EVGA Announces Low Power Nvidia GTX 950

Even with Pascal just around the corner, Nvidia and their partners are continuing to release some new Maxwell GPUs. Today, we’ve been treated to a new lineup of Nvidia’s GTX 950 from EVGA. The biggest and one of the few differences between the new GTX 950’s and the old ones are the reduction of TDP from 90W to 75W. In all other regards, the cards are just the same old GTX 950 we’ve come to expect.

Like the ASUS and MSI cards from before, these new GTX 950’s are somehow able to reduce their power consumption from 90W down to 75W while using the same die. Some of the 75W TDP models retain the 6pin PCIe power connector, allowing them to reach 1127Mhz base and 1317Mhz boost clock. For the ones that delete the 6pin PCIe power connector, they peak at a lower 1075Mhz base and 1253 boost.

For the segment of the market the GTX 950 targets, any reduction of power consumption is important. Not everyone has a PSU with a 6pin connector and removing it makes sense if you can keep the same performance characteristics. There is a total of 8 new cards EVGA has launched today and they are all available now.

More Details For Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 Emerge

We brought you news last week that Nvidia was preparing a more budget friendly cards in the form of the GeForce GTX 950 and 950Ti. Now, more information has been revealed about the upcoming cards, pointing to a singular release for the GTX 950 alone. As expected the GPU will be the GM206-250, supposedly a cut-down version of the GM 206-300 used in the mainstream GTX 960.

No information about the core configuration has been revealed yet, but we can make some educated speculation. As replacements for the Maxwell 750/750Ti, it is unlikely the 950 will be the same as the 750 which has a core configuration of 512:32:16 (Shaders:TMU:ROP:). That either points to 640:40:16 like the 750Ti or something with more oomph like 768:40:24. Remember, if Nvidia does plan on a 950Ti in the future, it has to leave enough room for it to make sense, so the 950 launch may be a good indicator to see if we ill get a Ti version in the future. The GTX 960 comes in at 1024:64:32 so at the very least, the 950 likely won’t hit higher than 896:40:24 in order to get the most out of imperfect GM206s. On the other hand, purposefully lasering off parts, especially on the 28m process where yields are high is also suboptimal.

On the memory side of things, the information suggests that the 950 will come in either a 2GB or 4GB configuration, much like the 960 it is based on. That would put memory capacity at double the 750/750Ti and the previous 650 series. The memory numbers suggest a 128Bit bus, and it is unlikely it will be any higher as the 960 only comes with a 128Bit bus. The 2GB-4GB frame buffer points to a target resolution of 900 or 1080p like the 960 but likely at a lower playable quality. Final specifications are DVI, HDMI and 3 DisplayPorts, similar to the 960. With no launch date yet, it will be interesting to see what Nvidia brings to the table as the AMD side of things with the R7 370 is less than optimal.

Thank you Videocardz for providing us with this information