This Grand Theft Auto V Mod Turns the Game into an RPG

There’s some serious hard work going on in the Grand Theft Auto V modding community right now, and while there are already plenty of unique mods available, this one really caught my interest. Created by LogicSpawn, this GTA V mod transforms the action-adventure game into an RPG that features crafting, skill trees, quests and even dialogue options. After the mod is installed, the player needs to press the Y key in order to activate it.

After a small cinematic sequence, a few choices regarding character development are offered, and then the player can head off to the character creation screen, which offers a plethora of models and outfits. Obviously, you can still play as Michael, Franklin or Trevor if you want to, or you can just go ahead and load up your online character. The mod also includes a few tutorial missions that are meant to familiarize you with the gameplay changes. The minimap provides easy guidance towards merchants and quest givers, many of which offer dialogue options when approached.

The RPG mod for GTA V still needs a bit of work before it can be considered flawless. However, even in its early stages, it dramatically changes the gameplay experience of this incredible game.

Thank you PCgamer for providing us with this information.