Fair Use Limits Challenged by ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ as 569 GIFs

In a challenge of just how far the fair usage doctrine can be pushed, Jean-Baptiste Henri Franck Cyrille Marie Le Divelec has released his project 2001: A Gif Odyssey. The work is a comprehensive construction of the Stanley Kubrick sci-fi classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey, using only GIF images, 569 of them to be exact. Le Divelec accurately sliced the film into small enough chunks that they could be saved as individual animated gif images and repeated this for the entire 161-minute runtime of the film, which is a lot of effort just to test a point.

Fair usage is a principle that allows people to use small amounts of copyrighted materials for the purpose of commentary, criticism, parody, news reporting, scholarship or research. This protects artists who make work based around or criticizing copyrighted works, but also limits the amount of the original work that they can make use of, to also protect the original copyright holders.

Gif images have had a varied history with fair usage, as while for the majority of the time, the small amounts of content that can be contained within one of the images is too small for most copyright holders to care, recently, NFL and others have tried to stop users from posting gifs to Twitter and other platforms. This is where Gif Odyssey comes in, with each gif individually being argued as fair usage as criticism, but, as a whole, does this change matters? “Will this page get shut down? Will the fair use doctrine prevail? Will it break the internet? Only time will tell.” says Le Divelec in the release trailer for the project.

Currently, the project is hosted on Giphy and devoid of any audio, with the gif images containing subtitles in its place, but Le Divelec aims to create his own website to host it in future and include the soundtrack, which is free of copyright. If it doesn’t get taken down first at least.

Mathematical Equations In The Form Of Arty Animations

And now for something completely different, there has always been a drive for new and innovative tech applications, from transformers style political illustrations to the latest in gaming titles, tech is always moving in different directions.  This avenue is an educational yet quite fun way to convey mathematical Equations and formulas in the form of a moving map art display.

Below is the first GIF, this is, well, a sumo wrestler if I am not mistaken, now, I have had to research these as I am not a mathematical genius and it turns out this is an “epicycloid or a plane curve that is produced by tracing the path of a chosen point of a circle.  This is therefore called an epicycle which rolls without slipping around a fixed circle


Next up below is what appears to be an early 2000s music player pattern, this in fact conveys “Fermat’s Spiral” or also known as a “parabolic spiral” and follows this equation or the below image follows this equation r(θ) = a*sqrt(θ)




Next up below is what looks to be a hypnotizing eye, it’s not thankfully but represents a Hyperbolic Spiral and is also known as a “transcendental plane curve or in this case a Reciprocal Spiral“. If you’re wondering what that is then it is defined as a “spiral in which the length of the radius vector is inversely proportional to the angle through which it is turned”, The polar equation of a reciprocal spiral is r = 1/θ”.

Last up below is what video games looked like years ago, anyway, this is defined as “Grid Art using Equations and Inequalities” in basic terms an “inequality means finding all of its solutions. A “solution of an inequality is a number which when substituted for the variable makes the inequality a true statement”.

In layman terms, it’s a mathematical ghost.

Even though these are slightly complicated they are pieces of artwork that are fascinating and present a subject in an engaging way, If I had not found these then I would not have naturally searched for high-end mathematical equations.

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Love Pixel Art? Check out These Stunning 8-bit GIFs of Japan

Japan has evolved to a somewhat juxtaposition within today’s fast moving tech world but has still kept its identity and influences from the past. It’s difficult to quantify how life moves within a new direction considering we as humans live through and are not aware of the imperceptible per day changes. Tumblr creative individual 1041uuu has turned everyday life of Japan into 8 bit GIFs, which are both stunning and also simply yet colorfully distil a perspective of this country.

Below is the wonderful GIFs which really do capture the imagination, they also add that old tech vs new surroundings feel to each piece.

The build up of colour for this image below is fantastic and it demonstrates the evolution of Japan’s skyline which is dominated by skyscrapers.

This GIF below has very few animated elements, all you really see move is the rain drops, by doing this you feel that you are not rushed and can therefore sit back and admire the artwork.

I would say the next three GIFs would be my favourites of the ones I have selected for this article, the reason for this is that all three perfectly encapsulate how the digital revolution has changed not only Japan but also large swathes of the world.  The train feels as if it’s from a different era while the passengers are all without exception focused on their Smartphones.

Old style tech on the right of this GIF which is a bulky TV with built-in video player with what looks to be a PC tower from years gone by, this is blended with a new laptop on the table with, well a unique, yes lets call it that, fish tank on the left.

This last GIF again demonstrates how things have evolved within a short space of time, from the fluorescent green of an arcade machine to the latest MP3 player which is currently being used.  This could also be a perfect observation of many people’s life’s over the years who have bought each new piece of tech.

