Chrome for Android Gets Updated

Google is busy pushing out another wave of updates for some of their most popular mobile apps, the first being Chrome for Android, which is now capable of supporting multi-window devices. There aren’t many multi-window compatible devices out there, but we do know that the new feature is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S5.

Full-screen video playback is now included too thanks to HTML5, with added controls and subtitle options to boot. Other little additions bring the undo function, which desktop users will be familiar with as it allows you to re-open an accidentally closed tab.

Of course the update will also bring the usual way of bug fixes, stability improvements, etc. Not the biggest of updates, but you can read the full change lot below.

  • Undo Tab Close.
  • Fullscreen video with subtitles and HTML5 controls.
  • Support for some multi-window devices.
  • Support for casting some videos with Chromecast.
  • Other bug fixes.

Have you had a chance to try out the multi-window functionality yet? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Samsung Rumored To Start Using “Pleather” Design In Future Notebook Models

Samsung is rumored to start using a sort of faux leather design, so called “pleather”, seen on the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition – tablet in future notebook models, according to a person that reportedly attended a Samsung S Academy event and posted details about it on Korean site Seeko.

The new Ativ Book 9 family will reportedly run Windows 8.1 and feature four 2W speakers for improved sound, as well as a leather-like case complete with a stitching effect along the edges. A supposedly leaked image shows an Ativ Book 9 Style laptop that has a white faux leather lid.

In addition to the unreleased Ativ Book 9 models that could be unveiled at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company will apparently stick with plastic in future mobile designs as well. Despite rumors that the company may soon use metal in its upcoming Galaxy S5 flagship device, recent reports have suggested that the company may stick with plastic for the device.

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10,000 mAh Extended Battery Rugged Case Released By ZeroLemon For The Galaxy Note 3

ZeroLEmon has just released a 10,000 mAh Extended Battery Rugged Casing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, providing a little over three times more power than its standard 3,200 mAh. now you can talk on for hours on end, play your favourite games or browse the internet on your Note 3 without having to worry too much about your battery draining out before you get home.

The casing features a rugged double layer design, perfect for people who tend to have slippery hands. Even so, better to be safe than sorry, and the double layer PC + TPU Protection really helps absorb major impacts. Besides the shock protection, the rugged surface helps you have a firm grip on your handset, therefore diminishing the chances of dropping your Galaxy Note 3. Don’t worry about your screen as well, because it also comes with a built-in screen protector attached to the case to help keep those scratches off your display.

Looking at the top and the bottom, we can see that it features a protective tab covering the 3.5 mm headphone jack, the microUSB and stylus pen slot from dust entry. Other features consist of a sturdy holster with kickstand, having the ability to withstand multiple insertions and also providing a multi-angle kickstand adjustment.

The battery extension case is quite promising and also provides some basic protection and features. For anyone interested, you can head on over to ZeroLemon’s website where you will find the battery extension case priced at $59.99.

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Mugen To Release 6,500 mAh Batteries For Samsung Note 3

According to NextPowerUp, Mugen, a brand of extended batteries for handsets, pocket Wi-Fi and laptops, is going to release a 6,500 mAh extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 handset.

While the Galaxy Note 3 packs a 3,200 mAh battery offering really good battery life, Mugen thought they can do better with their own solution, having 2.03 times more endurance than Samsung’s battery capacity. Mugen also offers battery extensions for other handset brands, such as Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, LG, and many more on their website. The company was founded in Hong Kong at 1979 as a venture acting on secondary market of mobile multimedia devices (photo-, video cameras etc.) Nowadays it is focused on producing batteries for mobile electronic devices.

The price of the Mugen extended battery is $98.50 / €73 / £61 with free worldwide shipping and can be order on the company’s official website here. Shipping is dated and will start on December 6.

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The Apple iPhone 5s Slo-Motion Video Is Not 720p

The slo-mo videos has been kind of a big deal about the iPhone 5s since Apple announced the fella in September. The iPhone 5s indeed outputs 720p videos at 120 fps, but our question is if it does record them at 720p as well. As it turns out, it does not.

GSMArena performed a test with the help of a Galaxy Note 3, recording simultaneously with both an iPhone 5s and the Note 3 in slow-motion. The results gained were interesting, as the Note 3 had more detail compared to the iPhone 5s footage. Another test was performed in which the Note 3’s video was downsized to 480p and afterwards the footage was upscaled to 720p.
And what do you know? the upscaled video from the Note 3 resembled considerably with the iPhone 5s’ video.

The slow motion video from the iPhone 5s might look brilliant on the handset itself, but they look disappointing when outputted on an external display.
GSMArena also noted that the video from the iPhone 5s is encoded at 120 FPS and requires the user to slow down the FPS in order to achieve the desired slow-motion effect when played on a PC.

Whether or not Apple will fix these issues, we do not know. But it can’t be that hard if most non-Apple handsets are able to do it, right?

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Galaxy Gear To Work With Other Android Devices Besides The Note 3

When they unveiled the Galaxy Gear, Samsung announced that it can exclusively pair with only the newly released Galaxy Note 3, and other devices such as the Galaxy S4 after receiving a software update. There has not been any word about any update for android devices, especially Samsung android device, to make the Galaxy Gear compatible with something else rather than the Galaxy Note 3.

It comes to no surprise that the Korean electronics company lied about that. But who would not try to hide the compatibility options available for the device if you are a company like Samsung which wants to sell its newly released toys. Recently, a developer from the  XDA Developers forums was successful in modifying and then installing the Galaxy Gear compatibility app onto his HTC One, which was running on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. He reported that every single feature was working, except for S-Voice.

However, after installing the same app on a HTC One with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, the Galaxy Gear remained incompatible. To mention here is that the app installed on the Android 4.2.2 HTC was installed by another developer and it is not yet clear if the issue is the app itself or the Android version. But of course, the results of the first test still remain valid.

It comes to the conclusion that Samsung has intentionally restricted the Galaxy Gear to be compatible only with the Galaxy Note 3. But since the Android platform is open-source and developers can easily “play” with the software, it is a matter of time until an unofficial version of the app that is compatible with multiple Android devices surfaces.

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Samsung to Launch Curved OLED Smartphone in October

Samsung is preparing to launch a revolutionary curved OLED screen device, codenamed “Youm” this October. This news comes after Samsung announcing the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 3 model with curved display.

According to The Inquirer, DJ Lee, head of strategic marketing for Samsung Mobile spilled word of the announcement to Reuters, saying, “We plan to introduce a smartphone with a curved display in South Korea in October.”

The “Youm” device is rumored to feature a 5.5 inch display and given its curved surface, the size in 2D could appear compact and closer to a 5-inch displays. Since Samsung is looking to score big on the aesthetics front by releasing a cutting-edge display, maybe it could even be enough to change user perspective away from the iPhone 5S and HTC One. The  manufacturing of the curved OLED panel for the device has solely been done by Samsung, and even demonstrated its prototypes at this year’s International CES.

In the meantime, the Galaxy S5 development codenamed Project Design 3.0 is still in progress.

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