Teen Hacker is Back and Hit the Director of National Intelligence

This is pretty much what I’d normally call a burn, and it is a big one. Back in October last year, a group of teenage hackers broke into the CIA director’s email account and now one of them is back. His latest victim is the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, a man that should know a thing or two about keeping your privacy private. Okay, I’ll be honest right here as we always got the comment haters due to the terminology ‘hacking’. This wasn’t technically a hack, but more social engineering skills. But then again, almost every large-scale hack that happens, started with social engineering. So technically it isn’t wrong either.

Back to the story at hand, where the teenage hacker who calls himself Cracka, and who claims he’s a member of the group Crackas with Attitude, targeted none less than the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. This should theoretically be one of the toughest targets with that position, but that wasn’t the case at all. Crackas didn’t just gain access to an email inbox this time, he went a little further and also had some fun with it.

With access to Clapper’s email, he could easily break into a series of accounts connected to Clapper, including his home telephone and internet connection, his personal email, and his wife’s email. Just dumping or stealing information is boring, so while Cracka was in control, he went into Clapper’s Verizon FiOS account and changed the settings to make every call to his house get forwarded to the Free Palestine Movement instead.

Cracka originally contacted Motherboard with the story, probably to brag a bit. After all, it is a pretty nice accomplishment. “I’m pretty sure they don’t even know they’ve been hacked,” he told. Later a spokesperson for the Director confirmed the hack.

Michael Adams, a former information security expert in the US Special Operations Command, said that it was insane that Clapper didn’t do more to hide his personal details, making it as easy as it was. “If I’m the Director of National Intelligence of the United States of America nobody is going to know where the fuck I live, nobody is going to have my goddamn phone number or address,” Adams told Motherboard.

Image Credit: Business Insider

Wonder How GTA 4 Played With Just 59MB VRAM Looks? Wonder No More.

We have just earlier today seen how amazingly great Grand Theft Auto 5 can look on PC with the latest GTA V ENBSeries Mod screenshots and that is an achievement in itself. But there are also those that go the other way to see how big a game they can play on as little hardware as possible. In the past, we’ve also seen people strip down textures for “art”.

Okay, this isn’t Grand Theft Auto 5, it is only 4, but it’s still quite interesting.  So how does GTA 4 work with just 59 Megabytes of VRAM on an ASUS X54C. The system is running Windows 7 Home Premium and the processor is an Intel B9600 dual-core with 2.2GHz that is assisted by 4GB single-channel DDR3 memory at 665MHz. The amazing graphics card to pull the absolute low settings is the iGPU Intel HD Graphics.

It doesn’t look good and a there are a lot of graphic glitches, both small and big. Right from the beginning the ship is missing and tables couldn’t be afforded either. There are gaping holes in the ground where one usually would find the a road and there isn’t much going on at all. But it works, you can play it and the system could maintain close to 30fps throughout gameplay.

These are just a few screenshots that Redditor  and Imgur user Lubenhaigen posted. A grand total of 150 buggy screenshots of low-resolution GTA4 gameplay can be found, viewed, and enjoyed – or laughed at. Check them out if you got half an hour of spare time.

Check Out This HDD and Floppy Rendition of Smells Like Teen Spirit

Nothing says epic waste of time like a plethora of old hard drives and floppy drives playing a cover of a classic Nirvana song. I’ve always loved these crazy projects, not only because they’re fun, but also because I wish I had as much time to waste as the people who actually do them.

Also, at least there’s still some great uses for old floppy drives, certainly better than throwing them in the bin.

Windows 93 is Finally Ready!

This is one of the strangest projects I’ve seen in ages, one that no doubt took quite a long time to complete and one that serves virtually no purpose what so ever; Windows 93.

The OS runs in your browser, showing us what it would look like if Microsoft didn’t skip from Windows 3.X to Windows 95, which I’m sure you’ve all wondered about many times.

The OS boots with the PlayStation 1 bootup sound, it has some very strange games, a lot of built-in applications and after much digging around, even some nudity stashed in an obscure out of the way folder, because no one used to do that, right? Dig even further and you’ll subject yourself to the horrors of the Hampster Dance song, again!

