This GTA V Mod Lets You Become The Flash

Grand Theft Auto V is definitely one of the most popular games when it comes to modding, and there are quite a few mods out there to choose from, some of which improve the game’s graphics while others are more focused on the main characters. A new mod released by “JulioNIB” allows GTA V players to actually become The Flash, which involves access to some pretty cool superpowers such as running really fast, walking on water or auto-healing. It’s worth noting that the mod does require you to have ScripthookVDotNet installed, but this shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience.

Apart from the Flash costume, you can also download and install the Reverse Flash suit or the Zoom suit, both of which actually look pretty good. Some of the most impressive abilities include a thrown lightning attack, a tornado attack and a supersonic punch attack, all of which can help you to wreak havoc on Los Santos and its unlucky citizens. Below you will find a complete list of features for this new GTA V mod, which you can download right here.

  • Super speed + slow motion (move keys pressed).
  • Bigger super speed + slow motion (move keys + shift pressed).
  • Hyper auto increasing super speed + slow motion (move keys + shift pressed + aim).
  • Slow motion when running can be deactivated in the mod menu.
  • Super jump, bigger speeds = bigger jumps.
  • Wall run, this feature don’t work in some windows because the game don’t respond to the raycasts :(, so, will work in big part of walls, but in some buildings may not work well.
  • Auto healing.
  • Walk over water.
  • Supersonic punch attack (bigger speed = bigger damage).
  • Tornado attack.
  • “Heart Attack” attack.
  • Thrown Lightning attack.
  • Basic melee attacks..
  • Delayed light/blur FX that “follow” player char. when moving
  • Rays that “follow” player when moving.
  • Hijack vehicles, for helicopters you can try to jump close then hold F.
  • Possibility to customize the FX/rays colors in the mod menu, the setting is saved in the actual Suit .ini file.


AI-Controlled Deer Causes Chaos in Grand Theft Auto V

Since Rockstar Games has decided to open up GTA V’s source code to the modding community, the game has been tinkered with extensively, whether we’re talking about transforming players into animals or removing gravity altogether. However, one of the game’s weirdest and most entertaining mods was created by an artist named Brent Watanabe, and it involves an AI-controlled deer that can actually learn where to go in the game all by itself. The deer is completely indestructible and is able to teleport itself anywhere in the GTA V world. Naturally, it gets into trouble often and comes under fire from tanks and even jets, but it was also spotted walking peacefully on the beach under the moonlight.

Apparently, the deer even has its own Twitch channel, which has racked up over 200,000 views. When asked about this particular project, Watanabe has stated the following:

“The most difficult thing during the creation of the project was simply teaching myself to modify GTA V. There is an incredibly active modding community and I figured out how to programme the mod through a lot of forum searches and trial and error. The biggest difficulty was getting it stable enough to run for 12-14 hours at a time without crashing.”

You can watch the deer in action below.


Watch Forza 6 Launch Trailer Made with Grand Theft Auto V

We can easily say that Grand Theft Auto V for PC was one of the biggest games of 2015 and one of the games where we have seen most user-created work originate from. In the past, we mostly saw amazing Skyrim work and while that’s still being created and released, we’ve gotten a whole lot more Grand Theft Auto V content. The mods for the game allow you to take it to the next step, do new things, and recreate quite a few things. The newest remake in that regard is the Forza 6 Launch Trailer that was made entirely with the use of Grand Theft Auto V and its tools.

As mentioned, the entire video that is embedded below was made with Grand Theft Auto V and its tools, but the creator also used a few mods in order to get it just right. Among the mods and tools used were the Project RELOAD GTA V Graphics enhancer, Simple Trainer, and various car mods.

“Come and join us in a whole new world of racing in our brand new games, Forza Theft Auto. Discover the fun of racing simulation while driving in a big open world while also ramming into people and kill them, by guns,” the video description reads.

The creator of the video was inspired by the official launch video several months ago and decided that it was worth a remake in Grand Theft Auto V. To avoid some copyright restrictions, the video was shortened by about 2 seconds over the original trailer and the sound was pitched down. Other than that, it looks pretty sweet and it is some amazing work.

RavevnwestR1, as the YouTuber calls himself, made the video in just a couple of days and also stated that it isn’t perfect. He thinks he could do better, so we might see an upgraded version in the future. For now, you may just enjoy the work he’s already done.

Here  is the original launch trailer for comparison purposes. What do you think? Did RavenwestR1 nail it with his rendition off Forza Theft Auto V? Let us know in the comments.