These GIFs are colourful, creative and have hit the nail on the head in a subtle yet powerful way, by all means take a gander at 1041uuu Tumblr page for more GIFs, link is below, it’s certainly worth it.

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Tumblr TV Is the Latest GIF Video Player on the Web

Tumblr just added a GIF search engine earlier this month and it now launched yet another GIF dedicated feature, namely Tumblr TV. From the looks of it, the feature aims to be a 9GAG.tv service, but for GIFs.

Unlike its GIF search engine, users don’t have to be logged into Tumblr to use the feature. Users will see that the player automatically starts in full-screen mode, but it’s not that great since GIFs tend to have a low resolution.

The feature is called ‘TV’ because it lets users pause, play and navigate to the previous and next GIF. With it, Tumblr says it wants to give users more ways of fiddling with its GIF feature. However, the social media platform doesn’t have integrated sharing options, which means that GIFs cannot be shared on your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

It’s a shame to see Tumblr miss out on further promoting its service through third-party sharing features, but Tumblr hopes this will attract more users to one of its popular ‘exclusive’ features, namely GIFs. The feature is now available on the web, but Tumblr hopes to bring it on the mobile version soon as well. You can view the feature and what it has to offer by clicking the following link.

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Image courtesy of Tumblr

Facebook Messenger Gets its First Game

Facebook seems to be thinking of allowing games on its Messenger platform in the near future. The first one spotted on the platform is said to be Doodle Draw Game and although it’s nothing fancy, it still is the first one to pave the way for developers eyeing the platform’s potential for game development.

Doodle Draw is not the first third-party app that can be found on Facebook’s Messenger platform. The company allowed other developers to add apps that allow users to share GIFs and sound effects in the past, but the game addition really opened the market for the platform.

This is not necessarily good news for everyone and Facebook should tread carefully here too. We all are familiar with how game developers tend to spread the word and promote their games with inviting spams and automatic wall posts for achievements or other in-game activities. I don’t think users will enjoy the same marketing strategy on their Messenger too.

Still, this marks the beginning of a whole new market to both Facebook and other game developers out there. Although Facebook is not currently taking anything out of what developers earn from their apps on Facebook Messenger, they may be able to start making a small fortune in the future out of it. Let’s just hope people will still be using their platform and not run away from all the pesky marketing ads.

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Facebook Now Supports GIFs

Brace Yourself! A flood of GIFs on Facebook are coming! Finally, Facebook is rolling out support for GIFs. Other Social Networking sites like Google Plus has supported this for a while. Facebook has not laid out full support at this time; the support is conditional and requires you to have the GIF hosted on a different server, like Imgur or Tumblr and then drop the link of the file in your status. Uploading the GIF to Facebook will convert it into a static file and the result will no longer be the one that is desired at least at the time of writing.

Here is the static image showing the GIF play button on Facebook.

The animated GIF can be played / activated by clicking the “GIF” button encircled by a dotted line in the center of the image. You can check out some animated GIFs in action in this Facebook group. It looks like the functionality is still being rolled out, so if it might not work for you just yet.

To spice this development up, an incredible awesome trick to share YouTube video in GIF format appeared yesterday on Reddit. To pull this off, just add “gif” before www.youtube.com/[id] which makes it www.gifyoutube.com/[id].

This is a desirable change which should have come long ago, but better late than never, it is finally here. Let us know your opinions on this change.

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Imgur Introduces New GIF Format

The popular image sharing website, Imgur, has introduced its new GIF format. The company announced last year that it had a plan to reinvent the GIF, and now it has, sort of.

The company’s format is called GIFV, which claims to provide much higher quality GIFs. GIFV is all part of the site’s new ‘Video to GIF’ service, which allows you to turn any streaming video into a GIFV.

However, while it’s simple to convert any streaming video to a GIFV, it’s not exactly that easy to use it anywhere. Outside of Imgur itself, a GIFV requires users to post an embed code if they want to use it on a website. This means it could be difficult for social media use and for e-mail.

You can try it out for yourself at Imgur.

Source: Imgur

YouTube Testing GIF Maker

Surely this is the biggest tech story of the year – soon you’ll hopefully be able to make GIFs from any video on YouTube with no effort whatsoever.

Well obviously it isn’t that big of a story, but it still looks pretty cool. Only available on the PBS Idea Channel (for now), the tool is embedded directly into the YouTube share functionality, allowing you to make 5 second GIFs from any portion of video as you wish.

You are then offered a link and an embed code, to use just as we’ve used bellow.