It really does have a bit of everything buried in there, from 8-bit Solitaire to the ability to crash and require rebooting. If you’ve got ten minutes and want to waste some time, you can check it out

at windows93.net.

Image courtesy of Motherboard.

Take a Break From Tech – Watch This Family Guy Rendition of Uptown Funk!

We love a great tech story here at eTeknix, such as the impressive news about the new Titan X graphics card! However, even we can’t resist yet another fun cover of Uptown Funk!

YouTuber and impressionist Mikey Bolts has used his talents to turn Bruno Mars into the cast of Family Guy, with the bonus addition of Hank Hill from King of the Hill and some American Dad characters for good measure.

There really isn’t much more to it, so crank the speakers, or plug-in your headphones if you’re at work and enjoy!

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Vizio Makes Fun of Curved Screens in New Video Ad

Vizio is one of the US’ biggest TV manufacturer and they make some amazing screens, but it seems they don’t believe in the new curved screens. Not only are they not producing any TVs with the new “thing”, they are taking quite a poke at it with their latest advertising video.


The advertisement “Introduces the revolutionary Anti-Curved Glasses, a remarkable and radical piece of technology that will blow your mind and change the way you see technology forever.” The new Anti-Curved glasses are unisex and age independent; they even work for your pets and come in various colours. While these glasses are fake, of course, the advertisement is in my personal opinion both hilarious and spot-on.

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Image and Video courtesy of Vizio

Domino’s Pizza Delivery, Now With Added Physics

Domino’s have been using some simple physics principles to ensure that your pizza doesn’t suffer any damage in transit. Using their Steady Pizza technology, the use a gyroscope mechanism to ensure that the pizza stays level, even when the delivery bike is going up a steep hill, over bumps, or leans around corners.

No one wants to open their pizza box only to find that it’s slipped to one size and become a calzone. It’s a simple trick that they’ve used, but it’s still pretty cool regardless and the technology is already being used for their stores in Brazil, with the intention of rolling it out to global stores in the near future.

The only person who has to suffer now is the driver, who has to have this monstrosity parked on the back of their scooter, not sure how heavy it is, but it doesn’t look like the most practical thing you could put on the back of your bike.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/SQPn924SibM[/youtube]

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X-Men Fan Creates Magnetic Shoes To Walk On the Ceiling

British inventor Colin Furze has been busy fulfilling his dreams of becoming one of the X-Men. The somewhat enthusiastic inventor has created a pair of magnetic shoes to allow him to walk along the ceiling, so long as that ceiling is made of metal of course.

Inspired by Magneto’s ability to control metal, he created the boots from parts he found at his local scrap yard. Using an old microwaves transformer, which he stripped down for its magnetic coil, ran a current through it and found that the magnet could support up to 80KG, then it was simply a case of stripping all this to his feet and adding some control switches.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/uRKHCRR9-C4[/youtube]

This isn’t even the first X-Men inspired creation that Furze has worked on, only recently he released a video of his real-life Wolverine retractable claws.

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Image courtesy of YouTube.

Batmobile May Be Expensive, So How About The Tumbler Golf Kart!

If you’ve ever wanted to own any one of the many editions of the Bat Mobile, then you’ll likely have never fulfilled that desire. Sure there are a few cool replicas out there, but they’re often still way out of most peoples price ranges.

So what is a man to do when he wants to pretend to be Bat Man and become the envy of all his friends? Aside from becoming a billionaire, you could always invest in the slightly more affordable Bat Golf Buggy, it is only $50k after all.

The Tumbler is easily one of the most bad-ass action movie vehicles ever, but the Tumbler Golf Kart from Prestige Imports in Miami is by far the coolest golf buggy I’ve ever seen. Sure you’re not going to be leaping the rooftops of Gotham City in this, but I’m pretty sure you could still kick up a fuss in this thing.

It has been kitted out with sports seats, a bat logo embedded in the steering wheel, visible suspension mounts and coils, as well as some pretty bad-ass chassis armour.

I don’t play golf, but I still want this, surely I’m not the only one?

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Man Breaks World Record By Building 50ft Optimus Prime From Balloons

While there are people in this world intent on breaking the record for the 100m sprint, highest sky dive, fastest time cycling across Europe and many other great achievements, John Reid was blowing up balloons. The New York based artist and magician wanted to break the world record for the biggest thing made out of balloons.

