Microsoft’s Tossup App Gets You And Your Friends Together Faster

Microsoft is a large company which almost everyone who has a computer has heard of. They do everything from Office to Windows 8, yet few have heard of the Garage. No this is not where Microsoft make super stylish cars, but it is where they tinker with ideas.

The garage is noted as Microsoft’s “24-hour idea factory”, and rightly so as some of their ideas have been made into full-blown programs and been released to the public. Mouse without Borders, a program which lets you control up to four computers with a single mouse and keyboard started as a garage project, the same can be said for Bus alarm a program designed to wake people when they are near their bus stop. Even Microsoft use programs like CodeFlow, a program designed to review their code and was originally created in the garage.

Their next app for general use is called Tossup and hopes to help you and your friends make those hard decisions by general opinion. Tossup is designed to let you create a question and then poll your friends, getting their opinions and responses in an easy to manage set-up. This means you can quickly ask a question to all your friends about where to go for food, what movie to go see or even where to meet up. With Tossup you can easily get people’s responses without having to chat, text, email or remember everyone’s responses. It should be noted that at the time of writing the App is only available on Android and iOS, meaning windows phone users are missing out on this app.

As someone with a terrible memory (what am I doing here again?) and who is often charged with organizing things, a little app like this could come in handy. Do you often organize things? Do you have an app which does the same thing and is already released?

Thank you Microsoft Garage for the information and images.

Jay Leno Tests Out Two New Cars From Gran Turismo 6

Jay Leno has driven 2 cars from the PlayStation 3 game Gran Turismo 6 for the latest film episode of, his own 1000 horsepower Oldsmobile Toronado and also the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo concept car designed especially for the game.

World famous for his car collection, Leno is the first person outside Mercedes-Benz to drive the one-off concept car, launched at the recent LA Auto Show. Using a radio controller, he piloted the car through his LA garage.

The 1966 Toronado is the second of Jay’s cars to feature in Gran Turismo. The first was his Tank Car, a behemoth of a dragster powered by an engine from a Patton tank.

“We love Jay’s knowledge and enthusiasm for cars,” said Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi. “It’s great having the Toronado in the game. I have driven it in the game and it’s a real challenge.”

The Toronado mixes 21st Century chassis, suspension and twin-turbocharged engine from a Chevrolet Corvette with a 1960’s body. The result is a monster of a muscle car. In the film Leno gives an insight to gamers in how to tame the Toronado.

“My Tank Car was in the previous game so it’s great the PlayStation guys wanted my Toronado in this time. It is in the same class as Le Mans cars because it has so much power. It is a real handful to drive.”

Mercedes-Benz brought the AMG Vision Gran Turismo to Jay’s garage directly from the LA Show. The Vision is the first of a series of concept cars, from various manufacturers, made for Gran Turismo 6 but, so far, the only one to be turned into a real car. Leno said he thinks games are taking over from movies in determining what cars achieve cult status.

“Video games are where cars will achieve cult status going forward and, like the Mercedes-Benz, where we will see car make their debuts before being made for real.”

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Images courtesy of Jay Lenos Garage.