Here’s How to Get $200 off Your Newly Bought Samsung Galaxy Note 4

It’s been a while since Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 4. Even so, people do enjoy it and proof stands in the number of people owning such an Android device. Samsung did pay attention to this and is still interested in getting people to buy the Note 4 with a new rebate promotion in the US.

According to the rules, everyone who purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 handset at full price from a retailer or carrier is eligible to get $200 back. In order to get your hands on the cash, Samsung needs your contact information, the handset’s IMEI and the Wi-Fi MAC address, along with a photo of the receipt that has the purchase date clearly visible.

Once all the above have been submitted, it is said that it usually takes up to two working weeks to receive the money. One thing to take into account is that wireless carriers such as US Cellular or Sprint are not eligible. Also, the offer is only available between the 7th and 26th of July, so you have to hurry if you don’t want to miss this chance!

More information on the terms and conditions can be found here and you can start your rebate application here.

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Xiaomi Introduce iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 Rival Mi Note

Xiaomi is entering the high-end ‘phablet’ market, aiming to compete with both Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has revealed details of its new flagship phone, the Mi Note, available in two versions, both set for release in the coming months.

The Mi Note has a 5.7-inch 1080p display, 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, 16-64GB of storage, 13-megapixel camera, 4-megapixel front-facing camera, and a 3,000mAh battery. It launches on 27th January in China, priced 2,299 yuan ($370).

The Mi Note Pro, slate for a March release, has a 5.7-inch Quad HD display (2560×1440), 2GHz octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB of storage, 13-megapixel camera, 4-megapixel front-facing camera, and a 3,090mAh battery. The handset will cost 3,299 yuan ($520).

Both Mi Note versions boast 2.5D curved Gorilla Glass 3 at the front, and 3D curved glass on the rear, and will feature dual-SIM support.

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Samsung Launches Snapdragon 810 Powered Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has just launched a new Galaxy Note 4 variant, powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor, with most of the other internal components remaining unchanged.

The previous Note 4 is powered by the Snapdragon 805 processor, but the new Snapdragon 810 is a 64-bit processor that leverage’s ARM’s Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 CPU cores in a big.LITTLE configuration. The CPU cores are joined by an Adreno 430 GPU. The Snapdragon 810 is also the first processor that Qualcomm has made on its still new 20nm process.

The new Snapdragon 810 provides support for Category 9 LTE through an updated integrated modem, with the latest version of LTE Advanced supporting 3x20MHz carrier aggregation, something that allow for a huge 450Mbps downstream bandwidth. This is a big jump on the 2x20MHz Category 6 LTE that the Snapdragon 805-powered Galaxy Note 4 featured, supporting up to 300Mbps.

The updated Galaxy Note 4 can be found in South Korea, but those Cat.9 LTE-A deployments are very limited right now, so don’t expect to see the new Galaxy Note 4 overseas just yet.

Source: TechSpot.

Samsung Adds Milk VR to the App Line Up for the Gear VR Headset

Samsung hasn’t got much on the Gear VR headset right now, which is why the company has just added its Milk VR service to the Oculus-powered VR head-mounted display.

Milk VR will be delivering a regular amount of 360-degree immersive content to Samsung’s wearable headset, content that will span many different genres – including music, sports, action and lifestyle. Samsung will continue to update the offerings in Milk VR, instead of having consumers download individual experiences separately.

All of the content within the Milk VR app can be downloaded, or it can be adaptively streamed, whichever you choose. Samsung’s goal with Milk VR is to have the perfect spot for your new and exciting content, providing yet another reason to purchase the Oculus VR-powered device for your Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. Samsung has launched the Milk VR application as a “technical preview,” which is fine since the Gear VR is still considered a “innovator edition”. If anyone has a Gear VR, let us know what you think of the new Milk VR application!

Source: Android Central.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Protective Shell Features 10,000mAh Battery

While the Galaxy Note 4 may already have an impressive battery life, there’s always the need for more… and sometimes, much more. This is where the new Zerolemon branded protective shell for Samsung’s impressive Note 4 comes in handy, with a massive 10,000mAh battery inside.

The protective shell adds quite a bit of heft and thickness to the Note 4, but considering how much more batteyr life you’re going to get out of it, for most people this is going to be worth it. Those who travel a lot, or might be driving for multiple days and don’t want to charge their Note 4 along the way – this could be the perfect late Christmas present for yourself.

The Zerolemon battery protective shell features NFC technology, and costs just $59.99 with an 180-day warranty.

