iPad Mini Dubbed ‘World’s Most Breakable Gadget’ by SquareTrade Europe Insurer

Smartphones and tablets are more fragile than we think, and that’s why some people get to have broken displays or other damage (even water damage) to their devices. Some may come with harder cases which can withstand some impact, and other may be even waterproof, but they are not invincible.

That’s why most people have their handsets and tablets insured, to prevent breaking your wallet along with your device. SqareTrade Europe is one of these insurers which provide this service. This is where they created a list of the “world’s most breakable gadgets” and guess what is sitting on the top of that list? The iPad Mini.

SquareTrade Europe did not perform any detailed scientific tests, rather they approached the problem with having real life situations at hand. They first dropped a few handsets from a considerable height after being submerged under water. At the end, scores were awarded to each device based on how well it passed the test, and Apple’s iPad Mini apparently came out at the top having a score of 7.5.

“By putting devices through tests that replicate real life situations, we want to help people make smart choices when it comes to choosing gadgets.” said Kevin Gillan, a managing director at SquareTrade Europe.

Other handsets following the iPad Mini are Samsung Galaxy S4 with a score of 7, the iPad Air and Galaxy S3 with a score of 6.5, and the iPhone 5c with a score of 6. Through these tests SquareTrade Europe aims not only to draw people to have their devices insured, but also express awareness of the incidents which might inevitably occur with the handsets.

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Samsung Could Be Working On Another Windows Phone 8 Smartphone

Samsung had a few attempts at making an entry in the Windows Phone sphere, first being with the Ativ S I8750, an S3 imitation having running the Windows Phone OS, and afterwards two more in the shape of the Ativ Odyssey and the Ativ Neo S. It seems that they were not so interested in leaving their already vast ground gained with the Galaxy series running on Android. Yet there may still be a new Samsung Windows Phone in the works for next year.

Rumor has it that the new flashgrip appeared under the name of SM-W750V, a 5 inch smartphone that’s been listed recently by Zauba, the “home to India’s import and export data.” Sadly, there aren’t too many details about the SM-W750V, but Blog of Mobile (in Japanese) says it’s running Windows Phone 8. Could it be another attempt for Samsung to expand their perspective and really try to gain some ground in the Windows Phone area? We don’t know yet.

When the first Windows Phone was released, the Ativ S I8750 and the Galaxy S III were identical in design, so it would make sense that the SM-W750V could be a Windows Phone version of the upcoming Galaxy S5. If that’s the case, we can expect it to have a Full HD display and a Quad-Core processor, given the recent Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update that features supports for Quad-Core processors.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 should be officially announced somewhere in the Q1 or Q2 2014 timespan, and maybe the SM-W750V will be unveiled at around the same time.

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First Tizen Phone Appears In Hands-On Video

There has been no news for quite some time about the new Tizen operating system and supported handsets. It turns out that some concrete footage of Tizen running on a fully fledged Smartphone just surfaced on YouTube.

The handset has the model number Z9005 attributed to it, and in the video below it seems that the first Tizen phone has been given a full hands-on treatment, detailing the software and features found in the Operating System and we can also get a brief glyphs of the handset as well. To be noted is that Samsung has implemented its trademark TouchWiz UI. The circular icons however, are reminiscent of Nokia-Intel Operating System MeeGo found on the Nokia N9 handset.


The Z9005 handset allegedly features hardware specifications very similar to the Galaxy S III when compared and also seems to have many features that we already see in Galaxy smartphones running on Android Operating System. However all things indicate that the handset is a developer-only device and the very first Tizen powered consumer phones will debut in CES 2014.

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