Genius Reveals the NX-7000 BlueEye Sensor Wireless Mouse

The NX-7000 is the newest wireless mouse launched by Genius, a company that specializes in manufacturing smartphone/tablet accessories and computer peripherals. This brand new mouse boasts something called BlueEye technology, which allows it to operate flawlessly across any surface, whether we’re talking about wood, plastic, glass and even a sofa or a carpet. Moreover, since it operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, interference with your wi-fi environment is completely out of the question. As far as resolution is concerned, the NX-7000 comes with 1200 dpi, which is definitely enough for casual web browsing and gaming. The product boasts a basic design with curvy edges that improve the user’s comfort during prolonged use.

It’s worth nothing that the Pico receiver included in the package can connect to 6 additional Genius mice that are a part of the NX-7xxx series, and with a Micro Traveler 9000R V2, which is one of the world’s smallest rechargeable wireless mice. The NX -7000 is powered by one AA alkaline battery and is accompanied by a SmartGenius app that can be used to control its scrolling speed. It is available in five different colors, namely Passion Red, Elegant White, Calm Black, Spring Green and Ocean Blue.

Wil you be picking up a Genius NX -7000 wireless mouse?

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Genius Booth @ Target Open Day 2015

Target Open Day 2015: Genius are one of the most recognisable brands on the market, sure they’ve not pulled a lot in terms of high-end hardware, but they’ve proven time and time again that they can make cost effective solutions for almost every desktop peripheral you’re likely to need. They’ve got all their latest keyboards, headsets, speakers and more on show here at the B2B Target Open Day event, and I must admit that their gear is starting to improve.

Their new GX speakers look a little garish, but they’re not without their charms and they pack plenty of punch that will no doubt appeal to gamers.

A little more refined, the smaller GX speakers look pretty smart and have decent quality drivers for a low price. I would prefer an option to have pop-off covers on them, but overall these are pretty good desktop speakers.

their latest gaming keyboard features thumbster keys, as well as a range of quick launch, multimedia and macro controls. The chassis is a little wider than I would like, but overall, it’s a good looking keyboard and it’s pleasant to type on.

There’s a lot more to come from today’s show, so stay tuned for more!

Apple Developing Algorithm System To Speed Up Genius Bar Wait Times

The quality (and the subsequent price) of Apple products means that it’s not that often that owners find themselves needing service. But when they do, the first place most turn to is the Genius Bar, at their local Apple Store. But, as the hilarious Genius Bar Tales Twitter account informs us, it can get quite busy with people asking stupid questions. So if you have a genuine issue, and want to get an appointment in-between all of the teenagers asking why Instagram isn’t working on their iPhone, it can mean quite a wait.

Well, Apple apparently has a solution to that. The ever reliable 9to5Mac reports that the company is developing a new system that will allow people to just turn up to the Apple Store with their issue. They say that a new algorithm system will mean that a customer can simply inform any staff member of their issue and they’ll immediately be given an estimate of how long they have to wait.

The staff members will input the customer’s issue into a custom iPhone, and then a special app will strategically place the customer in a queue based on their complaint. If it’s a simple problem, like being unable to sign into iCloud, they’ll go straight to the front of the queue as it can be fixed and got out-of-the-way quickly. If it’s a complex issue, like a MacBook with a blinking display, they’ll be pushed further down the queue as so more time can be allocated to them. Following this, customers will then receive three text messages – one informing them of the wait time, another telling them to head back to the store, and a third informing them that the ‘Genius’ is ready and waiting.

As Apple apparently deems most Genius Bar visits to be minor and quick to fix issues, the notion of putting those appointments first makes sense.

Source: 9to5Mac

Genius Releases GX Gaming Maurus X FPS/RTS Gaming Mouse in North America

Genius has launched the GX Gaming Series Maurus X FPS/RTS gaming mouse, in North America. With its large, ergonomic design, customizable lighting, six buttons, and quick-change DPI function, the Maurus X looks like it could offer a great and budget friendly solution to the gaming world. We’ve got full spec and details below, although I’m curious if this will be better than the Shogun Bros MK-1.

Bigger is Better
Larger and heavier than the original Maurus, the Maurus X is designed for maximum comfort, so gamers can play for hours without experiencing any wrist or hand soreness. And thanks to its 50g (1.8oz) metal weight, precision movements can be executed with ease.

Performance Plus Style
The Maurus X not only performs like a high-end gaming mouse, it looks the part too. The rear logo and mouse wheel light up in a bold red, and the intensity and pulse rate can be modified. Meanwhile, the top of the mouse features a polished black and red surface, while the sides have textured, rubbery grips for total control.

Assign Up to 8 Macros
All six buttons, plus the scroll up/scroll down mouse wheel inputs, are fully customizable, so gamers are able to assign up to eight macros. The intuitive Maurus X GUI makes creating macros a breeze, and also lets users quickly switch between five profiles.

Adjust DPI on the Fly
Changing the DPI on a mouse has never been easier. With a press of a button, gamers can adjust the DPI from 800 up to 4000. Plus, with its overclocking SG-Core-i sensor and up to 1000hz adjustable polling rate, the Maurus X provides highly accurate targeting even at low DPI settings.

Price and Availability
The Maurus X is currently available in North America for the suggested retail price of $49.90.

Technical Specifications:

  • Image processing: 6400fps
  • Acceleration: 20G
  • Motion detection: 60IPS
  • Lift height: 1-5mm
  • Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 4cm (4.7 x 3.2 x 1.6in.) (L*W*H)
  • Weight: 178g (6.3oz)

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