Rumor: Apple and Intelligent Energy Team Up to Bring Fuel Cells for Mobile Devices

Fuel cells have been the topic of discussion for many researchers in the past, working on theoretical inventions and all sorts of contraptions to figure out how to change the common battery and prolong the power output in order to keep mobile devices running for extended periods of time. Up until now, there have been only a handful of successful solutions, such as the sugar-powered battery, having most of them fail the practical tests.

Now it seems that fuel cell company, Intelligent Energy, has teaming up with ‘a major international electronics company’ to add fuel cell technology to the company’s mobile devices. Intelligent Energy is said to have revealed that it purchased patents for mobile fuel cell technology from Eveready, in association with the major electronics company in question which allegedly could not be identified in any finding.

“Intelligent Energy revealed upon floating that it bought a bundle of patents in tandem with a major ‘international electronics company’. It has kept the identity of its partner a closely guarded secret. But a source, who has knowledge of the partnership, confirmed that Apple is the big name working with the Loughborough-based firm.”

Though the partner company is not yet confirmed, the Daily Mail apparently received word from its sources, which points to Apple as being the secret company. This makes sense, since more and more mobile manufacturers out there are gaining ground on improved battery performance technology for their devices, the kind that is currently a threat to the ‘everlasting’ Apple devices. A partnership between the two companies might bring Apple a boost in battery life for both the MacBooks and iPhones/iPads, while also patenting (as always) the integrated technology for their own franchise.

Other links that point to Apple as being the mystery partner company is the fact that Intelligent Energy already has ties with Apple, having hired former Apple executive Joe O’Sullivan as its Chief Operating Officer in 2011. Other facts that strengthen the rumor can be found in Apple’s patents filed in 2010 and 2011, having the company describing the use of fuel cell technology in portable computing devices, as well as having its own corporate headquarters and data center from Maiden, North Carolina, running on large-scale fuel cells.

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Wireless Sensor Networks May Be Created By Bugs, Such As Cockroaches

We might change the way we will see cockroaches in the future, as scientists from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology alongside the Osaka University in Japan are working in a way to use them in our technological advancement.

The scientists are working on developing a ‘fuel cell’ system that harnesses power from the cockroaches’ internal system and uses it to power a very small sensor that’s placed on their backs. One is not that important or revolutionary, however by adding them up into groups, they can become a self-powered wireless sensor network, however in theory up until now.

The fuel cell on the cockroaches’ backs uses trehalose to generate power, which is a sort of sugar present inside the bug’s body fluids. Complete with electrodes, a needle and a tank of body fluid, the fuel cell system can generate up to 50.2 μW of electric power, just enough to keep a small sensor running.

After solving the power problem, the scientists then just have to develop a sensor for any specific need, and easily create a self powered small sensor network by placing them on cockroaches. There would be enough power in the little ‘buggers’ to keep the network up and running for a long period of time, as the cockroaches secrete the trehalose substance continuously inside their body.

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Patriot Fuel+ 9000mAh Mobile Rechargeable Battery Review


We find ourselves busy every moment of our lives. There’s not enough time to do all the things we want or even need to do and charging our portable devices is one of those things as that leaves us with the inconvenience of being tethered by a cable and a power source. With smartphones getting faster and coming with bigger screens, the need for a larger battery is ever growing and while some manufacturers have started putting high capacity batteries in their devices, others have not in order to keep costs down. Either way, most of us are left reaching the end of the day with a phone or tablet that will not turn on.

Whatever the reason though, we have all no doubt found ourselves in need of just that extra bit of juice, and left without a power outlet near by to charge with. In comes the Patriot Fuel+ Rechargeable Battery, a battery pack with a USB port on it that can run and charge your devices on the go!

Patriot are famous for their memory and flash based products, but they also have a strong line of accessories like the Fuel+ and today we are going to be taking a look at the 9000mAh model. The Fuel+ is intended to be a simple and easy to use product, it’s designed to do one thing and one thing well and that’s to charge up to 2 devices at will.

So let’s take a closer look and see if the Fuel+ can live up to the Patriot reputation.

Specs on the back of the box tell us that the Fuel+ contains a 9000mAh battery which is capable of charging a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 twice over with some capacity left for top up or another device, providing a 5v 2.5A port and a 5V 1A port, the first would be more suitable for tablets, the 1A more suitable for most smartphones.

$199 Hydrogen Fuel Cell For USB Devices Now Available

Astronauts have been using hydrogen fuel cells for decades and the technology is slowly working its way into our daily lives as one possible future for powering electric vehicles. So what about all the other devices in our lives such as smartphones, tablets, handheld gaming devices, wearable tech and all the other stuff we forever seem to be charging on a daily basis?

Intelligent Energy thinks they have one solution to keeping your devices powered on those occasions when your battery life is running low and your not within shouting distance of a usable plug socket. The device known as the “Upp” weighs just 500 grams, costs $199 and packs a hydrogen fuel cell system that can charge your mobile devices just like any other USB charger.

However, instead of plugging it into a wall to replenish the cell you insert a cartridge of hydrogen. The makers say a single cartridge will pack enough punch to charge your average smartphone five times, and that a special app will trigger the delivery of a new cartridge when yours is running low.

This might be a tad excessive for city dwelling use, but having a pack of hydrogen cells with you when you are a very long way from a plug socket, such as up a mountain, in a desert or any kind of wild adventure could a truly life saving thing to have.

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