Who’s Your Daddy is Easily the Weirdest Game in a Long Time

This has to be one of the most bizarre games ever created and yet it isn’t that bad either. In fact, it could be a fun and addictive game. We’ve seen weird games become a success before, such as Goat Simulator that didn’t have much to do with simulation at all, so maybe the same will work for Who’s Your Daddy.

The title Who’s Your Daddy reminds us more of a line from a cheap softcore movie than a game, but it is a new game. Behind this weird title is a game pits fathers against their babies, yes you read that right, in a 1 vs 1 match where you control either the father or the baby. Your job as the dad is to protect your kid from a horrific and deadly accident in your virtual home, just as in real life, whereas the second player is where it gets bizarre. The second player will control the baby with the mission to try to kill itself before the father can stop it. Now that’s a game principle that we haven’t seen before.

There are all kinds of hazards in a home from power outlets to poison, from ovens to trashcans, and much more, and you can explore all that in this weird game that started out as a fun idea before turning into something marketable.

The game has been successfully funded on Kickstarter, albeit with a small goal, and is now waiting to be greenlit on Steam. If you could see yourself play this game then you should head over to the Steam Greenlight section and vote for it.

Below you can watch the Kickstarter trailer where the man behind the game introduces it as well as some alpha-stage gameplay. Would you play this game or is it just a little too weird for you? Let us know in the comments.

Steam Adds the Option to Permanently Delete Games from your Library

There’s always that one game in your Steam library. Whether you got it on sale thinking it would be good for the price, as a joke with you racking up hundreds of hours on it only for your friends to ridicule you, or even the one a friend got you, just so it’d be in your library forever after you dared play it once. Well now there’s a way to hide your game shame beyond just stashing it in a folder and hoping for it to never see the light of day again, with Valve adding the new option to permanently remove games entirely from your Steam account to their customer support.

Easily accessed by visiting Steam’s support page, followed by ‘games, software, etc’ and then the entry in your library you want to wish a permanent goodbye to. Go through the motions and you’ll find yourself free of it for good. Keep in mind that this isn’t a hide function, nor a refund, anything you remove here is gone for good with no compensation. The feature isn’t perfect either, with any games gotten through bundles requiring you to remove the entire bundle along with it, so the folder of shame may not be retired just yet.

Are you planning to purge any stains on your Steam library? Let us know in the comments below if you want to give that purchase of shame one last moment of light before it’s gone for good.

Is Killing Room a Shameless Rip-Off of Killing Floor?

There has always been a certain grey area in the video games industry when it comes to the difference between a fan-inspired reproduction and basic clone. Bloodbath Kavkaz is a recent example which ripped off Hotline Miami in a clunky and poorly executed manner. The latest entry vying for Greenlight votes is Killing Room and described as a “Rogue-like FPS with permadeath, RPG elements and tons of humour”.

The theme is relatively similar to Killing Floor but doesn’t tread too close to the popular title’s source material. However, the basic gun-play is reminiscent of Killing Floor. Most noticeably, the Killing Room font is identical to Killing Floor and it’s pretty embarrassing. Of course, this could a bizarre coincidence but I think that would be a naive conclusion. Here is a few select quotes from the developer addressing people’s concerns:

“Too late for this – but our graphic artist never heard about Killing Floor, he is just not that type to play such games or even know about their existence so it is pure coincidence and we really cannot check all the time if “this” is similar to “that”, we wouldn’t do anything else, we are small studio. :-)”.

“We decided for name Killing Room because it was best fit for the first game concept we had and we decided to keep it like that. We won’t change our project just because there already is game that everyone knows and has half (oh, isn’t using word “half” also sin? 🙂 ) of the name identical. :-)”.

“In the beginning, we were thinking about “escape game” that is really killing, like Saw or something like that so Killing+Room was the best fit.”

Perhaps, he is struggling to accentuate his thoughts due to the language barrier but some of the responses are fairly weak. Honestly, Killing Room looks like a PlayStation 2 game, and the original Red Faction was more aesthetically pleasing. It will be interesting to see how this Greenlight campaign pans out and if the game will becomes a permanent fixture on Steam.


Do you think Killing Room is a rip-off and should be removed from Steam Greenlight?