This isn’t the first remake that RavenwestR1 has made and you can find a lot more cool work on his YouTube channel.

Data Miners Find Evidence of Forthcoming GTA V Story DLC

A group of reputable data miner have made the exciting yet surprising discovery that a single-player story DLC for Grand Theft Auto V is imminent, reports GTA5Cheats. LondonTown2004, an experienced data miner with a strong reputation in scripting circles, dug out some new files which look set to act as a framework for a new DLC management system, specifically for the game’s single player mode.

The data mined files are, as of yet, not installed with the game, but instead are accessible via Rockstar’s QAB server, making their retrieval by LondonTown2004 just a tiny bit illegal, but who cares about the law when we get to find out there’s more GTA V en route?

LondonTown2004 was able to use the files to manually install the DLC management system, at which point he was locked out, with a screen revealing that the DLC must be purchased, suggesting the new story segment will be paid DLC. After some effort, he was able to breach the lock, at which point he found that a new DLC label had been added to the pause screen. This label opens the DLC management system, through which any purchased or activated DLC can be implemented, or possibly even turned off.

Sadly, the data mining did not uncover when the first single player story DLC will be made available by Rockstar, nor what the content of it might be. Fingers crossed that it’s soon.

Grand Theft Auto V Realistic Vehicle Mod Pack is Now Available!

Grand Theft Auto V’s active community has produced a wide array of unusual character mods and custom vehicle designs. However, for the less-experienced user, applying each individual mod can be a laborious process. Thankfully, YouTube user, SteamLOL has compiled a number of user-created vehicle mods into a handy downloadable package. The collection features more than 50 highly-detailed authentic vehicles from manufacturers like Pagani and Mitsubishi.

Please note to install the mod pack, you will need to acquire OpenIV and then download the vehicles from here. The installer creates a backup of the default car setups incase any data becomes corrupt. The collection has an abundance of hypercars but lacks the typical road vehicles. This is a shame as I’d like to see affordable cars from Kia and Vauxhall on the streets too just to mix things up a bit.

Despite this, I’ve always loved to put real vehicles in Grand Theft Auto which adds to the game’s atmosphere and creates a more realistic tone. I’m also impressed with the interiors which are modeled superbly and make each vehicle a joy to drive. Hopefully, more car packs can be released in the future.

Have you installed any mods for GTA V yet?

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Rockstar Editor for GTA V Coming to PS4 and Xbox One Next Month

The Rockstar Editor, available for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V since its release back in April, is finally coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in September. The editor, which allows players to edit, record, and share in-game footage from both Story Mode and GTA Online, will be made available to console gamers with the new game update.

The announcement of the editor’s launch for PS4 and Xbox One was remarkably low-key, tacked on to the end of a post announcing the winner of #illgottengains Rockstar Editor Contest.

The last paragraph of the post reads:

“Congrats again to all our winners and thanks to all our talented entrants. The upcoming launch of the Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One as the next update to Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online means the next Rockstar Editor Contest will be the first one with entries across all three platforms – so the creative competition will be fiercer than ever. Stay tuned for info about that contest and forthcoming update.”

We know that the next update for GTA V is due next month, so it’s safe to assume from the above statement that the Rockstar Editor will be included with it.

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Grand Theft Auto V Mod Aims to Enable Photorealistic Graphics

It’s pouring with Grand Theft Auto V mods out there, and while not all of them deserve to be praised, some have the potential to change the game’s look and feel in a dramatic way. The GTA V mod that caught my attention recently is currently being developed by a Reddit member named “Toddyftw”, and what makes it stand out among other graphics enhancement mods is the fact that it aims to make the game as photorealistic as possible. While Grand Theft Auto V has some pretty impressive standard graphics, there’s definitely room for some improvement as far as realism is concerned.

The mod is probably based on ENBSeries or Reshade, and judging by the images provided by its developer, it will probably need a powerful rig in order to run properly. The screenshots also reveal a slightly dark look, but that’s probably going to change as the mod nears completion. The grass textures, as well as the water puddles, look considerably more detailed and realistic when compared to their original counterparts, and it appears that the lighting effects also received some attention. It’s hard to tell how the mod will look in its final form right now, but hopefully it won’t be too blurry.

Have a look at the screenshots below and make sure to let us know what you think about this GTA V mod.

