Tesoro Launches the Lobera Spectrum Per-Key RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Tesoro has just launched the Lobera Spectrum Per-Key RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard featuring 9 LED effect modes, namely dimming, full zone, trigger, ripple, firework, radiation, rainbow wave, and instant recording for every key and USB pass-trough. The keyboard is said to let users customize any color to any key and comes with 5 brightness levels and 5 distinct profiles to store them.

In terms of feature, the Lobera comes with Audio Mode which make the LEDs of each individual key dance to the beat of the tune played and a Switchable N-KEy Rollover and USB 6 key Rollover that make the keyboard immune to ghosting or jamming. Together with the 1000 MHz polling rate, it helps ensure no keystroke is missed and with instant game mode switching, users don’t have to worry about accidental key pressing.

The Lobera Spectrum also comes with a pass-through hub with audio and mic jacks and 2x USB 2.0 ports with a DC-in jack allowing gamers to charge their smart phones and tablets directly through the keyboard. Gamers are also able to instantly program macros across the whole keyboard, switch the profiles with just a few keystrokes that require just one hand and also are able to take the macros to another computer with the 512k Built-in Storage.

The keyboard uses Kailh switches rated for 60 million keystrokes and high quality Costar stabilizers, while rubberized feet with tilt control are preventing it from slipping during intense gameplay. The Tesoro Lobera Spectrum is available in North America at Amazon and Newegg for a suggested retail price of $149 and comes it Kailh Blue, Black, Brown and Red mechanical switches.

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AOC Reveals First Affordable High-End 4K Resolution 28″ Display In London

The display industry has been cooking up new ways to improve our visual experience for some time now, from 3D features to Virtual Reality gear which isn’t quite ready just yet. However, the latter is not always useful in all areas, therefore the focus has been shifted to 4K technology it seems.

Whether designing, gaming or entertainment activities is in order, 4K technology will always do the trick. This might have sounded appealing to most in the past, but actually acquiring one meant selling an arm and a leg, since the prices were well into the thousands and even more in some cases. No, the price has drastically dropped to around £600 or less for most 4K displays which also meant a drop in specs, but not for AOC and their new 28″ display it seems.

AOC has revealed this first affordable gaming high-spec 28″ display, the U2868Pqu, at the PC Retail Bootcamp event in London. It features a 1ms response timing, which means users do not have to worry about ghosting problems at all, a 300 cd/m brightness rate for high contrast and a 60 Hz refresh rate. These features can be found on its 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution, making it a must-have item when it comes to enthusiastic gamers or even designers.

In terms of connectivity, the U2868Pqu comes with Dual-Link DVI, HDMI and Display Port support, having additional built-in speakers. However, gaming enthusiast will not be quite fond of the speakers, but nonetheless it comes as an additional support when in need of an output device.

In terms of a specific price, Amazon.co.uk has listed the display at a price of £537.60, giving it a release date set for the 1st of June.

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