MSI Celebrates 100 Million Sold Nvidia GPUs with Limited Edition Card

MSI has already sold more than 100 million Nvidia GPUs and to celebrate that milestone they’re launching a new limited edition graphics card, the GTX 970 GAMING 100 Million Editon.

The new card comes with a green-themed TwinFrozr V and is the third colour choice you’ll get for this base card on top of the default black and red and the gold-themed we saw not long ago. Otherwise, the card looks to have the specifications as the normal version, which by the way, is an amazing card. MSI has also revealed that the cards will be shipped with a special gift, but wouldn’t reveal more at this time.

Update: Since the article was written, the card has started to be listed at different shops around the world as pre-order. Overclockers UK is one of them where this Limited Edition card can be yours for £319.99 inc VAT. Estimated time of arrival is set to January 23rd.

Thanks to MSI for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of MSI