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Gionight Shows off With GTA V Modded Screenshots

The modder Gionight is best known for his amazing and incredible work with Skyrim and that games modding ability and now it looks like he’s taken a shine to Grand Theft Auto 5. Building a game that allows modding was probably the best choice Rockstar ever made for this game and it opens up the doors for almost anything.

Gionight has been experimenting with ENBSeries for Grand Theft Auto 5 and he has now released the first set of screenshots of his work. And it looks absolutely great. Scrolling past these screenshots and one could easily be fooled by some of them and think that they’re real photos rather than screenshots from a game.

There are landscape shots from close and far, but I prefer the closer ones as they show off more of that amazing detail and work that has been put into it.

As Gionight noted with the screenshots, this is still a work in progress project and more changes are bound to happen between these versions and his final ones.

For now we can just enjoy his work and wish that we were able to do just half of this ourselves.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Gets Just Cause Grappling Hook Mod

Since word got out that Grand Theft Auto 5 can be modded, despite the company doing everything in their power to stop it, everyone went nuts with it. So we have mods that let you access the interior of buildings, shoot cars, lets you play as a police enforcer or even make an animal apocalyptic scenario. But there are many more out there, with other rolling out in the future as well.

The latest one comes from a popular modder who made some other cool mods for Grand Theft Auto IV. JulioNIB released a new mod for Grand Theft Auto V that brings the cool grappling hook gadget from the jungles of the Just Cause world into the city of Los Santos. The mod currently lets users attach the grappling hook to buildings, vehicles and pedestrians. However, there are even more cool things to do with it than just coupling with stuff.

As with the grappling hook in Just Cause, the GTA V mod lets you attach to more than one object at a time, fly to the hook’s attached location, pull pedestrians to your position and even use the parachute to fly while in mid-air if pulling yourself to the hook’s attached location. So it’s pretty much what you’ve wanted to use in Grand Theft Auto titles after you played the Just Cause titles too. Oh and if you want to download the mod, you can find it over at JulioNIB’s blog here.

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Rockstar Changes EULA to Ban GTA V Modders

With a raft of Grand Theft Auto V mods becoming available since the game’s release on PC, Rockstar has taken steps to ensure that such mods don’t impair the online component of the game, changing the end-user licence agreement (EULA) to enforce a blanket outlawing of mods. Any gamer found to be modding their copy of GTA V will be banned from online play, even if the mods are only used in single-player mode.

The revision to the EULA reads:

You agree not to:
[..] reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, display, perform, prepare derivative works based on, or otherwise modify the Software, in whole or in part;
According to the new terms of service, unless there is a change in Rockstar’s EULA, the Grand theft Auto V modding scene, one of the biggest sell-points for the PC version, is not allowed to take off, effectively forcing players to choose between modding their game or the ability to play online.

Users on Steam have taken to demonstrating their dissatisfaction with Rockstar’s new policy by bombarding GTA V with downvotes; negative reviews for the game currently stand at 6,693 out of 36,208 total review, and that number is rising all the time.

As Valve recently learned to its chagrin, mods are a very emotive subject. Hopefully, Rockstar will at least look to some kind of compromise to its draconian policy.

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GTA V – The Way It’s Meant to Be Played – 4K and Nvidia Shield


In September 2013, Grand Theft Auto V finally hit our screens, albeit via the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, consoles that I loved playing on, but which were kept as a lead platform for far longer than they should have been. They weren’t incredibly powerful systems to begin with and time wasn’t kind to them. The buffed up release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sure looked pretty, but they still weren’t the way I wanted to play Grand Theft Auto V, not even close.

The PC release of the game was a mystery for so long, but I kept my faith. I was sure that it will be happening and it comes as little shock that I was right on the money. The only downside to the PC release was that it took so much longer than the console editions to be released. I’ve stuck to my guns and since the original console release, I haven’t played a single minute of GTA V, I don’t know the story and the only things I have seen of the gameplay are funny videos that get posted to YouTube and Reddit.

So why did I wait so long? The promise of 4K gaming, frame rates that are at least above 30, increased texture detail, longer draw distances, mods and the multitude of other graphics enhancements that PC gaming provides us. On top of that, I love my Nvidia Shield and use it to stream games around my house, the prospect of playing GTA V on a tablet while laid in bed is just too tempting. The prospect of playing it streamed to my big screen TV in 1080p at 60FPS with the graphics dialed up to ultra, even more so.

