Hilarious FIFA 16 Bugs and Glitches

Modern video games are arguably the best they have ever been in terms of graphics, animations and production values, the latest titles that have included Fallout 4 have entertained audiences with immersive worlds and gameplay, this has led to a rise in sales and also a growth in audiences. As great as video games are, they do tend to experience technical glitches and bugs which infuriate players, well until the latest patches are released.

To demonstrate this, a Youtuber that goes by the moniker “GameSprout” has edited together a highlight reel of glitches and bugs from FIFA 16, below is a selection of fails in the form of images as well as the full video.

Below is an image of what appears to be a rather lethal glitch involving one player merrily kicking the head of an opposition player, charming.

Below is a strange glitch involving two players who would rather sit on an invisible chair than play football.

Below is a bug which shows a player who would rather perform what appears to be a cart-wheel rather than score the conventional way, certainly a fail.

Below, Marcello has found himself in a situation whereby his arms are the wrong way round, looks painful, although he seems relaxed.

Yeah, I have no idea what Hulk is doing to that poor goalkeeper.

Below is a rather funny glitch of a player who A – thinks he is in Star Wars, or B – thinks he is in Call Of Duty and has unfortunately been shot at.

Below is the full compilation video of fails from FIFA 16, if nothing else it will make you chuckle if you have a spare five minutes. It just goes to show that while the games industry is moving onwards and upwards, the glitches remain and are somewhat as hilarious as ever.

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Sensible Soccer Reboot Launched on Kickstarter

Sensible Soccer’s arcade physics and frantic pace proved to be a magnificent formula which holds up remarkably well today. The game’s laughably unrealistic speed made each multiplayer match an action-packed encounter and released on the Atari ST, Amiga and PC. In the modern gaming industry, realism is at the heart of yearly football titles. However, the spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer has just been pitched on Kickstarter under the name, Sociable Soccer . Here’s a brief snippet about the project in the developer’s own words:

“An instantly playable football game for football fans all over the world, designed and directed by Jon Hare, the man behind Sensible World of Soccer, the best-selling football game of the 1990s.”

“The game will feature over 500 National, Club and Custom teams with over 10,000 researched player names. Team names, player names and kits used in game will be similar to the majority of popular titles on the market and fully editable.”

“Compete for over 30 single player trophies, and create DIY competitions for up to 8 players on a single machine. The game will be completed by the end of 2016 on PC, Steam, XBox One and Playstation 4.”

Please note, the current graphics are from a very early build and should be vastly improved as development progresses. The project requires £300,000 which is fairly reasonable and attainable given the huge popularity of Sensible Soccer. Although, it’s difficult to know if the golden era of arcade sports games have passed, and people just want to experience an authentic simulation.

Fan Constructs Man Utd’s Stadium Out Of Matchsticks

I know what you’re thinking; well this is going to be rubbish! I bet you’re imagining a 10-inch mish mash of a project, well, no, stick with it and you might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. A Man Utd fan has dedicated a whopping 450 hours of his life/time, which is roughly 19 full days spread over 3 months with the aim of building the famous Old Trafford stadium out of Lego? No Matchsticks.

Below are three images that convey the construction and also the extent and detail level of this project, as you can see, it is pretty amazing.  The replica is almost identical to that of the current real life stadium layout and even includes the recently installed “Sir Alex Ferguson” statue which overlooks (much like the real version did during David Moyes tenure) outside the main entrance of the ground. The colour scheme is also extremely detailed and comparable to that of the current Old Trafford ground.

The skills, eye for detail and patience required to execute such a project is mind-blowing and opens up the possibility for a profession in replica model building.  I am sure there will be a market for commission pieces from excited fans who would like a mini replica stadium built to pay homage to their favourite football team.  The old school board game Subbuteo would have been very different if you had a chance to play in a stadium of this quality.