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Samsung VR Headset Available for $199

As of Monday, Samsung’s virtual reality headset, the Gear VR, is available in the US through AT&T and the Samsung website for $199. The headset works by using the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (if you have one. Otherwise, add another $800) as its display.

Gear VR was developed in conjunction with Oculus, incorporating the tracking sensor from the first Oculus Rift development kit and a custom ‘Oculus Home’ interface. It is light, cheap (if you already own a Note 4, that is), and, unlike the Oculus Rift, wireless.

Though more refined than the current Oculus Rift, the Gear VR is an ‘Innovator Edition’, rendering it little more than a beta model, so early adopters will be paying to be a glorified beta testers.

Source: The Verge

Samsung Galaxy Edge UK Release Delayed Until 12th December

Just as the Galaxy Note 4 release was pushed back by seven days, Samsung have announced that the launch of their Galaxy Note Edge has been delayed by two weeks, now due on 12th December. This is the second hold up to befall Samsung’s experimental smartphone, having initially been slated for release on 14th November. That date came and went without any sign of the handset. A new date of 28th November was scheduled, but that too has been revised.

So far, Vodafone is the only network to have confirmed carrying the device on contract, but the handset alone will be available from Carphone Warehouse and the Samsung UK website, with both stores taking pre-orders from 5th December onwards.

Source: Engadget

Samsung Gear VR On Sale Next Month for $199

Samsung has just announced that it will be selling its Gear VR headset next month, priced at $199. Keep in mind you’ll need the Galaxy Note 4, also made by Samsung, for it to work – but it will provide you with a 2560×1440 display, leap frogging the 1920×1080 panel found in the Oculus Rift DK2 unit.

Oculus VR collaborated with Samsung on the Gear VR, so this isn’t some second-grade VR experience. What’s going to hold people off, is this combo is close to $1000 – especially if you weren’t set on purchasing the Galaxy Note 4 in the first place. For those who were going to pick up the Galaxy Note 4 as their next smartphone, a $199 investment for a VR headset is not a bad deal by any means.

Source: Engadget.

Samsung Unleashes Three New Galaxy Note 4 Ads, Injects Humour

Apple may have its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on the market, but Samsung is just beginning to heavily push its new Galaxy Note 4 phablet. The South Korean giant has just unveiled a bunch of new advertisements, highlighting the various functions of its QHD-powered handset.

The new ads are part of Samsung’s ‘Do You Note?’ series, hitting Samsung Mobile’s YouTube account. The three videos, Read, Set, Saved; Ready Set, Photo War; and Ready, Set, How-to show off various functions of the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. These ads highlight the use of the S Pen, some of the special features found inside of the Note 4, the Photo Note app, app multitasking, and Smart select, respectively. Check out the three new ads below:

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iRig HD Set For Release on Galaxy Note 4


iRig HD, a guitar interface device for mobile devices, previously only available for iPad and iPhone, has been released for Android devices under the name iRig HD-A. The first compatible hardware being the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The iRig attachment has a high-impedance mini jack input, into which an electric guitar or bass guitar can be plugged. It can be used with the iRig Stomp, which is an effects pedal rig, and supports 48kHz analogue-to-digital conversion. The microUSB can be switched with a standard USB, making the device compatible with a PC. The accompanying software, AmpliTube, is only compatible with Samsung devices that feature Samsung’s Professional Audio System, designed to minimise latency. Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3 support is pending. Three versions of the app will be available: a basic free version, the LE version for $10, and the Full version for $20.

The iRig HD-A itself is priced at $100.

Source: Electronista

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Benchmarked, Can’t Beat Tegra K1

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4 was always going to be good but now we’ve managed to see some benchmarks of the new device that confirms this. The Galaxy Note 4 makes use of two processors, the Exynos 5433 and the Snapdragon 805 (depending on the region and model) and both processors are similarly powerful. The SM-910S model gets the Snapdragon chip and the SM-910C gets the Exynos chip. The benchmarks show that the Exynos device is slightly more powerful than the Snapdragon equivalent but neither processor can match Nvidia’s Tegra K1 superchip. The Galaxy Note 4 has to use a powerful chip as it will be powering an impressive QHD 2560 x 1140 display resolution.

Processor aside the Galaxy Note 4 makes use of a 5.7 inch QHD display, 3GB of RAM, Adreno 420 (Snapdragon 805) or Mali T706 (Exynos 5433) graphics, 32GB of internal memory, a 16MP rear camera, a microSD card slot, 3.6MP front facing camera and the latest version of Android. The slated release date is September where Samsung are expected to announce the phone at the IFA 2014 event in Berlin.

Source: Gimmick Mag, Via: Softpedia

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