4K Grand Theft Auto V for PC an “Eye-Opener,” Says Rockstar

The long, long, long-awaited PC release of Grand Theft Auto V is nearly upon us, boasting some impressive yet demanding high-end graphical options, including 4K resolution, and developer Rockstar Games has spoken about how the increased resolution will change how players experience the game’s LA-inspired city of Los Santos.

In a Q&A session with Rockstar North developers Phil Hooker (Director of Technology), Klaas Schilstra (Director of Engineering), and Adam Fowler (Technical Director), PC Gamer managed to glean some interesting soundbites regarding GTA V’s graphical upgrade.

“4k is an eye opener when you see if for the first time,” they told PC Gamer. “It really does make you look at the world differently and in greater detail as you would expect. That said, you could probably say the same thing about a lot of the other high-end graphical options and ultimately it will be personal preference which particular resolution and graphical settings that each player decides to settle on.”

Kevin Hoare, President of Rockstar Toronto, also chimed in, reaffirming the recommended specs for the game. “We based our recommended spec on hardware that we knew could comfortably achieve 1080p resolution at 60fps,” Hoare said. “To run the game on a 4K display at 30fps, you’ll need at minimum an AMD HD 7870 or NVidia GTX 760 with 2GB of VRAM. To be able to run the game at 4K resolution at 60fps you’ll need a high-end SLI or Crossfire setup.”

After countless delays, Grand Theft Auto V for PC will be available from tomorrow, 14th April.

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Grand Theft Auto V for PC Comes on 7 Discs, Needs 65GB Storage

Though many gamers will no doubt purchase Rockstar’s much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto V PC version via digital download over Steam, a fair amount will still prefer the old-fashioned physical release. We now know that the retail release comes as a 7-disc box set, the full installation for which will require 65GB of hard drive space.

The game, which launches on 14th April, threatens to push gamer’s PCs to their absolute limit, as evidenced by the recently revealed graphical options. At least the wait is nearly over.

Source: IGN

Preload Grand Theft Auto V Beginning on April 7th

If you have bought your preorder of Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Warehouse of Steam you can start preloading on April 7th. The information comes from the FAQ section on Rockstar’s support site.

Though the April 7th preloading is only for those who purchased from Steam and Rockstar Warehouse. As on the support page it says “If you pre-ordered GTAV from a digital retailer other than Rockstar Warehouse or Steam, please contact your retailer’s customer support departments for details on pre-loads.” Preloading will definitely be needed if you want to play the day it releases since Steam has put the minimum hard drive space requirement at 65GB.

Rockstar Fixes the Duke O’ Death Car Exploit in a Unique Way

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V title had a big multiplayer exploit, where players could bring the Duke O’ Death car into multiplayer sessions, even though it was a single player car only.

Apparently Rockstar patched the exploit, but not the way you think. The company did not state how they fixed it exactly, however it is said that users trying to use the exploit are now blown to bits in a fiery explosion.

The Duke O’ Death car is made to be for single player use only due to its high armour stats and its ability to withstand a lot of damage, making it very unbalanced in a multiplayer battle.

Rockstar proved to take an amusing approach to fixing the bug, an approach that not many gaming companies would take nowadays.

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Rockstar to Re-Upgrade GTA V Graphics

After many disgruntled players complained about an apparent graphical downgrade in the latest update of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (version 1.08) – as catalogued by YouTube user ElAnalistaDeBits – Rockstar Games has reassured gamers that it plans to fix the problem.

A post on Rockstar’s support page reads:

Question: After updating to Title Update 1.08 on PS4 and Xbox One, there appears to be a deterioration of graphical quality. Is Rockstar investigating this issue?

Answer: We are aware of some graphical issues on the Xbox One and PS4 versions of GTAV after the most recent Title Update, and we are investigating a fix now.

Rockstar gives no indication as to when the problem will be rectified, nor whether it will be a separate patch or a part of the next update. If it is the latter, we could be waiting a while.

Source: Kotaku

Did the New GTA V Update Downgrade its Graphics?

It seems that the latest update for Grand Theft Auto V – version 1.08 – has forced a graphical downgrade, according to a video analysis by YouTube user ElAnalistaDeBits, which translates from Spanish as “the analyst of bits”.

ElAnalistaDeBits re-installed the vanilla version of the game and recorded the differences between that and the 1.08 version. The results do seem to suggest that GTA V’s graphics have gotten a little worse with the update, especially concerning vehicle collisions.

The video shows worse anisotropic filtering, worse parallax occlusion mapping, worse draw distance, a downgrade in the vehicle damage system, and increased texture pop-in.