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UK Drone Pilot Convicted In First Of Its Kind Ruling

Last week we reported on how a 26-year-old man in America was arrested after his drone crashed in the Louis Armstrong Stadium. It seems the law has caught up on this side of the ocean as a man has now been convicted of flying his drone over a packed football ground.

Nigel Wilson was arrested earlier this year after he was caught flying his drone over Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium. Wilson has since been charged with disobeying the Civil Aviation Authorities Air Navigation Order (2009) by not keeping direct line of sight of the drone, flying it in a congested area and flying it within 50 metres of a building. After being charged with these offences, Wilson has given a Criminal Behaviour order banning him from purchasing, owning or flying any type of drone for two years, alongside a £1,800 fine and a further £600 in fees.

Turns out though that Mr Wilson has committed this offence several times before, including several landmarks in London, such as Buckingham Palace and the HMS Belfast, and even filming various football matches with his drone. During an incident in Anfield Stadium in September the drone was flown close to mounted officers, startling the horses on a busy walkway, endangering the nearby pedestrians.

With a fine and banned from using the drone will he rethink his use of this technology in the future, and will it persuade others to think more carefully before using drones in this manner?

Thank you Met Police for the information.

Image courtesy of The Blaze.

Fantastic Individual Builds Football Stadiums out of Lego

This just looks fantastic! a creative and talented individual by the name of Chris Smith builds and sells Football Stadiums that have been built out of Lego.

The project in question goes by the name of Brickstand, below is a few images to convey his mini constructions, first up, Upton Park, which is home to long ball team West Ham, ok ok, Slaven Bilic has improved things after Sam Allardyce departed. The detail within the ground is quite something considering this is constructed out of Lego, even the club wording embedded within the seats has been incorporated. The price tag is £299.99 which sounds expensive, but it does come ready built and not just a box of bricks with instructions.

Next up Vicarage Road which is home to newly promoted Watford, I wonder how robust these models are? Just imagine spending £279.99 for the below stadium and then dropping it on the floor. The measurements are 50x50x15cm and is built-in parts which according to the site “is easy to store when not on display”

The last image arrives courtesy of “your going home in an ambulance” Millwall, this model has roughly 1500 bricks within it and measures 65x50x15cm. If you’re worried about shipping in the UK, then don’t as Chris Smith will deliver them to you himself, he does this because there is no adhesive within the bricks and it would be also difficult to trust Royal Mail with these stadiums.

Chris Smith aims to build all 92 grounds in the football league out of Lego, he must have Lego falling out in every direction in his house, by all means check out his website for a complete overview of his work, it’s certainly unique. Lego might be keeping an eye on how far this project will go, if it is successful in the long run then expect Football league kits to be marketed by the company in the near future, I wonder how Chris will feel if Lego make millions out of his concept?

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Cristiano Ronaldo Causes Havoc in GTA V Gameplay Video

There has been a huge number of GTA V fan videos thanks to the integrated Director Mode. The latest creation from YouTube filmmaker, TheFIFA11videos depicts a day in the life of everybody’s favourite footballer, Christiano Ronaldo. It’s quite eerie how authentic the modelling is and looks remarkably similar during head-on shots (no pun intended).

Throughout the video, Ronaldo spends his time showing off on the beach, jugging a football, and admiring his own appearance. Of course, that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as Ronaldo begins to break the speed limit and drive in a reckless manner. Of course, he’s classy enough to own a Lamborghini and replace the default finish with a Real Madrid logo.

Additionally, Ronaldo enjoys carjacking, hounding citizens and engaging in street races. That’s not to say this is a fair reflection on his character, but I’ll leave that one up to you. I do find it pretty hilarious seeing Ronaldo on the top of trucks and running amok throughout GTA V’s environment. Although, as a footballer this might not be to everyone’s taste. Personally, I find Ronaldo to be extremely arrogant so being able to commit crimes as him gives me a sadistic pleasure.