Source: The Next Web

IMGUR To Give The Common .Gif an Impressive Upgrade

The Gif format has been around since the late 80’s, now used extensively online for sharing animated clips, which is ironic given that the format wasn’t even intended to be used for animation. There are many issues and glitches that plague the out of date format, but until now there hasn’t been a suitable replacement, or at least none that have been widely adopted.

Imgur are one of the biggest image hosters around, used by people on forums, reddit and other sites to upload and quickly share images with each other. Now they’re taking the humble .gif and are replacing them ALL with Project GIFV; effectively Gif Video.

The upload limit on Imgur has been increased to a whopping 50MB, which once would have output a file of the same size, but now a 50MB Gif will be automatically converted by the Imgur computers and it’ll spit out a 3.4MB GIFV file that looks and behaves just like a gif, but it’ll load faster, smoother, have better image quality and a significantly reduced file size, which is effective witchcraft.

  • Massively Increased Upload Limits: With the efficiencies introduced by MP4, Imgur is increasing its traditional GIF upload limit of 5MB by an order of magnitude to 50MB. This opens the door to massive improvements in quality. (Note: Original files over 20MB will not be available after upload)
  • Optimized for Social Channels: Uploads to Imgur will now fully animate on channels like Twitter and Facebook, allowing for the sharing of the full GIF experience throughout the social web.
  • The .GIFV Extension: With all these improvements, Imgur will now denote converted MP4s with a “.gifv” extension. The intention is to signal to users throughout the Internet that these links will feature a GIF experience that incorporates all the current and future enhancements made through Project GIFV. Imgur plans to submit an accompanying specification to relevant standards organizations before the end of the year.

The .gif files are converted to MP4 video, but then spits them back out in a gif style format that means users won’t know anything has changed; aside from the fact they load fast, look incredible and are just all round better! The now 27 year old image format has been reborn. Check out these demos to see for yourself.

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Turn Any YouTube Video into an Animated Gif

This site isn’t that new, at least the domain was registered all the way back in 2010, but I hadn’t seen or heard of it before. It isn’t much in itself, but it’s very useful for quickly creating animated memes to bombard your friends with.

It all works very simple. You start by editing your URL of the video and just change youtube.com into gifyoutube.com. The page will load the video, you set the time to start and length and hit generate. A short while later you’re presented with an animated gif you can download and share.

No need to fuzz around with any third party tools, youtube rippers or similar. To be clear though, this is technically a third party tool as it has nothing to do with YouTube/Google. The project is built by the team behind the super GIF-centric messaging app Glyphic.

The tool is very basic and you can’t set exact frame grabs, but it’s a great little tool to quickly create and send between friends.

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Images courtesy of TechCrunch.

New Graffiti Artwork Uses GIFs as Modern Street Art

Pedestrians walking down the streets of London have been greeted with some amazing and funny works of art. This is the making of Guus ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier, who apparently used a picture frame around an iPad to display some of their GIF artworks, taping the device in various places for people to enjoy and be amazed.

The colorful, lively and funny GIFs have been an eye-catcher for people walking down the streets, having them stop, take notice and even take some pictures of what the two artists displayed. It is said that after the GIFs got some attention, ter Beek and Sarier would then remove the iPad and place it in another location, recording people’s reactions as they walked past or stopped to admire them.


The two are said to be working in advertising, but also enjoy creating art projects on the side. They are said to be constantly showing each other GIFs, which is how the two came up with the project to “integrate the world of GIFs with our favorite hangouts.” The GIFs have also been chosen to ‘reflect their surroundings’, having an infinite hamburgers GIF for example placed in an area where food franchises are present.

However, ter Beek and Sarier are not the first to get creative with GIFs. The Photographer’s Galley in London and the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City are also housing similar forms art.

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Images and video courtesy of Mashable

You’ve Been Saying GIF Wrong Says Founder, It is “JIF”

Steve Wilhite, the one who invented the GIF format back in the late 1990s, has come out to publicly tell people that the Graphics Interchange Format is actually pronounced “JIF” not “GIF” when using its abbreviation.

Sure anyone could of found out this had they of bothered to do some research but for some reason “GIF” seems to have taken off a bit more instead of “JIF” and who really cares enough to investigate it, right?

“The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations. They are wrong. It is a soft ‘G,’ pronounced ‘jif’. End of story,” Wilhite said in an interview.

After 26 years of saying it wrong, the internet community needs to shape up its act. I am sure this revelation will have thousands of hardcore internet users needing to change there ways.

This isn’t the first term popularity has taken off over the true pronunciation. Take for instance the GNOME project. Most people pronounce it “nome” opting for a silent G, must like a garden gnome. However, it is actually pronounced “ge-nome” and the G is supposed to be pronounced.

Have you been saying GIF wrong all your life?

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