Rockstar Games has yet to comment on the accusation, though it is unlikely for a game developer to admit to making its game worse. Was the decision a trade-off to add the new online heist content? In the meantime, ElAnalistaDeBits is pressing for an explanation with the #FIXGTAV hashtag.

Cue “PC master race” comments in 3 – 2 – 1…

Source: BGR

GTA V’s Los Santos Meticulously Recreated in Cities: Skylines

Despite urban planning simulation Cities: Skylines being available for little more than five days, a keen city designer has already used it to create an accurately detailed facsimile of Grand Theft Auto V’s sprawling metropolis, Los Santos.

Steam user grockfeller, who has made the map available to other Cities: Skylines players through Steam Workshop, described the GTA cityscape:

“Here’s the completely built region of South San Andreas including the cities of Los Santos, Palomino, and Sandy Shores. Ever wanted to challenge and continue the vibrant metropolis of Rockstar Games? Now you can! You’ll have to deal with multiple problems like employment, ecology, waste disposal, and water [sic] gestion.”

Take a look for yourself at the incredible detail that grockfeller has achieved with the Los Santos recreation:

Compare the above to actual screenshots of Los Santos from GTA V:

Source: Kotaku

Grand Theft Auto V PC 4K to Console Comparison

“Is it worth the wait?” is the question that Grand Theft Auto fans about the perennially delayed PC version of the series’ fifth game, and Rockstar have been making great efforts to stress that, “yes, it will be”, with a series of polished screenshots. Now, thanks to Chinese gaming site Gamersky, we have comparison videos and images showing the stark difference between the PC version and those released for consoles – specifically, PlayStation 3 and 4 – last year.

Source: Gamersky

GTA Online Heists Update for Xbox One is a 4.8GB Download

The latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online’s Heists mode is a whopping 4.8GB download for Xbox One, which is the same size as some standalone games. Though the update is not officially available until Tuesday, some users, including Twitter user S7_V7X3, have reported that they received the update overnight.

Xbox 360 users report that the same update is only 1.2GB for the last-generation console.

The latest Heists update brings five new online missions, plus new weapons, masks, outfits, and armoured cars.

Source: Polygon

Textureless GTA V Screenshots Look Beautiful

Digital artist Kim Laughton has turned screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V into moody noir cityscapes. By stripping away textures and apply a grayscale filter, Laughton has created a set of beautiful landscapes with a cel-shaded feel.

The works are on display at’s Flanetrie exhibition, at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. The theme of the exhibition is ‘Flânerie’, the concept of being in and seeing the world, but feeling detached from it, as posited by French poet Baudelaire.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

You Can Rob A Store in GTA V With Nothing But A… SNOWBALL

Grand Theft Auto V has some insane new content, with the latest update providing snowballs to play with. This has pushed gamers to using snowballs to rob a store in the game, which looks hilarious on Kotaku’s Highlight Reel for the year that is now finishing. Check out the video below.

Source: Kotaku.

Target & Kmart Australia Remove GTA V From Their Shelves After Massive Petition

Earlier this week, Target announced it was pulling Grand Theft Auto V from its shelves after it had reviewed the game’s content – obviously a year too late. Well, after this event, Kmart Australia decided it would follow suite, announcing it too had removed GTA V from its shelves.

Kmart spoke with Kotaku, where they said “Following a significant review of all content in Grand Theft Auto games, Kmart has taken the decision to remove this product immediately.” They added “Kmart apologises for not being closer to the content of this game.” Officials over at the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association were asked for their comment, to which they replied:

“Over the past few decades videogames have taken their place alongside film, literature and television as a medium capable of entertaining all ages, including the ability to sustain complex and mature themes for an adult audience that rival similar works in other media. As a result, IGEA are surprised by the recent removal of a popular R18 game from retail shelves given the average age of a gamer in this country is 32. Games should not be treated any differently than books, music, television, or movies rated R18.  IGEA’s members are proud of their compliance with the National Classification Scheme and believe that consumers, which includes parents and caregivers, should be allowed to make informed decisions for themselves.”

Why did Target remove GTA V from its shelves in the first place? Over 44,000 signatures were acquired by survivors of violence, including sex workers, who wanted to see Target remove the game. The petition writes  that Grand Theft Auto V “encourages players to murder women for entertainment.” The petition continues “The incentive is to commit sexual violence against women, then abuse or kill them to proceed or get ‘health’ points – and now Target are stocking it and promoting it for your Xmas stocking. Please Target – we appeal to you as women survivors of violence, including women who experienced violence in the sex industry, to immediately withdraw Grand Theft Auto V from sale.”

