Check Your Google Account Settings – Get 2GB of Extra Storage

Hacks are everywhere these days, from your telephone company to kids toys. So in order to make you a little more aware, and to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016, checking the security of your Google account settings will grant an extra 2 GB of free google drive storage.

In order to claim this freebie, you will need to perform five steps. The first is to check your recovery information, after checking your recovery phone number, email and security question you can then move on to checking which devices are authorised to connect to your account, removing those that shouldn’t have permission.

The third step is checking your account permissions, this is every app that has permissions on your account. Remember that app you downloaded for fun? It has permissions you don’t want it to have, so it can go. Once that’s done, you can check your 2-step verification settings, a little extra security to make it harder for others to access your account.

Once this is all done just click Continue to account settings and get your 2 GB of free Drive storage. While you shouldn’t have to be promised free stuff to make sure your accounts are safe, it’s always nice to see companies interested in your security. Check your other accounts and help yourself avoid the pain of being hacked.