The Witcher 3 Runs at 60fps with Intel i7-4790 and GTX980 on Ultra Settings

After the disappointing news that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will lack support for DirectX 12 and a draw distance slider, the German gaming site Gamestar has given us some good news about the game, revealing that, when playing the PC version on Ultra settings, it ran at 60 frames-per-second in 1080p.

The Gamestar staff ran The Witcher 3 on an Intel i7-4790 with 16GB RAM and an NVIDIA GTX980 graphics card, and claim that it was a much smoother build that the preview build showcased by CD Projekt RED in January. The game also boasted NVIDIA HairWorks implementation, while fans of severed limbs flying through the air, CD Projekt RED has released the following new screenshot of the game.

Source: Dark Side of Gaming

New NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X Photos Released

After the first reveal of NVIDIA’s forthcoming graphics card behemoth, the GeForce GTX Titan X, at Epic Games’ GDC event, a series of new photos have now been revealed.

The Titan X is shown next to the GeForce GTX980, and while the chassis is similar, the comparison highlights the sleek black finish.

Another difference between the GTX980 and the Titan X is the lack of backplate on the new graphics card which, according to TechGage, is to aid hot air convection from the GPU and VRAM.

The 6-pin and 8-pin PCIe connectors suggest the card could have a TDP as high as 250w.

Since GDC, we have also learned that the Titan X boasts 8 million transistors, a 12GB buffer, and support for 4-Way SLI. Rumours say that the 28nm GM200 card will also feature 3,072 CUDA cores while running 100MHz slower than the GTX980. Official specifications should be unveiled by NVIDIA at the GPU Technology Conference on 17th March.

Source: Hexus

EVGA Preparing Limited Edition GeForce GTX980 K|NGP|N

The rumors have been going around for a while that EVGA was working on something big, and now it’s here. The world’s most advanced GeForce GTX 980 is arriving soon in form of the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 K|NGP|N graphics card. The card is however a limited edition and is ready for pre-order now.

With a 14+3 phase power design, this new digitally controlled VRM can deliver up to 600A of current, all delivered through 3 power inputs, 8pin + 8pin + 6pin. The ACX 2.0 cooler keeps everything running smoothly and the card has the ability to go single slot with the included bracket. The backlighting inside the cooler can be tuned just to your liking and match your overall colour schemes.

“The power designs for both the GPU and Memory on the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 K|NGP|N graphics card should allow some insane overclocking and some of the highest clockspeeds seen to date. Also, with the new multi-color LED cooler, you can customize the look of the card to fit any system,” said Vince “K|NGP|N” Lucido.

There is a little catch and that is that you have to be a registered EVGA owner to give off your pre-order for the February release of this rarity. Non-owners can still sign up by email to be notified if there should be some left.



To sum up the new K|NGP|N GTX 980 card, it comes with a black backplate, the 14+3 fully digital VRM runs up to 26 degrees colder, has three power connectors, triple BIOS, single slot ready, 12-layer PCB, ACX 2.0 cooling with metal shroud, Memory/MOSFET Cooling plate+, onboard thermal sensors, straight heat pipes, and zero-fan technology.

The card will also come with an “included exclusive item” that so far hasn’t been revealed.

Thanks to EVGA for providing us with this information

Gamer Waits in Queue for Game24 Event and Receives Amazing Prize

With the Nvidia GAME24 event kicking off all around the world, something magical has happened for one lucky gamer in Stockholm, Sweden. Much like anticipating fans of the new iPhone 6 have been doing, he decided to queue for the event which starts later on tonight. The staff at Nvidia noticed this, especially as winter is drawing closer and he has a whopping 13+ hours to wait.

Nvidia took the above picture and uploaded it to the Nvidia United Kingdom official Facebook page with the following caption:

“Meet the first person in our #GAME24 queue in Stockholm, ready for tonight’s event! We LOVE this dedication. To make sure he survives the 13+ hour wait, we’ll fill him up with some snacks during the day”

On top of this, we’ve had a word with Jen Andersson; PR Manager Northern Europe, who told us the following:

“We absolutely LOVE our fans and this shows true dedication. To wait for over 13 hours for the love of PC gaming is truly incredible. Thankfully, the sun is shining and together with a GeForce GTX 980, he’ll feel that it was worth the wait, I’m sure!”

At the time of writing this, the beloved fan has no idea that a brand spanking new GeForce GTX 980 will be landing in his lap later on today, but we can already tell that he will be overjoyed. If you know him, maybe keep quiet as to not ruin the surprise for him.

Nvidia are clearly pulling out all of the stops for this launch, as some industry pals of mine have already won various prizes including GTX 980’s and a Nvidia Shield gaming tablet at the California event several hours ago.

Have you ever queued for anything as long as this guy, and been rewarded for it? Let us know in the comments below.