type of event . . . and given us a deposit of any kind . . . there will be a $500 fine that will be deducted from your deposit for every negative review . . . placed on any internet site by anyone in your party.” Page Six

Not only will they keep the $500 if the couple themselves leave a negative review, but if any of the guests do so you’re also in trouble. If the review is deleted, your deposit is fully refunded.

Since this information has come to light, people are quite outraged and many have started leaving negative reviews on the companies Yelp page, with one politely stating:

Just want to keep flushing down their ratings in toilet.

Booooooooooo” Valenz L. on Yelp

Unfortunately, we have been unable to find any official statement from the guest house regarding this issue.

Have you been a victim to a similar story? Let us know.

Image courtesy of Union Street Guest House

Hilton Wants To Turn Your Smartphone into a Hotel Room Key

The Hilton hotel plans on keeping up with the trend and introduce some future tech to its services. Your smartphone will soon act as a room key if you book a room at one of its hotels, granting you the ability to unlock your ‘presidential suite’ by just waving your smartphone at the door.

Hilton is planning the upgrade from 2015, when guests booking a room at the hotel won’t be required to pick up their room at the reception. By 2016, Hilton plans to bring its new technology to all its hotels around the world. In addition to the latter, Hilton plans to add some extra accessibility features, such as checking in or out using your smartphone or tablet. Guests who are constantly on the go on business trips or have a very busy schedule should be pleased by the ability to check in and out, as well as open the hotel room door with just their smartphone or tablet.

The Hilton Honors program also encourages customers to enroll by granting them access to the hotel’s inventory, having the ability to browse and select a suitable room from the ones available. They have been said to even be able to browse the room photos, giving them an idea and ability to choose between different room styles before they make a selection. The hotel stated that this way, its guests can enjoy a pleasant stay and a restful night based on each and every customer’s preferences.

Aside from the above mentioned features, Hilton is also offering guests the ability to choose from a variety of upgrades through the mobile app. For example, a guest could upgrade the size of the room to a higher quality or request special items to be delivered to the room before or after the guest’s arrival. Hilton representatives have stated that over 4,000 Hilton properties will have the digital check-in option available by the end of this year, with additional upgrades coming every 6 to 8 weeks prior to the enhancements achieved by the development team.

As far as support is concerned, the app will be available for both iOS and Android platforms, with some rumors of lower-end devices that support Bluetooth technology are to be considered in order to maximize support. In the end, the Hilton chain will provide the best quality and customer satisfaction, but how about the prices? Will ‘guests’ have to give an arm and a leg to be able to benefit from these ‘select’ and prestigious services?

Thank you Digital Trends for providing us with this information
Image and video courtesy of Digital Trends