Play Fractured Space for Free This Weekend and Keep It

Fractured Space is still in Steam’s Early Access Program, but it already looks great and got very positive feedback from reviewers and players. The team-based space-combat game lets you fight it out with your friends and foes in gigantic capital ships with the intensity of a shooter game but with a big strategy side to consider.

The game isn’t normally free, but this weekend you can play it for free on Steam, and best of all, you get to keep it after. Like it is with so many games these days, you can choose to spend extra money on more features, add-ons, and DLCs. So head on over to the Steam store and add it to your library right away, this is too good to miss.

With 5v5 matches, individual skill in combat alone cannot secure victory. Your team must decide where to focus its efforts; when to advance and retreat. Every match is a war to be won through multiple battles. Unity is a strength. Kind of a DOTA in space.

You build your own armada and customize it with weapon loadouts. You can earn credits through battles and purchase new ships and expand your fleet. You can tailor it all to your preferred setup and to give you a unique set of choices and options during a given match. The Fractured space of the universe is yours to conquer.