GTA V for PC Delayed Again!

Rockstar Games has announced that the release of Grand Theft Auto V for the PC will be delayed again, this time until April 14th. The developer also announced today that Online Heists will now be coming to the console versions on March 10th.

This news marks the third delay to the PC port of the game, sparking anger amongst many PC gamers who have been holding out for it. It’s especially annoying considering the fact that the game was released for consoles back in September 2013 – 17 months ago.

GTAV for PC will be arriving on April 14th at retail and as a digital download. Our apologies to PC gamers worldwide who have been counting down the days until the launch of the game, but a bit more time is needed to ensure that the game is as polished as possible, and to make certain that both Heists and the GTA Online experience are ready to roll out on day one for PC. As a gesture of thanks for your understanding, we will grant anyone who has pre-ordered the game an additional $200,000 in-game cash for use in GTA Online. Rockstar Games

The question now of course, will this be the last delay?

Source: Polygon

Watch: GTA Bird Stunt Montage

We’re all used to stunt montages from GTA, but not bird stunt montages. It was with the ‘enhanced’ version of GTA V on the PS4 and Xbox One that Rockstar included the ability to play as a bird and it seems that one YouTuber has really taken that under his wing.

In this video, 8-bit Bastard on YouTube shows us through a number of hair-raising (for birds) stunts. Plus, there’s some of the more everyday bird activities, such as riding the roof of a train.

Source: Kotaku

GTA V Without Textures is Art

A lot of things get pushed off as art these days. Splattered paint, piles of rubbish, famous paintings in raw data, just to name a few. But what about GTA V without any textures? Is that really ‘art’?

Maybe more so than the others in that list. These images consist of screenshots of Los Santos from GTA V without any textures. Artist Kim Laughton had the idea and her shots are now part of the Monadigital exhibition Flanetrie in China.

The images offer a unique view of the city formed of abstract shapes.

See more of the piece, titled los_santos.obj here.

Source: Gizmodo 

Watch Some Old People ‘Play’ GTA V

There’s a lot of these videos nowadays. Kids, teens and old people get sat in front of a game, piece of old or new technology, an outrageous YouTube video, or pretty much anything else that’ll get an interesting reaction, and they’re just asked to say what they think about it.

Well this time, the latest ‘REACT’ video features a bunch of elderly people attempting to get Michael De Santa to walk. There’s more to it obviously, but a lot of it is just about getting him to walk.

See it and their hilarious reactions for yourself in the video bellow.

Source: REACT on YouTube

Watch: Star Wars Trailer in GTA V – Without Mods

Someone attempted to recreate the Star Wars trailer in GTA V. Now of course, without making any modifications to the game, you’d think that would be a pretty difficult task.

Well Powerlight-13 on YouTube didn’t think so and rather creatively reproduced the entire trailer using only in-game characters and vehicles. It all comes together quite well, but we’ll leave you to decide whether the plane at the end bears any resemblance to the Millennium Falcon.

Source: Kotaku

Anonymous Hacks KKK Twitter Due to Ferguson Threats

As part of their new #OpKKK campaign, the well known internet group ‘Anonymous’ has taken control of the Klu Klux Klans public twitter account in a bid to fight back against some recent actions.

The KKK’s USA branch decided to ‘call out’ Anonymous in a tweet, stating: “We are continuing to read Anonymous threats with much amusement. Still no action taken. #Cowards #HoodsON” in which Anonymous replied by swiftly taking control of the account just mere hours later.

This fight was originally sparked by the KKK stating they will take “lethal force” against Ferguson protestors in the aftermath of the upcoming grand jury decision regarding Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. They did so by distributing flyers around the city marking their claims, this being easily completed due their headquarters being based only 75 miles south of the American town.

Reading “Attention: To the terrorists masquerading as “peaceful protestors”! We will use lethal force as provided under Missouri law to defend ourselves”. Now, Anonymous is known for many controversial take-overs and activist actions in their short history, sometimes in we’ve seen them band together for the good of the ‘common man’. This is another example how a bunch of computer-savvy tech enthusiasts can pit their minds together for good, no matter how illegal it may be.

On Wednesday, a KKK leader appeared on MCNBC to back-up their flyers threats, claiming they support the Ferguson locals and that this campaign had greatly boosted their recruitment drives. On Friday, Anonymous began their attack by doxing KKK members residing in the Ferguson/St. Louis region, then later on taking control of KKK’s twitter account in retaliation to the attacks.

Image courtesy of ZDNET

Thermaltake Launch Five New High Wattage PSUs

Thermaltake has just launched their newest products in the Toughpower and Toughpower Grand series of power supplies. It isn’t just one or two new power supplies we’re presented with this time, but a row of five. Thermaltake has released the Toughpower 1000W, 1200W and 1500W PSUs and the Toughpower Grand 1050W and 1200W PSUs.

The Toughpower 1000W, 1200W and 1500W models have a Gold certified efficiency and use a modular design with flat cables. The 135mm cooling fan is running with an intelligent RPM control that should guarantee optimal cooling at the most silent operation possible. Using high-quality Japanese capacitors and a massive and dedicated +12V rail, these power supplies should provide all the stable power your system needs.

The Toughpower Grand series with the two new 1050W and 1200W models come with the aesthetic optimised chassis, are 80 Plus Gold Certified and Haswell Ready just like their smaller brothers. The cable design is fully modular on these devices, allowing you an even better cable management and optimization.

Again all cables are flat ones to allow for easier routing. Thermaltake used 100% high-quality Japanese capacitors in these models that not only helps with stability but also give a better peak-power than the non-Grand series.

There are a lot of numbers and connections on power supplies, so instead of listing them in a text, I put them in the little chart below to allow you to compare and find the one that might be just perfect for you. All new models have a length of 180mm except for the 1500W model that has a length of 220mm.

The new power supplies are available now and the price ranges from $189.99 to $299.99 for the Toughpower series and $174 to $224 for the Toughpower Grand series at NewEgg. Some of the models include a rebate, so the price might change in the future. Not all of the models have arrived in the UK yet, but some of them can be found while the rest should arrive very shortly.

Thanks to Thermaltake  for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Thermaltake

Steam Weekend Deal – 29/3/13

Steam has gained quite a reputation for amazing gaming deals, and that trend seems set to continue with this latest batch of titles that are set to empty your wallet. Interestingly it seems they are feeding off the recent(ish) news about GTA V and are offering Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes From Liberty City at a very low price of only £7.49.

If you are stuck for something to do this weekend, your ideal solution could be right there, what is more fun than out running the police or just getting your arrest rating up while driving around in a tank? Personally that is my kind of Sunday night.

What if you don’t feel like blowing up stuff in such a “Well, this is silly” kind of way? It seems that they’re offering you a chance to get into the cloak and daggers way of killing people with the most recent Hitman: Absolution. With a huge 75% off, it is at the small time price of £4.99. Now when you get a game for less than a fiver you must question it, but I feel that there is little to regret in buying a game that has been only on the shelves for less than six months and is now offered at a pretty decent price for what you are getting.

Believe me, you are getting enough for your money if not double! That game offers a lot of re-play ability and can be perfect for that weekend of boredom with the family around for Easter. Also, if you are a Planetside 2 player, you will notice that the fast expanding First Person MMO is now doing a Double Station Cash Weekend and that will last until Sunday 11:30PM  PDT, which is 7:30am for those in the UK on Monday Morning. All in all, it seems that Easter is looking up!