The task took John a staggering 42 hours, using 4302 balloons and the end result for his efforts was not only a new world record, but also a 50ft tall balloon rendition of Optimus Prime. He created the giant Autobot balloon display at the 2014 Salk Lake Comic Con in Utah.

“I hope that somebody else decides to try to take this art a little further and crush me. Trounce me. Wipe the floor with me.” said John.

Given the fun nickname of Poptimus Prime, the creation proved a big attraction and official were on hand to declare it the largest balloon sculpture ever made by a single person. I’m not sure why he set about breaking this record, but it’s entertaining none the less.

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Superman + GoPro Makes For One Epic Video

GoPro have been used for some pretty epic stunts in the past, we’ve seen them strapped to sky divers, or even more awesome, Felix Baumgartner when he did his jump. They’ve been attached to cars, bikes, jets, you name it! However, there are few GoPro tricks in this world that can top the video below.

Superman gets his camera and takes off for a fly around the city, fights some bad guys, save the hot girl and then was obviously nice enough to upload it to YouTube, awesome.


Yeah ok, we know that’s not the real superman! The trick was done using a superb GoPro camera strapped to a very cool quadrocopter, add a few camera tricks and some CGI arms and you’ve got a nice little video to keep us all entertained.

If you want to see how it was done, check out the behind the scenes video below.


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3D Printer Hacked To Create Ultimate Air Hockey Robot

Owning an air hockey table is cool, they’re a great thing to have in the house for a few cheeky games with your friends. Having a 3D printer is also very cool, being able to create all kinds of crazy things with relative ease, but what if you combined that hockey table with the general mechanical parts and controller of the 3D printer? Awesome happens, obviously.

“I have seen several interesting projects of robots that paint or manufacture PCBs, etc. but I was looking for something different. My daughter loves the Air Hockey game and I love robotics so one day an idea born in my mind. Can I construct? Mmmmm. It seemed very complicated and with many unresolved questions (puck detection, robot speed), but that is also part of the fun.” Said the devices creator on the official blog.

Air Hockey Robot is a great hardware and software project, and it’s something that not only worked very well (as you can see in the video), but it also looks like a lot of fun to play against as it never misses a hit. Add to that that there are three different gaming modes, defend, attack, attack+defend, and you’ve got the ultimate Air Hockey training machine.


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£3,25m Home Comes With Spaceship Simulator In Attic

Having a spare £3,250,000 ($5.3m) to spend on a house isn’t exactly something we all have, but for those that do, a certain house in South London has a little some extra to sweeten the deal.


From the outside this is just your normal big, expensive house, it’s a great looking property with classy interior and exterior, a large living room, stunning games room and conservatory, lovely garden and it’s generally pretty lush. but the real treat lies in the converted attic.

The house alone is worth the asking price, but you’ll also inherit this awesome retro spaceship simulator, full of lights, dial, ejector seats (although we suspect they’re pretend ejector units), and a rack of CRT monitors that are full of retro charm.

What is the point in all this you ask? None what so ever, it’s just an awesome room full of nerdtastic fun, I’m not sure who would enjoy this more, myself as a cool place to chill out with a few beers and a few Star Wars mods on a flight sim, or my son as a play room… it’s debatable.

Secretly, we all want a spaceship simulator in the attic.

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Kick Back And Enjoy A Chorus Of Floppy Drives Playing Tainted Love

We’ve seen plenty of these before, with various sets of hard drives, optical drives, floppy drives and more playing everything from the Star Wars theme to music from Tetris, but this latest one is by far one of our favourites so far.

YouTuber Gigawipf has created his latest masterpiece, a rack of fourteen floppy disc drives blasting out in harmony a cover of Soft Cell’s 1981 cover of the 1964 Ed Cobb song Tainted Love, so yes, this is a cover of a cover of a cover, but who cares, it’s awesome!

The floppy drive may be long dead as a storage medium, but it’s great to see them getting dragged out of dusty cupboards and put to use for our entertainment. You’ll either love the tune or get a headache, but it’s still a fun start to the day none the less.


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