Any there any real-life characters you would like to see made in GTA V?

Electronic Arts Might Have a Woman on the Cover of FIFA 16 This Year

Electronic Arts is working on the latest FIFA 16 title, as it is every year, but this year should be different. EA has looked into adding female players in the FIFA titles, but this year the company will finally do it. But this comes with another question, which is who will be featured on the regional covers of FIFA 16?

The timing for the big change couldn’t be perfect too. The recent success of the World Cup in Canada and the US team’s victory has fans hyped up for the title. Also, to choose the regional top players, EA has devised a voting system. We see a lot of candidates being proposed in France, Latin America, Mexico and the UK. However, surprisingly, we see only women candidates being proposed for the Australian cover. The only options chosen for Australian are Kyah Simon, Steph Catley and Katrina Gorry.

Last year, FIFA’s cover consisted of two players from the specific region, alongside all-star Lionel Messi. However, this year might be extremely different, given that women’s teams will also be featured. Will we see regional covers consisting of top male and female players appearing alongside? That would be the best option to consider, however EA is said to reveal their plans in the near future. Until then, what do you think? How should EA display this year’s cover?

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Yahoo Pays NFL to Stream a Regular-Season Game for Free

On Wednesday, Yahoo announced a partnership with the NFL to stream a regular-season football game across the globe for free.

The game between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars will take place on October 25 in London and will also air “exclusively” on Yahoo’s Web and app platforms across the globe, with the exception of the teams’ local TV affiliates—meaning that no cable or satellite network, including paid services like DirecTV Sunday Ticket, will air the game. Yahoo will rely on a CBS crew to produce the broadcast, but have not released any more information.

ArsTechnica reported:

“This confirms the news that was released in early March about plans to globally stream the contest though, at the time, neither a provider nor any possible price had been confirmed. A Sports Illustrated report on the announcement claimed that other potential bidders for the digital rights had been turned down due to their desire to attach a pay-per-view charge to the match; meanwhile, an NFL spokesperson told Sports Business Daily that the league had reached out to companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple before signing on with Yahoo.

The news comes following the NFL’s March decision to loosen its decades-old rules about blacking out local game broadcasts due to poor ticket sales, noting at the time that the league didn’t black out a single 2014-15 game.”

Yahoo has also posted:

“For the first time in NFL history, anyone with an internet connection can tune in, exclusively on Yahoo, from anywhere to watch a live football game for free. Whether you’re on your phone, tablet, laptop, console or connected device — we’ve got you covered.”

Could this be the return of free sports streaming? I certainly hope so!

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Coachella and Lollapalooza Ban Selfie Sticks

As a way to help the rest of the public that do not carry around selfie sticks enjoy the events both Coachella and Lollapalooza have banned the devices. This comes on the heels of other music venues banning the devices as well as major museums and the Premier League football stadiums.

This move should hopefully make it a lot less annoying when watching your favorite acts at the festivals. Lollapalooza rules state that no “GoPro attachments like sticks, selfies sticks, and monopods” are allowed. From Coachella’s website it states that “selfie sticks / narsisstics” are not allowed in. For those that loathe the selfie sticks, they can only hope that this is the start of a broader adoption of selfie stick bans.

Source: Engadget

Vanishing Spray Draws Attention During World Cup Free Kicks

If you’re watching the 2014 World Cup from Brazil, you’ve probably seen referees spray a white line on the field before free kicks.  The high-tech vanishing spray is being used to encircle the ball and a second line is placed ten yards away, to prevent players in the defensive wall from encroaching on the free kick.  The kicker also is unable to roll the ball forward a little bit before taking the kick.

The custom 9:15 Fairplay spray has received praise from players, and referees are still trying to sort out how to accurately spray it on the field.

Spraying the field has only been somewhat successful so far – defenders will initially line up behind the temporary spray, but will still move ahead of the line as the ball is kicked.  The mystery 9:15 Fairplay spray disappears after about one minute, and helps further legitimize free kicks.

