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Fingerprint Scanners from Samsung and Huawei Fooled by Inkjet Printer

While adding fingerprint scanners to mobile phones seems to be a great new way to allow devices to be better secured without requiring the user to remember a lengthy password, it has been found that such…


Apple Touch ID Can Be Hacked Using Play-Doh

A Chinese startup has exposed a dangerous flaw in Apple’s Touch ID biometric security verification system: it can be hacked using children’s modelling material Play-Doh. Jason Chaikin, President of mobile security firm Vkansee, demonstrated that Play-Doh…


Demand For Fingerprint Sensors To Soar This Year

Global demand for fingerprint sensors is expected to soar in the second half of this year as the Android platform has begun to mainstream support for fingerprint sensors and related applications. According to Digitimes several companies are already…


HTC M8 Specs Have Been Revealed

There have been a lot of rumors lately about HTC’s upcoming flashgrip, the M8. As per previous insights, the M8 is a codenamed attributed to the handset, having the HTC One codenamed the M7. The M8…