MSI Unveils Limited Edition GTX 980Ti Golden Edition

MSI has announced the GTX 980TI Golden Edition to celebrate its successful launch of the GTX 980Ti range. Some of you might remember the eye-catching GTX 970 Golden Edition which adopted a similar aesthetic design to MSI’s latest entry in the graphics card market. This particular card features a core clock of 1190 MHz and factory overclocked boost reaching 1291 MHz.

Obviously, this can be improved further via manual overclocking and I would expect around 1450MHz on the boost clock. Although, your results may vary due to the silicon lottery. Furthermore, this compares rather nicely to the MSI Gaming 980Ti which utilizes a 1178/1279 configuration. The 980Ti Golden Edition is equipped with 6GB GDDR5 RAM operating at a speed of 7096 MHz. In terms of connectivity, the GPU has three DisplayPort connectors, HDMI and Dual Link DVI-I.

The MSI GTX 980Ti Golden Edition opts for dual 10cm Torx fans and the highly-acclaimed Twin Frozr V cooling design. This includes an all-copper heatsink and heatpipe with anti-oxidation treatment. As a result, the GPU is cool, quiet and has headroom for large core, boost and memory overclocks.

It will be interesting to see how the graphics card performs compared to other high-end models from Gigabyte, Asus, EVGA and more.

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