Zowie G-TF Rough Version Mouse Mat Review

Today we take quick look at the Zowie G-TF gaming surface, or mouse mat for those of you who prefer a more classic approach. Zowie haven’t been around long compared to some of the bigger names in the industry, but they’ve already earned themselves a loyal and sizeable following. This is mostly due to their dedication to eSports and the pro-gaming scene, a big part of the industry where companies like Zowie and gamers can coexist.

Zowie already has a great range of mouse mats on the market, but that doesn’t mean to say they’ve not got any more tricks up their sleeves. Generally I find there is no such thing as “the best mouse mat / gaming surface” but that it is more about find the right surface for both yourself and the mouse that you use.

The surface we are looking at today is the G-TF Rough Version and the last part of its product name should be more than enough clue to the kind of surface texture we have here today.

The G-TF Rough comes neatly rolled in a fairly standard white box, which features a circle cut-out that allows you to sample the texture of the surface.

Rolled out we see that it measures 440 x 320 x 2 mm although there is a smaller P-TF rough edition available which measures a smaller 320 x 250 x 2 mm as not everyone has the desk space for the larger G-TF we are looking at today.

The surface is very close in feel and performance to that of a plastic surface, which are often favoured in terms of performance but lack the longevity and portability of a cloth surface. Here it looks as if Zowie have struck a balance between the two by combining the flexibility of cloth with a tougher weave and light texture.

The surface edges are rolled and triple stitched, this should help prevent damage but also keep your wrist comfortable too as I generally find non-rolled edges can scratch or irritate the skin while gaming.

Using my Roccat Kone XTD I found the rough surface to be highly responsive at all DPI settings, with no noticeable loss in performance, if anything I find this more suitable than my current surface, which is by chance also a Zowie, the G-CM which we reviewed a few months ago.

The glide is fantastic and this is likely due to the harder surface and while the texture does provide some extra control, the mouse still glides beautifully over it, the real change here is the tactile feedback to your hand and wrist, as you can lightly feel the travel of your hand over the surface and I personally think this allows for better control while gaming.

Overall it’s a great product and I like it enough that I am retiring my G-CM in favour of the new G-TF, although at time of writing this review, I’ve actually been using the G-TF for over a month now and if you’re looking to blend a fast glide surface that still balances control, you may need to try a rough surface from Zowie.