Unreal Engine 4 Powered ARPG Age of Blood Gets Greenlit on Steam

Age of Blood, an ARPG game by the indie developers Galaxy Interactive, has recently been greenlit on Steam as well as a complete re-wrap of everything. The game had started out based on UDK, but the goals for the game just weren’t within reach with that. So an almost complete recode and now it all runs on the Unreal Engine 4 and looks better than ever.

Playing as either Cael or Ariet, adventurers find themselves marooned on the Island of Heavens Fall, but after a failed invasion our heroes find themselves locked in a battle against the Scourge, a technologically advanced and psychically enhanced menace not of this world.

Harnessing the power of the gods both Cael and Ariet utilise a vast array of skills specialising in either Necromancy, Demonology, or Angelology. As Cael you’ll engage in bone-breaking close-combat or annihilate your foes from afar in third-person magic based combat incorporating forbidden magic and summoned monsters.

Trapped on Heaven’s Fall island, players will discover long forgotten temples, be challenged to solving nefarious puzzles, explore perilous locations, and ultimately uncover the secrets of the Scourge and a mysterious ancient race with the ultimate goal of banishing the Scourge from the world once and for all.

With the new engine to power everything, a new video and new screenshots have been released to showcase the advancements and some of the different game environments. The goal to get the game on Kickstarter is still existing, but there isn’t a final timeframe on that. As the last update note said, they want to release a great product and that takes time, and that is in my opinion a great thing considering some of the crappy game releases we’ve seen lately.

More detailed information about the upcoming Age of Blood can be found on the game’s official website and the Steam Greenlight page.

The latest trailer for the game can be seen below, and I think I might have to snatch myself this game at the first available opportunity.

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Images courtesy of Galaxy Interactive

Rock Simulator 2014 Is Real, Reaches Steam Greenlight

These days I am never really surprised when we get a new Simulator game. In the past year we’ve had a ton of simulator titles capture the attention of PC gamers including Surgeon Simulator, Farming Simulator, Bear Simulator and perhaps the most popular Goat Simulator. Now there’s a new kid on the block, or should that kid be on the rock because the latest title is just ludicrous. Developers going by the title Strange Panther Games have developed an indie title called Rock Simulator 2014. Yes, that’s right, you can be a rock – everyone’s dream since they first entered this world.

“This simulator is a rock enthusiasts dream. You can watch beautiful rocks in any location in the world, from grass plains to salt flats, there are dozens of hand designed BEAUTIFUL environments.” State Strange Panther Games on their Steam Greenlight page.

Whether or not you think this is a joke, people are buying into it already – literally. The developers just set up an IndieGoGo funding page to kick-start the final development of the game, they are only looking for $5000 so I’m sure they will have no issue achieving that. The game concept is already the 8th most popular of the week on Steam Greenlight. I can’t help but feel they might struggle to get the multi-player take off, I guess they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

What are your thoughts on Rock Simulator 2014?

Source: Steam (Greenlight)

Image courtesy of Strange Panther Games (Steam)

Mech Action Game M.A.V. Heads To Kickstarter And Greenlight

M.A.V. has just hit Kickstarter and Greelight in what looks set to be another interesting addition to the world of mech gaming. Of course there are already a few great mech games out there such as Hawken and Mech Warrior which were developed by huge teams, but M.A.V. is the work of just one man and while there is still a little work to be done, there’s certainly room in the market for one more mech game.

M.A.V. is a 3rd person Mech action game focused on teamwork and tuning your M.A.V. to suit your personal play style. Players take the controls of their personal Modular Assault Vehicle (M.A.V.) and battle it out, fighting a war for freedom throughout several game modes, including the free-for-all Arena mode, the team based Siege Mode, and the much anticipated Campaign Mode.

The campaign mode is the heart of what M.A.V. is about. A persistent battle, with multiple factions fighting it out for complete control. In this mode, everything is on the line and everything can affect the outcome. World events will dramatically change the way the battle plays out. Whether it be that you choose to fight in the daylight, or try to deploy covertly under the darkness of night, or maybe a storm comes in affecting the visibility of the map. Every game will play out differently, every battle will have a story, and every faction will have a struggle to the top.

