Philips V800 Flip Phone Is in the Pipeline

Remember when the flip mobile phone design was all the rage? For some of you, this may seem an impossibility owing to the now ubiquitous smartphone look. Well, it looks as if Dutch Electronics Company Philips is set to release a new product by the name of the V800 flip phone to consumers.

Below is a summary of the key features along with a selection of images to convey this product.

  • The Phone Weighs 206g
  • The casing size is 8x60x19.1mm
  • It utilizes a Quad-core 1.5GHz processor
  • The Phone has two identical screens and a IPS LCD touch screen with a resolution of 1280×720
  • It is equipped with 13 Mega Pixel rear camera and 5 Mega Pixel front camera
  • The Phone runs on Android 5.1 system.

Below are images of this phone, as you can see, it looks noteworthy, the colours are atmospheric dark gray for the outer casing while the keyboard has a gold colour design which gives the phone a more luxurious feel.

There is no word as yet as to the pricing or release date, but it could be on the horizon when you consider it has passed through the TENAA (China’s wireless regulator). The phone may also have a limited appeal when you consider the flip phone design is now predominately sold within the Far Eastern market.

Image courtesy of wikimedia

Flip Phones Still Popular in Japan While Smartphone Sales Stall

Remember flip phones? Phones like the insanely popular Moto Razr? They were all the rage before the smartphone came along. Well, actually, flip phones aren’t dead yet, not in Japan at least.

Sales of flip phones grew by 5.7 percent to an amazing 10.58 million units, compared to a 5.3 percent decrease in the sales of smartphones –  down to 27.7 million units sold. The MM Research Institute, who conducted the research, says that this isn’t unprecedented – sales of smartphones in Japan were also down last year too.

So why is this? Apparently Japan’s sales of smartphones are heavily reliant on subscription cycles. Hideaki Yokota of MM Research told Reuters that “Smartphones are also peaking in terms of functionality and they tend to last a long time as well, so there are fewer renewals.” This is also down to the high price of contracts in Japan; flip phone contracts are seemingly much cheaper, making them more attractive despite their lack of features.

Source: Reuters Via: Engadget 

Lian Li Releases Windowed Version of the PC-Q33

Lian Li has released a windowed version of their PC-Q33 flip-open mini-ITX case, the PC-Q33W. The new version is exactly the same as the previous except that it has a window on each side panel. This is of course aimed at DIY builders that want to show off their fancy little mITX build.

The 18 liter case supports CPU coolers up to 180mm, ATX PSUs up to 200mm, and low-profile GPUs up to 220mm. You can fit three 2.5-inch and two 3.5-inch drives into it and it also has support for one 120mm AIO cooler.

The windowed version is available for both the silver and the black variant and it has a suggested retail price of $124.99. The sad news is that it is North America only for now, though I’m sure that it’s just a matter of time before everyone in the world will be able to get their hands on one.

Thanks to Lian Li for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Lian Li