Source: Polygon.

Eat Secret Drugs in GTA V, Trip Out and Think You’ve Transformed Into a Chicken

Grand Theft Auto V launched for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today, but there are things being found in the remastered game that weren’t seen before, such as some psychedelic drugs.

The new version of GTA V features Peyote plants that gamers can collect, once you’ve got one, you will eat it and begin tripping out – to the point that you’ll think that you’ve transformed into a chicken. This means Rockstar have spent time on this feature, as you can actually play as a chicken for a small portion of the game, or your trip.

Source: Kotaku.

GTA V PlayStation 4 Rendering Resolution Confirmed!

Next-gen Grand Theft Auto V details are flooding in after sections of the upcoming issues of Official PlayStation Magazine leaked online. The game has been confirmed to feature a 1080p resolution, which is great news for those who have been craving a higher fidelity from Rockstar’s open world epic. Of course, we’re fully expecting this to run around 30fps, such a vast open world hasn’t a chance in hell of hitting the glorious 60fps benchmark on consoles.

“Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4 breathes fresh, oh-so-new-gen life into the greatest game ever committed to Blu-Ray” said OPM. “Farewell, 720p. You served your purpose adequately enough. Still, our eyes have been gagging for 1080p’s pin-sharp pleasures and Los Santos sandbox is only too happy to oblige on PS4, running at a native 1920 x 1080 pixels. For a game erected on hundreds of tiny incidental details, the resolution bump is a huge game changer for GTA V”. they continued.

The game features a more detailed game world, better textures, better lighting, a higher resolution, an increased draw distance, new wild-life, a fully featured GTA online and a 100 new songs! This is the ultimate Grand Theft Auto V experience… for now.

Of course, the PC edition of the game is still in the works and will follow a few months later. If you think 1080p sounds great for the PlayStation 4 release, wait until you see it running with unlimited frame rates, 4K resolutions, even better textures and mods on the PC. No word on the resolution for the Xbox One release, but if current trends have taught us anything 900p can be expected.

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Image courtesy of TweakTown.

Grand Theft Auto V For PC Petition Tops 650,000 Signatures

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto V on consoles, PC users hoped that Rockstar will have some news on a PC version as well. They were wrong, but that was something to be expected since the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV (which was released on PC eventually, only a bit later on). Even so, petitions were bound to pop up from somewhere.

This was the case of Mike Julliard, the man who started the GTA V for PC petition, after he saw an interview with Dan Houser, Rockstar Games’s Vice President, in which Dan pointed out the possibility of bringing the title to other platforms. This is due to Rockstar being a third-party developer, entitled to the freedom of deciding when and where to launch it.

With no news of the PC version under way, Julliard started the petition well ahead its launch. By the time it was released on Xbox, the petition had reached 500,000 signatures, with it having more than 650,000 today. The petition’s target is to reach 1 million signatures and afterwards present it to Rockstar. However, some people think that the current petition and signatures alone served its purpose, and it’s hard to believe Rockstar hasn’t heard about it.

The question now remains if the game will be out sooner, rather than later. But the most important think to ponder about is if the game will simply be a cheap porting of the console version or a whole new PC-oriented release. The petition can be seen (and signed if you are a PC gamer and are currently eagerly awaiting the PC version release) here.

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Rockstar Games Pointing Hints Towards Upcoming Grand Theft Auto PC Release

Rockstar Games had kept it quite when referring to “GTA V” on PC by not answering any queries and refusing to even acknowledge the fact that a decision about GTA V PC might be in the works. Now however they have suddenly started replying to everyone with the following message “Keep an eye out for info on that on our newswire page: “. This is not a confirmation but its a major improvement over their no-comment motto so far. It also means that the probability of an announcement coming has skyrocketed in a split second.

Also take the news with a grain of salt, because there is always the chance that Rockstar finally decides not to go ahead with that. Given the news that the Next Gen consoles’ architecture is strikingly similar to the PC architecture, and that Rockstar, like every other gaming company, strives to make a lot of money, then it would only be logical for the PC version to come out at the same time or later after the Next Gen release.

As a conclusion, an exclusivity agreement to Next Gen consoles will be the only thing stopping the Grand Theft Auto V to be released on PC, and the probability of that ever happening is next to nothing.

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