Here is what Paul Rejer, Professional Referees Organization training and development manager said:

“We find the vanishing spray to be extremely useful and very effective in ensuring the defenders are 10 yards from the ball.  The spray makes it clear whether the ball is to be placed and where the defenders have to stand.  Since the use of spray we experience very few problems in achieving the… [minimum] distance.”

The spray is already used in Major League Soccer and in South American soccer tournaments.  FIFA has tested it during the Club World Cup and Under-20 World Cup – and it will be used in the Champions League starting next season.

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Best Games to Buy for the PS4

As Sony renews its fierce battle with Microsoft for supremacy and consumer interest in the games console industry, the new PlayStation 4 hits the market in time for avid gamers to receive the perfect Christmas gift. Released in late November, the console is a remarkable upgrade on the previous model, with the latest high performance technology built in to provide the ultimate gaming experience. An eight-core processor and Next-Gen graphics card offers a smooth frame rate in high definition, with a 500 gigabyte hard-drive providing ample room for save files and games to be added. The excitement and high expectation which surrounded the latter pre-launch contributed towards the PlayStation 4 becoming the fastest selling console in the United Kingdom.

Get into Battle with First-Person Shooters

Although the PlayStation 4 is in its relative infancy, a selection of games were released on the same day as the console to provide avid gamers with an instant taste of next generation graphics that make virtual simulation and imagery as close to real life as it gets. Arguably the prime genre for the most stimulating gaming experience is first-person shooters which put gamers straight into the battlefield amidst gunfire, explosions and combat. Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 divide opinion between gamers through the subtle gameplay differences and angles they take on combat, but both are unarguably superb titles in their own right. Both games revolve around joining allied forces in the face of terrorism and war to stop an opposition from claiming world domination; this is captured through high definition graphics and superb cinematography that make the gameplay feel so realistic. Killzone: Shadow Fall and Blacklight: Retribution is more futuristic versions of first-person shooters which focus on military intelligence units which use hybrid military weaponry that push the realms of possibility to new lengths.


Make the Difference on the Pitch

Sports games continue to narrow the boundaries between virtual simulation and reality through next generation graphics and gameplay that make gamers feel like they are on the pitch themselves playing in front of a packed stadium. Finding a balance between risk and fortune produces a similar experience on a sports game as it does playing bingo or slots on online.bingo.com. Produced by EA Sports, the new instalment in the FIFA series comes to life on the PlayStation 4 through Ignite – an AI-based engine that make the players move, behave and think like real-life footballers, and make the crowd more dynamic in their actions and celebrations. FIFA 14 also utilises innovative graphic systems to effectively capture the faces of the worldâ€s best players and integrate them upon a game with intricate detail that is similar to watching a football game on TV. EA Sports have utilised their technological capabilities and next-gen graphics to also release Madden NFL 25 and NBA Live 14 which make American Football and basketball feel more realistic than ever.


Something for the Family

Although leading titles and genres were likely to be the main attraction upon the launch of the PlayStation 4, game developers appreciate that there is a larger audience to appease than merely serving to lovers of sports games or first-person shooters. Games which are targeted towards families and children are effective in bringing parents and children closer together through a fun activity, and can also serve a fundamental purpose for children to learn invaluable life lessons and skills. The Lego series has often struck a positive chord with adults and children who control Lego-shaped characters across a multitude of platform levels, both of which carry a relatable theme through a famous film and its character. The latest instalment, Marvel Super Heroes, brings Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America and others together to defeat Marvel villains across locations that are synonymous with the film. Another game which has been made exclusive to the PlayStation 4 is Knack, an adventure game which utilises unique powers across fun-based, action-packed levels to combat against a threat to mankind. The colourful, friendly characters can be instantly appreciated by children in a vibrant, high resolution world that needs their help.

Image courtesy of Sony