In M.A.V., there will be thousands of parts to pick from, each with its own stats and appearance. There will be a weapon for every strategy, a cockpit for every style, and an armour plate that always fits just right. And we all know that gamers love to put their personal touch on things, so its always great to see extensive customisation options. There are also lots of cosmetic changes you can make to your M.A.V., from the paint colour of each part, to the camo patterns and colours that the parts have.

Head on over to Kickstarter and Greenlight to show your support.

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Images courtesy of Bombdog Studios.

Put On Your Oculus Rift And Head Down To The Shufflepuck Cantina In New VR Demo

Fancy a drink in a faraway galaxy? Here’s the next best thing: Agharta Studio has today released a new demo of their hybrid role-playing / air hockey game Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe with Oculus Rift VR headset support. This demo serves as a proof-of-concept prototype for Agharta’s plan to create virtual reality adventure games, starting with an unannounced project in early development. Does the name Shufflepuck Cantina sound slightly familiar to you too? Oh please don’t let me be the only one here who remembers Shufflepuck Café, because that game was awesome and whle Shufflepuck Cantina is not affiliated with it, it is a spiritual nod of appreciation towards the 1989 classic.

Shufflepuck Cantina sends a space traveller on an intergalactic pit stop to play air hockey against a variety of amusing aliens. Set in a multi-level watering hole patronized by colourful characters whose back-stories influence their tournament strategies, Shufflepuck Cantina rewards players who explore the surroundings and get to know their competitors. Following an initial mobile release, an enhanced version named Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe debuted for PC, Mac, and Linux in December after being Greenlit by Steam.

The Shufflepuck Cantina Oculus Rift demo sets you loose to explore one of the cantina’s floors as if you were really there. Move your head to scan the room, chat with other patrons, open holographic menus, and engage in friendly (and sometimes not-so-friendly) rounds of air hockey. In creating this demo, the developers redesigned the UI to be comfortable and immersive in virtual reality – characteristics that will carry over into their new adventure game.


Agharta dove into virtual reality development last summer with EpicDragon VR, an arcade game prototype born out of the 3-week VR Jam presented by Oculus VR and IndieCade. EpicDragon VR puts the player on the back of a dragon, soaring the skies of a strange fantasy world while collecting Eggs of Light to counter a catastrophic solar eclipse. The prototype, which the organizers recognized as a VR Jam 2013 finalist, can be downloaded here.

“At Agharta Studio, we like going where no one else has gone. 1112 was the first adventure game for iPhone, then one of the first for iPad. Now we want to be one of the first to make adventures for Oculus Rift,” says Aurelien Kerbeci, the studio’s CEO and co-founder. “While Shufflepuck Cantina is not an adventure game, its quirky world is the perfect place to experiment with virtual reality. Creating this demo gave us a good feel for how to use the Oculus Rift VR headset in an adventure game and we’re now applying what we’ve learned to the adventure prototype we’re working on.”

Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe for PC, Mac, and Linux can be purchased on Steam for $9.99, the Oculus Rift demo is offered as bonus content through Steam, but of course you’ll need to have the VR headset at your disposal.

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Image courtesy of Agharta.

Guncraft Gets Greenlit On Steam, New Trailer Reveals Gun Creation Mode


Exato Game Studios and Reverb Publishing invite players to get ready for an exclusive new feature that demonstrates the power of creativity in the recently fan voted Steam Greenlit, Guncraft, coming July 11, 2013 to online digital retailers and Steam later this summer. Utilizing Gun Smithing, Guncraft players will be able to build up their dream weapons – block by block – each customized with their own unique weapon properties. From the fire rate, ammunition type, explosive damage, custom sights and even weapon size, each weapon feature can be deeply modified.

“We are so thrilled about being Greenlit, it is a dream come true. We literally couldn’t have done it without the support from our amazing fans,” said John Getty, Executive Producer and Lead Game Designer of Exato Game Studios. “Being Greenlit on Steam is really going to unlock the full potential that Guncraft has to offer. Expect a lot of epic things to come in the future.”

With the ability to create such weapons as futuristic miniguns or the infamous grenade launching catgun from PAX East, players will only be limited by their imaginations when creating their signature weapon. The powerful Gun Smithing feature is the same toolset used by Exato Game Studios development team when they create weapons, and fans will be able to unleash their destructive creations when Guncraft officially launches for Windows PC on July 11, 2013.


Thank you Exato Games for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Exato Games.